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Chapter 1 – The Voyeur on the Bus

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Author: Melodious Flute Original Source: Unknown
Translator: Raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Some time in July, noon.

It was one of the hottest days in the month and even the cicadas on the roadside’s parasol trees were crying without much spirit.

Niuyi County’s Southbound Bus Stop.

A shabby bus headed for Lotus Flower Town was stopped at Niuyi County and just about to leave. The stifling hot vehicle was jam-packed with people. This couldn’t be helped since Niuyi County was one of Chuanxi’s impoverished counties, and Lotus Flower Town was Niuyi County’s poorest township. There was only this sole bus heading for the town, with a frequency of once a day. Besides the fact that the bus was an old antique that was eliminated by the other townships, the bus didn’t even have air conditioning. And so, you could imagine how unbearably stuffy it was inside the bus under the blazing sun; it was like you were in a steamer! If you wore glasses, they would fog up in an instant!

But even in this torrid heat, the bus still hadn’t started up yet. The driver and conductor were hollering: “Lotus Flower Town, is there anyone else for Lotus Flower Town?”

“Ahm dyin’ from t’is heat, why ain’t we leavin’ yet!”

“I’m about to get sunstroke, let’s go, let’s go!” (Child)

“We’re filled, yet we’re still not moving, the driver’s eyes must be filled with money.”

A commotion broke out inside the bus.

The driver saw that there really wasn’t anyone else wanting to board the bus, so he could only mutter some words of unwillingness before he turned around to walk towards the bus. As he walked, he impatiently shouted: “Fine, we’ll be leaving, stop yelling.”

Just as the driver started up the bus, an elegant voice could be heard from afar: “Hold on, sir driver, I’m going to Lotus Flower Town.”

“Great!” The driver immediately opened the bus door. Quickly, his open mouth was unable to close as he watched the fair, graceful figure rushing over.

It was a woman who was at least 1.7 meters tall1 with delicate facial features and a pair of golden glasses situated between her lofty eyebrows. Behind those glasses hid captivating eyes, and behind her head was luxuriant pitch-black hair done in a simple ponytail. Her skin was silky smooth and her pure white silk blouse hid her tightly bound, bulging ample bounty. She had a heroic spirit that didn’t lose to her elegance, and a trace of dignity hidden within her sexiness. As long as you were a normal man, your heart would produce a desire to conquer her.

The woman entered the bus and it was as if a swan had fallen into a chicken coop; it was an especially inharmonious scene.

This caused the somewhat noisy bus to actually quiet down for a few seconds as the gazes of many pairs of eyes fell onto her.

Shen Yuerong faintly knit her brows.

To be honest, she regretted getting on the bus just a moment ago. She didn’t expect Lotus Flower Town’s bus to be so shabby. Not only was the inside of the bus extremely hot and stuffy, there was also the stench of various kinds of fowl along with the nauseating smell of body odor coming from the crowd.

However, Shen Yuerong quickly threw away the thought of getting off the bus. Ever since she decided to break free from her clan’s arrangements and ran away to this backwater area, she resolved herself to forget about being female. She wasn’t afraid of bearing hardships; this was why she sneakily left for Lotus Flower Town instead of using a more organized mode of transportation.

Shen Yuerong squeezed her way to the back of the bus. There were dozens of kilometers to traverse in order to get to Lotus Flower Town and not only were the roads not fully repaired, she didn’t want to stand the entire journey there.

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Very soon, she found that all the seats in the bus were already taken up.

If asked whether there was any space in the bus that did resemble a seat, albeit a bit reluctant, the answer would be yes. Only, the thing was that there were already three people sitting on the bench and it was in the very back. There was a slender, shaven-headed youth sitting by the window wearing a cheap pair of t-shirt and shorts. There was a blackish light coming off his head and his face had a knife scar, causing his clean face to look a bit more baleful.

In the shaven-headed youth’s hand was a book which he was engrossed in. Seeming to feel Shen Yuerong’s gaze, he slightly lifted his head and a trace of surprise flashed past, but it soon vanished. He proceeded to turn his head and was met with the sight of the crowded bus. He gave a faint smile to Shen Yuerong and shifted his butt to the side to make an empty space by the window.

If possible, Shen Yuerong didn’t want to sit next to this shaven-headed youth.

She was someone who was once part of a circle of officials, so her insight was better than normal people. At just a glance, her shrewd eyes allowed her to recognize that this shaven-headed youth was most likely just released after completing a prison sentence, as there were many distinctive features indicating this.

Moreover, although the shaven-headed youth had freed up a vacancy, the seat area was still very narrow.

Just as Shen Yuerong was hesitating, the vehicle started up. Shen Yuerong nearly stumbled and fell! This antique didn’t even have a handrail to hold onto, so she had no other choice but to move to the last row, give her thanks to the shaven-headed youth, and squeeze herself into the seat.

Despite Shen Yuerong being very careful, she unavoidably had some contact with the shaven-headed youth’s body due to space limitations. After sitting down, her thicc thighs and fat *** firmly stuck to the shaven-headed youth’s bare thigh.

The bus started moving.

In the wake of the bus’ swaying, Shen Yuerong’s fat *** frequently rubbed against the shaven-headed youth’s thigh.

This caused a trace of unspeakable shame to well up within Shen Yuerong.

As a Shen Clan woman, she had never sat this close to a man before.

Her sole source of consolation was the fact that she was wearing trousers, otherwise she really didn’t know how she would endure this extremely long trip.

What made her feel rather surprised was the fact that the shaven-headed youth, who had clearly been released from prison, didn’t take the opportunity to take some small advantages. In fact, he even tried to take back his leg and bury himself deeper into his book.

Originally she wanted to get up and mercilessly berate him the moment he did an offensive movement, then drive him out of his spot. Obviously, this didn’t seem possible now.

The vehicle was humid and stifling.

In no time at all, a fine layer of sweat covered Shen Yuerong’s forehead and a sticky sensation covered her body. She took out a napkin packet and occasionally wiped her face sweat.

A trace of coolness coming from her thigh made her feel a bit of comfort in this sultry environment.

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She lowered her head to see why and it so happened to come from the shaven-headed youth’s thigh. In this sort of sweltering environment, not a bead of sweat appeared on the shaven-headed youth’s forehead. Instead, it seemed that he even exuded a slight chill from his body.

Shen Yuerong expressed astonishment as how this could be in her heart. Only a patient who was in extremely poor health wouldn’t sweat on a day like this, but this youth was clearly the manifestation of health and his eyes were also very bright.

She felt it odd at heart and started paying more attention to the shaven-headed youth. Soon, she discovered a startling situation: the book in this young man’s hand was all in English.

If she didn’t see wrongly, this was a copy of Adam Smith’s 《The Wealth of Nations》.

A young man whose outfit didn’t exceed 50 RMB, moreover was recently released from prison, was in the middle of reading an English version of 《The Wealth of Nations》. If her eyes weren’t lying to her, then this young man was definitely acting cool.

Shen Yuerong shook her head slightly and felt that this young man wasn’t firm-minded. He might as well have held another English book that people might have recognized instead of holding a copy of《The Wealth of Nations》. She was sure that besides her, nobody in this vehicle would be able to recognize《The Wealth of Nations》.

Just as Shen Yuerong was despising this youth in her mind.

A sharp cry rang out.

Sitting on the other side of the youth was a young woman carrying a baby.

A moment the baby started crying, the young woman coaxed the baby with a few words. However, the baby crying didn’t stop and instead got louder and louder. The young woman muttered a few words, then untied her shoddy synthetic shirt and freed a breast full of breast milk. She then proceeded to place her jujube-colored n***ple into the baby’s mouth.

Shen Yuerong’s cheeks reddened upon witnessing this scene.

How could these rural women not show even a hint of embarrassment or even attempt to cover up her exposed breast?

She moved her gaze to the side and exposed a disgraced appearance.

It was unknown when, but the youth had placed down his《The Wealth of Nations》and fixed his gaze at the young woman’s breasts.

Shameless person!

Shen Yuerong’s gaze turned into one of contempt. This shaven-headed youth really wasn’t anything good. Just a moment ago he was holding《The Wealth of Nations》and acting cool, and now he had exposed his true colors.

Peeping at a woman breastfeeding her child, truly shameless in the extreme.

She patted the shaven-headed youth’s shoulder hard then proceeded to ferociously glare at him.

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Shen Yuerong was born from a noble background and had mixed in the circle of officials for a long time, so her glare was exceptionally imposing. An average person would bow their head down with a guilty conscience, but the young man just shot her a questioning look. Upon seeing Shen Yuerong not speaking, the youth went back to staring at the young woman’s breasts.


  1. 1.7 meters is about 5’5’’ in Imperial.

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