Chapter 7 – Rampaging Malice [1]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3149 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1744 words
Editor(s): Fire

Since the test ended, my relationship with my classmates went sour again. The reason for this is simple. It’s the rumors. While my classmates know what I do during break time, they don’t know what I do after school so it can’t be helped.

This is something that would likely get even worse if I carelessly move. After all, even if I caught the culprit, the culprit could just put the blame on Kotone and people would be convinced.

And so the situation took a turn for the worse.

「Now this is pretty blatant.」

This morning, as I arrived in the classroom, a flower vase was on my desk. They quite courteously put only a single stalk of flower. In short, like how you’d treat the dead, so it probably means to say that my status as a daughter of a wealthy family is dead.

In that case, then the culprit is likely someone who’s well informed about my situation. My classmates are pretending not to see anything and that’s the right move. After all, if they carelessly poke their noses, they might end up being targeted.

「Ms. Aiba, no need to worry. I’m not concerned about it.」
「What should I do about this? It would be a shame to throw it away.」

I guess I’ll decorate the window with it. Well then, is this just the beginning, or will it only end as a warning. Personally, I’d rather it be the latter.

And so, after this, nothing happened in particular. Nobody made any contact with me during the breaks and at lunch, the most that happened was a chat with Kotori in the usual spot. It’s just life as usual but the atmosphere in the classroom is plain terrible. Overall, it’s rather gloomy. Or rather, they don’t really know how to deal with me. Well, an act of bullying just happened in the classroom, so I guess that’s just natural.
The next change happened in the afternoon.

「That’s just too much.」

As the PE class ended and we returned to the girls’ changing room, inside my locker was my uniform in tatters. It’s ripped into shreds, this isn’t just bullying anymore.
This can be considered destruction of property, right? Rather, what do I do for the next class? I don’t have anything to change in.

「Ms. Kisaragi, what’s the matter? Uwahh……」

She must have been curious about why I’m just frozen in front of my locker. Peeking inside the locker, Ms. Aiba was speechless. And with that, my other classmates noticed this and the atmosphere inside the girls’ changing room turned for the worse.
This isn’t really a pleasant thing to see after all. Still, with this, there are things I know now. The culprit isn’t one of my classmates. After all, nobody left during the class to come here.

Still, this is bad.

「…… It’s gone.」
「Eh, something’s missing?」
「My watch and wallet are gone.」

Both the watch I received from the owner and my wallet which only had the least amount of money necessary are gone. Rather, there’s nothing inside except for my torn uniform. Oi, this is larceny, you know.

I’m going to have to report this to a teacher. Even if I hide it, it’ll just become an issue when it gets discovered. This might even become an issue of credibility for the academy. That’s one reason why.

「F-for now, I’ll report this to the teacher!」
「It would be better not to talk to the PE teacher about this. This issue will likely end up being shelved away.」
「Eh, why!?」
「The lockers in the girls’ changing room require keys to open. And I have my key with me. With that being the case, the master key is an absolute necessity.」
「But if they destroy the lock instead…」
「From what I can see, the lock hasn’t been damaged. And the master key of the girls’ changing room is managed by the teachers. With that, there’s a possibility that one of the teachers could be an accomplice to this.」
「And among them, the PE teacher is suspicious? Still…… Ah, I know! I’ll consult with Teacher Kondou about this!」
「Please do.」

Honestly, the only teacher I can trust is Teacher Kondou. The other teachers are still skeptical regarding Kotone and the PE teacher in question hates me even now. That’s partly why I don’t trust him though.

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Still, they really did it conspicuously, huh. To think that they’d do this much on the first day.

「I’ll have to apologize to the owner later.」
「It’s not your fault, Ms. Kisaragi. I’ll help explain too.」
「Yeah, thank you.」

Though I say that, it’s still depressing. They went out of their way to give me the clock for my sake and I lost it. There’s nothing covering my left wrist now but since I’m wearing long sleeves, it shouldn’t be visible.

I guess I’ll have to wrap a handkerchief around my wrist later in the classroom. Depending on how it looks, it might even seem fashionable.

「And even my other things are gone, are you kidding me?」

With so much happening, my real personality slipped out but that’s just how much it shocked me. The textbooks and other stuff I put inside my desk were safe; the bag hanging on the side of my table is gone. Being inside the bag, the books I borrowed from the library and my house key are gone too.

This is seriously insane. I can’t get in my room now. Rather, what the heck are you planning to do going this far?

「This… wouldn’t it be better to report this to the police instead?」
「No, the first will be for the academy to handle this. Let’s leave whether this needs police intervention or not to the judgment of the academy.」

It’s a problem that happened within the campus, so the final say in how to deal with this is honestly held by the academy. That’s why the most I can do is just report what happened. Well, if I ever reported this, people would probably think that I’m just orchestrating this myself.

That’s why my last lifelines right now are only Ms. Aiba and Teacher Kondou.

「Ahh, how do I unlock the door……」
「Somehow, you don’t really seem to be too troubled though. Still, you can’t get in your room, right? Do you have a duplicate?」
「I didn’t have any made. I was thinking that it would be terrible if the duplicates get stolen. There’s no other option but to consult with the manager.」

Despite how I look, I’m actually pretty bummed. Losing your every personal belonging is nothing to sneeze at. I have spare uniforms, so I won’t have any issue with what to wear tomorrow but I’m going to need to buy new ones later on.
Also, a new bag, watch, and wallet are going to need money.

「Ms. Aiba, the next teacher is coming, so please take a seat. I’ll go and explain the situation.」
「Okay. I’m sorry for not being able to do anything.」

No, it’ll be awful if you get wrapped into this, so no need to worry. Ahh, it’s gloomy in the classroom too. The others probably think that this was going too far. Still, the culprit made some really bold moves.

Normally, wouldn’t you try to just poke around and gradually escalate from there? I never expected things to go all out from the get-go. Rather, as expected, the teachers didn’t believe me.

Haa, what a disaster.

「Now then, with the class finished, I’ll be going to Teacher Kondou now.」
「Okay. I already informed him about it, but he wanted you to come in person. Um, hang in there, okay?」
「Thank you. Ms. Aiba, you take care too. There’s no assurance that I’m the only one being targeted after all.」
「Yeah. I’ll make sure to go home with friends.」

Now then, I guess it’s time to go to the faculty room. Still, I don’t really like being inside the faculty room a lot. Like there’d be anyone who’d like having unpleasant stares coming from here and there. Anyone who does would be a certified m̲a̲s̲o̲c̲h̲i̲s̲t̲. Now, how do I go about it? I really want to convey that they don’t have to make a big deal about me.

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While pondering about this, I approached the stairs and at that moment, something pushed my back.


Losing my balance, I fell down the stairs. I didn’t even have a chance to see the culprit’s face. I cover my head as I roll so I don’t get a concussion, resulting in my left arm hitting hard against the floor. It hurts.

Due to the momentum, my back slammed against a wall before I stopped rolling. Crap, it slammed so hard, I can’t breathe. My vision’s blurry. But I can still hear. That I know this high-class laughter.

「……. Her? I don’t recall having bought her resentment, what gives? Ihck!?」

As I stood up, an intense pain ran through my left foot. Did it get sprained? Damn it, normally you don’t go this far on the first day. Hell, normally people wouldn’t go from warning to immediately stealing then physical violence.

Ah, s̲h̲i̲t̲! My left side hurts. The dirt doesn’t stand out since I’m wearing the PE uniform1, and wounds and stuff aren’t obvious either. I really don’t want to look, but I’ll have to check for wounds. I guess I’ll go to the infirmary before going to the faculty office.

Uwah, I can’t walk decently. The pain from my left foot is insane.

「Finally here.」

On the way, I was limping on my left foot while propping my hand against the wall but painful things are painful. Moreover, I was walking while hiding my limp, so it took some time to reach the place. It’s strange how I didn’t attract much attention but it’s probably thanks to the PE uniform.

They probably just thought that I got injured doing club activities or something.


  1. Lyly: Traditionally, as seen in anime, the PE uniform is a tracksuit. And maybe just the shirt and jogging pants in the summer, it might be a set.
    I opted not to translate it as tracksuit, since tracksuits are commonly referred to as jerseys instead and this is just “gym uniform” or “exercise clothes”

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