Chapter 8 – Those Watching the Present [1]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2506 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1237 words
Editor(s): Fire

Borrowing Teacher Saeki’s shoulder, we went to her car and she actually forced me in. Why, though?

「Now then, where do you stay?」
「There is this apartment around this place…」
「Haa, so you really are the wife Akane was talking about.」

Letting out a loud sigh, she leaned against the steering wheel. She seems somewhat exhausted but how does Teacher Saeki know about Ms. Akane? Also, what’s the wife thing?

「Umm, what do you mean that?」
「Some time ago, she sent a mail saying she got a wife. I naturally didn’t understand that at all, so I asked for the details. Then your name came up, so I thought that it might just be someone else with the same name.」
「She… what is she even writing about…….」

I thought she was just saying that as a joke, she seriously calls me that with other people? Rather, I still can’t picture out their relationship at all. I do know from being with her for a month that Ms. Akane isn’t the type to eat out much.

「Akane, me, and Kondou were classmates at the same high school. It’s just that we still keep in contact even now. Teacher Kondou’s case, you could say that our friendship was rekindled thanks to us both working at this school.」
「Then, do you occasionally drink out?」
「Most of the time, Akane’s schedule doesn’t allow it. You know, since she’s a nurse.」
「She should have fewer night shifts this month though.」

She has about ten days of night shift, I think. She always eats dinner at my place, it’s at the point where we’re practically almost roommates. Still, lately, she’s gotten meat withdrawal symptoms.1

Uhh, Teacher Saeki is smiling but it’s scary.

「Hoh, declining my invitations to flirt and play around with some younger girl? The nerve of her.」
「Teacher, you’re scaring me. Besides, we’re of the same sex, so there’s no such thing happening behind the scenes, you know?」
「If it’s you, then I’d be convinced even if she started swinging that way.2 So, do you know Akane’s schedules for today and tomorrow?」
「Today is morning shift and tomorrow as well. Also, please don’t be convinced just like that.」

Is my face really that attractive for women? Still, before I died, men occasionally sent passionate gazes on my way because of my feminine face. Why do I have to have the same experience from the same sex even in another life?

By the way, I’ve never gotten those kinds of gazes from Ms. Akane. Though for some reason, she seems to like treating me like I’m a housewife.

「Okay, let’s grab her today. With that, making dinner should be easier for you too, Ms. Kisaragi. Or do you want to buy something instead?」
「No, I don’t have any money at hand, so it’s fine. Besides, I have cooked rice, so I’ll just make rice balls out of it. I also have some instant soup stocked, so I’ll just have these for dinner, so please feel free to eat out.」

Honestly, I’ll pass on handling two drunkards. They might even start drinking in my room, so I’ll sacrifice Ms. Akane for my own peace of mind. Forgive me, Ms. Akane. I’ll never forget you.

That nonsense aside, we’ve finally reached the entrance of the apartment. I got out of the car first while Teacher Saeki headed to the parking lot.

「Oh, Ms. Kotone. Is there something a matter?」

First, I’ll have to explain the situation to the manager. That I lost the keys and also if there’s a spare available. I promised to return the spare tomorrow morning. I intentionally omitted how it got lost, but she gladly lent a spare.

Though I couldn’t hide my injuries from her.

「Have you told your family?」
「No, I’m not about to bother them with an injury this light, so please don’t inform them about it as well.」
「Well if you say so, then I won’t do anything this time, but only this time. Also, we’ll replace the locks sometime soon, so please tell me when we can do the replacement.」

For some reason, lately, or rather today, the smiles I see from my acquaintances are scary. I can’t tell if they’re just angry or worried about me. Ah, Teacher Saeki is here.

「Then I’ll be heading to my room now. I’ll make sure to return the key tomorrow morning.」
「Feel free to keep it. There are still other spares left, you see. I’ll give you this chain, so why don’t you wear the key around your neck?」

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Right, with that, it shouldn’t get stolen. Still, I don’t know if it’s good as an accessory though. Also, I’m scared that it might hurt my breasts if it gets stuck in between. Should I just leave the key to someone else?

Still, since she’s giving it to me, I’ll gladly accept it.

「Still, your room is pretty great.」
「It’s a Kisaragi-owned apartment after all. As for the rent, I’m too scared to ask about it.」
「Aah. I’ve heard that it’s by no means affordable here. I didn’t ask for the details though. 」

For now, I invited Teacher Saeki in, where we’re waiting for the sacrifice to arrive. Teacher Saeki said that there’s less chance of escape with an ambush, she’s really not letting Ms. Akane escape, huh.

Still, I wonder why Ms. Akane won’t drink with Teacher Saeki. Is Ms. Saeki a bad drunk?

「Would you like a drink?」
「Wounded people should rest and behave. Besides, she’ll be home any time soon, right?」
「That’s right. As long as there aren’t any emergencies, she should be back soon.」

Minute by minute, we’re approaching capture time. I don’t have my phone, so I can’t contact her and I’m guessing that Teacher Saeki hasn’t contacted Ms. Akane either. Just how much does Ms. Akane avoid her?

「Kotonee~e, what’s for dinner tonight~?」
「Fufu, I finally caught you, Akane.」
「Gack, Shizuru. Why are you here!?」
「Now, let’s get some drinks!」
「Kotone, help~!」

After Ms. Akane stepped into the living room, Teacher Saeki who was hiding captured her and left with her in tow. While Ms. Akane was dragged away with teary eyes, I could only wave her goodbye with a wry smile.

After all, Teacher Saeki scares me for some reason.

「Now, time to make dinner.」

Come to think of it, soaking in the bathtub isn’t good in this situation, right? Hmm, today is bathtub day but I guess I should just shower this time.

I wonder how tomorrow will be.

Waking up at the usual time, I got out of bed and from the pain I felt after placing my feet on the floor, I remembered my injury yesterday. I definitely can’t do morning runs. It’s not as painful as yesterday, but it’ll probably get worse if I force it.

Still, since I’m awake so early, I guess I’ll at least do some stretching indoors. My left arm hurts, so I can’t really move that much but it’s better than not doing anything.
Come to think of it, have those two went back home?

「Good morning~. Kotone, just miso soup please……」
「Good morning. Intense hangover, is it?」


  1. Lyly: That sounds so bad after being exposed to beat the meat memes
  2. Lyly: Accept your fate

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