Chapter 5 – School Life Start! [2]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2832 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1458 words
Editor(s): Fire

My classmates aren’t approaching me. Because of that, we’re not having any contact, so there’s no way to interact with them. For now, I really can’t do anything about this but it’s a bit depressing to think that this could go on for a whole year.
That aside, the clubs are really active, huh. There was only the opening and entrance ceremony and yet they’re practicing today. The new students are observing the clubs though, so it makes sense that they would.

「Aah, Kotone. Do you have any drinks?」
「First time you see me today and that, huh; Kaori. I have some green tea in my thermos, want a drink?」
「Sure. Still, to think that you’d come here Kotone. Want to enter the track and field club?」
「I have work, so don’t be unreasonable. Besides, my morning training is mainly just for building up strength.」
「That’s a shame. I’m pretty sure that you’d land a good time though.」

As Kaori says, while the initial specs were pretty disappointing, Kotone’s body is surprisingly high spec. After building up a certain amount of stamina, I tried going to the batting center and I could even react to a 150 km/h fastball.

Honestly, her reflexes and other specs are better than mine before I died. Frankly, how the heck did she end up as disappointing as she did with these specs?

「Still, why’s the track-and-field stadium this big?」
「Who knows? No one’s ever questioned it before, so I didn’t really think about it. Ah, I need to go, the captain’s calling me.」
「Roger that. I’ll show my face at the cafe before buying groceries and going home.」

I lowered my head to the track member looking our way and left the track and field stadium. Still, the boys and girls are practicing together, huh. They seem to be practicing diligently, but why is there someone staring at me?

I really don’t have any intention of joining a club though.

「Kaori, was she the one from spring break?」
「That’s right. She said that she doesn’t feel like joining a club though.」
「That’s a shame. She has some pretty supple legs, so she would’ve been a good candidate.」
「As usual with the perverted stares. It’s gross, you know?」
「Even boys stare at breasts and legs, don’t they? So I’m not the only pervert!」
「Please don’t admit that you’re a pervert. Besides, she’s Kisaragi Kotone.」
「Hooh, the rumored one, eh. Still, the sight is enough for me!」
「I’ve had enough of this pervert……」

I’m here in the shopping district. I looked for supermarkets and the like first but as expected, it’d be impossible to wade through a sea of housewives wearing a school uniform. If I dove in, it would’ve stretched out my uniform.

With that, I decided to investigate the shopping district and somehow had a run-in with a bag thief which I ended up reflexively kicking down. Then the people there started flocking around me.

「Ooh, Lil Kotone. We’ve got some good fish stocked up, will you have a look?」
「The vegetables are fresh too. Isn’t it about time you’d run out of lettuce?」
「I’ve made new confectionaries, would you like a try?」

However, I know that if I go with the flow, the expenses are gonna skyrocket, so I show an apologetic smile and just pass by. They have a sad expression but I steeled my heart and focused on self-discipline.

Still, I do have to buy the necessary groceries, so I go to the shop and there I’d be recommended this and that, but I only buy what I need. And then for some reason, they’d give me freebies.

「It’s nice that they’re kind and all, but why do they like me so much?」

All I do is politely reply to those that greet me, give some random advice, and occasionally chat with them, but for some reason, I’d be asked to stay longer sometimes. When I say that I need to leave because I have work, they’ll once again have a sad expression on.


「Lil Kotone is real pretty again today.」(Fishmonger)
「I’d love to have her as my son’s wife. You don’t find dependable children like her these days.」(Greengrocer’s wife)
「I want her as a granddaughter. It’s hard to find a dependable kid who is kind to the elderly, you know?」(Wagashi1 shop owner)

She likely doesn’t know that her casual actions had a favorable impression on other people. It appears that even without the bag thief incident, it was only a matter of time for Kotone to gain their favor.

Now then, time to prepare dinner. The first meal I cooked was a pretty manly haphazard meal but since Ms. Akane is eating too, I thought that I should put some effort into the presentation, so I bought a cookbook.

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I can already cook a variety of things just from my past life memories but even so, there’s a difference when you follow a recipe book or not. And I’ll get sick of my own cooking if I don’t increase my repertoire too.

「Rice, done. Miso soup, done. Grilled fish, done. Pickled vegetables, done. Ohitashi2, done. Yup, everything’s okay.」

Now then, all that’s left is for Ms. Akane to arrive but since there’s nothing else to do, I’ll study as usual. Doing things bit by bit during your free time is proof of diligence. Or rather, Kotone is also high spec in this regard.

With the proper revision, the information stays, and with proper studying, I can comprehend the subject. Information comes in so easily, so why the heck is her grades bad?

It’s because she doesn’t study anyway.

「Sorry, I’m late~!」
「Would you like beer?」
「Yup yup. Man, Kotone really is my wife.」
「Stop spouting nonsense and sit down. Actually, please wash your hands first.」

Ever since Ms. Akane began eating dinner in my room, it’s been a chore for her to get the alcohol from her room, so she started leaving alcohol here. The electricity bill will increase with there being more things in the fridge but since she’s helping with the food expense, I really can’t complain about that.

Still, seeing her drink in front of me makes me want to drink too. It’s troublesome how my memories have this sort of negative side effect.

「Want a sip?」
「Please don’t encourage a minor to drink. Do you have any requests for dinner?」
「I really want to eat meat soon. The not chicken type.」
「Haah, I’ll think about it.」

Beef is really expensive compared to other meats, so I prefer not to buy beef. Still, Ms. Akane probably wants to have some protein in her diet too. When was that last time I ate meat again?

「I want to do a barbecue3 party.」
「Think of how many dinners just doing that would cost? Please be more realistic.」
「Uugh, my wife is so strict.」

Don’t just guzzle your drink after saying that, that’s your 3rd can, you know? Ms. Akane is a generally good person, but occasionally she drinks herself dead drunk and ends up having to stay. It’s really annoying to deal with her then.

She’s the type to be touchy when drunk, you see.

「How was school?」
「Hmmm, as expected, because of the rumors and what I’ve done in the previous year, there’s no one that would interact with me. Though I’ll probably get along with the girl next to me.」
「Make some friends. School life without any friends is just plain boring after all.」
「I know that but I really can’t think of anything else but to just let time solve the issue.」

The only one I can really call a friend is, at present, Kaori alone. Even so, Kaori has her own friend group, so she can’t just take care of me all the time.

「Kotone, you really were beyond saving last year, huh.」
「I have no words for that matter.」

Ms. Akane is probably concerned about me. Well, no one’s going to cook for her if I’m gone, so that’s worrying too. I wonder if she hasn’t considered marriage. I tried to bring up the topic of boyfriends and she glared at me intensely, so I wonder what that’s about.

Come to think of it, I haven’t heard why she’s living in this apartment. I have a hunch that there’s a reason for that but since she doesn’t want to talk, I’m not going to ask.
Now then, I’ll have to study for the proficiency test…… Right after I chase this drunkard out.

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  1. Lyly: Wagashi is Japanese confectionary
  2. Lyly:
  3. Lyly: Yakiniku, similar to Korean barbecue

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