Chapter 29 – This and That About the Past [2]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2380 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1264 words
Editor(s): Fire

For their workmates to consider them unusual, just what have those two done in the past? And the fact these sorts of people are the only ones that are assigned to Kotone is also amazing, in a sense.

「Still, haven’t you just finished eating?」
「I have eaten a lot, yes, but they say there’s a different stomach for snacks, right? Naturally, at a place where someone my age can enter without any issues.」

As expected, it’d be bad to go to another pub. Still, what does the different stomach thing actually mean? It still goes in the same place, and if the stomach starts hurting, food definitely won’t fit anymore. Well, my stomach is pretty full right now but there’s still some space. Also, I want to get more info. I can’t be bothered to gather info the instant I get back home, after all.

「Then we gratefully accept the offer. Let’s have this at the family restaurant near your apartment. Oi, get the car.」
「Roger. I’ll be back in a bit.」

The lady then left but I wonder where they’re keeping the car? I came here via bus, so I guess they followed me from behind. I didn’t notice them at all, but I suppose that’s to be expected of professionals.

「Was tonight’s outing troublesome?」
「It’s part of the job. And honestly, it’s not that bad since you informed Akira and Kyousuke in advance. We were shocked when we heard the location, though.」

I informed Akira and Kyousuke that I would be going somewhere different this time. When I told them I was going to a pub, they were against it but after explaining the situation, I managed to persuade them. Actually, Akira said she wanted to come too. Kyousuke stopped her though. It was probably possible for her to join as my acquaintance too.

「And what is it with your interpersonal relationships? For you to be close with the third son of the Satsuki family…」
「I didn’t approach him from my end, you know? It was the other party that came to consult with me.」
「I’ve heard that too but, really, you’re so different now that it’s become difficult to predict your actions.」

Well yeah, the one inside is completely different after all, so their previous predictions are pretty much useless at this point. I’d be surprised if they could predict sudden events like this one. A highschool girl entering a pub is already a difficult prediction to start with.

「Would it be better if I relayed my schedule beforehand from now on?」
「I’d be really glad if you do so. Honestly speaking, our job should be watching over you from the shadows but we’re a bit lacking in people.」
「Do you usually act in two-man cells?」
「That’s right. There are constantly two people guarding you but never more than that. That’s why we’re having some issues too.」

Now then, I wonder who caused that problem? Father or mother? Even I can tell that they’re too few for bodyguard duty. Like right now, if something happens while one of them is away to get a car, there’d be only one person to handle the issue. With that considered, I can’t help but think that they’d be weak against unexpected situations.

「While it is your job, that sounds tough. Moreover, you’re following me even at night.」
「It’s our job, after all. Whining won’t solve anything. Besides, it was my own choice to choose this job. So there’s no point groaning about it.」

As he said. If he really hated the job, he would’ve already quit. Then it could be either that there’s a reason he can’t quit or that he thinks that the job is worth it.

「Sorry for the wait. It’s starting to drizzle, so get in quick.」

While only light, there certainly is rain now. If I had run to the apartment instead, then there’s no doubt that I’d be soaked by the time I arrive. This is part of the reason I invited them too. I’d rather not be soaked.

「Still, to think that we can eat proper food in the middle of a job.」
「How do you usually have your meals?」
「Well, we usually just fill our stomachs with bread or side dishes. That’s generally how it is at night shift.」

That sounds bad for the body. It’s probably because they have to keep watch on me but don’t have enough people. If there’s two more of them, they probably could take turns and get a proper meal in.

「Still, being your bodyguard is relatively easier. After all, you don’t go out at night.」
「Akira and Kyousuke told me that too. Besides, there would be a number of problems if I do walk at night.」
「You can say that again.」

It’s only natural to reply with a wry smile. Going to the convenience store would still be understandable, but going for a walk at night would risk getting me into protective custody. If that happened, I’d be immediately expelled. So there’s no reason to do that. Still, with how I look, they might not realize my actual age. Though I’d probably be in a different sort of trouble.

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「Do you two know a celebrity by the name of EXIST?」

This is what I wanted to ask. Their signature was hung on the wall of the pub, so I’m a bit curious about it. I could probably get some answers from the internet, but I don’t know how recognized they are by the public. I’m aware that knowing nothing about the trends is a problem too.

「The popular band, right? They consist of four members, three men and a woman. The one woman is their vocalist. I like them a lot.」
「Being younger, I imagine that you would know more about these sorts.」

Sorry about that. I don’t watch TV at all, so I have no clue. When I’m talking with my classmates, it’s not unusual that what we’re talking about doesn’t mesh. Everytime, they explain it to me though. Or actually, lecture me about it. Still, why did the pub have this kind of signature? Do they come there often?

「Do you know what sort of people they are?」
「Even through our job, I haven’t had a chance to be with them. Actually, why don’t you search them on your smartphone?」

True. Let’s see… Search EXIST, band. There’s a lot of pages, so I guess they’re pretty popular. Hmm, which should I pick? I guess I’ll open the first one.


As the page opened, my mind froze when I saw the images of the members. They’re people I know. The faces of the people I’m closest with were there.

「Is there a problem?」
「No, it’s nothing.」

There’s no way I can say that they’re all people I know. Rather, what the heck are they doing? What happened to their work? They were just regular company employees three years ago. How did the hobby band debut like this…… Seriously, what the heck happened?

「Now what……」

With this, there’s no way I can meet them. Since they had a major debut, they’re probably nowhere near the neighborhood. And they’re probably not at their old addresses anymore. Moreover, from what the owner said, the one that can explain things to me is her. And she’s the vocalist, so that would be impossible. I can’t think of any chance we can even talk. I’m officially stumped.


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