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5-1: Welcome back (Part 1)

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Author: Natsuni Kotatsu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Robinxen


It was the only place where fighting between fellow Mercenary and Mage Guild members was permitted, and becoming high rankers in personal and team battles there was considered one of the highest honors for them.

It was particularly a place to show off for those who were dissatisfied by their guild rank which didn’t take their combat power into account.

Moreover, it wasn’t only warriors who received benefits from it.

On top of blacksmiths who provided weapons and armor and the Industrial Guild which handled casting and woodworking related to targets and obstacles, even the Trading Guild which sold food to the spectators considered the arena a goldmine.

The lords who were the owners of the arena were also quite a nice source of income for the Union Guild whom it had been entrusted to manage, and it also worked as a good stress relief for the spectators who could enjoy the heated battles from a safe distance.

Obviously enough, it had its share of problems too.

The biggest problem for the arena located in the capital of Orbwight Kingdom was the fixed game scandal that nobles carried out.

It seems that the underground gambling house used to be the income source for those nobles, but their fixing scheme was found out after the whistle blowing by the opposing faction’s spy. Even if it couldn’t be announced publicly, that news still spread through the masses in the blink of an eye.

That caused the guest numbers to drop significantly, but at that point in time, it wasn’t bad enough to lead to its closing. The final blow was when the nobles arrested the guild members.

The nobles who disclosed the fixed matching became greedier and tried to push for more, attempting to make their victory certain by getting the testimony from the one that did the fixing.

However, they weren’t that stupid after all, they failed to get information about the warriors who participated in the fixed matches they needed before dispatching a spy, and instead took a forceful approach of apprehending everyone with a criminal record regardless of what it was.

The result was a loss of trust. After the Guild’s opposition and the non-participation of its members, the Orbwight arena soon met its end and closed.

As the Union Guild’s staff, the arena matter wasn’t unrelated to me, but it was still not a problem of Luneville’s branch.

”After the meeting, it was decided that we would build an arena in Luneville.”

Until Frank said those words.

It happened after a few days had passed since the end of the game tournament.

“Abnormalities? Nothing in particular. I mean, you don’t sense anything either, right, sis Priestess?”
“I don’t. But you’re more sensitive to atmospheric changes, right?”

Sylph giggled back.

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He looked like an energetic young girl, so perhaps calling him Sylphid was more apt. But his neutral appearance didn’t really change between his male and female forms.

“I’m not sure if I’m happy hearing that from you who simply feel lazy to do it.”
“Sylph! What is that rudeness you have been showing towards the priestess!”

Our conversation was interrupted by Gnome’s intrusion, but it seemed that Sylph hadn’t felt anything either.

Urged by Sylph who got fed up with Gnome’s sermons, Nina and Erius headed back to the Archipelago Union soon after.

By that time, Rondoville’s climate had returned to the average chilly weather of the winter.

But when they left, Frank came back to take their place.

“Huh, did you go somewhere, Frank?”
“Claude, I’m not giving you any souvenirs.”
“Frank, I was so helpless!”
“There there. You’re as scheming as always, Cynthia.”

Frank’s presence really eased the atmosphere in the branch as expected.

As I observed them, I noticed Frank turning toward me.

“I’m back, Illya. And Haku.”
“Welcome back.”

After having his fill of patting Haku, Frank presented a bag to me.

I wonder why it reminds me of my dad in the past life from when he came home after his job transfer. It’s like he was trying to curry favor.

He’s not afraid of being forgotten… it can’t be, right? I mean he’s loved so much.

…I had nothing but bad premonitions about this, but the inside of the bag I saw with Eyes of God had nothing out of the ordinary.

“It’s the local specialty cakes of Gilderport made with nuts and mango. They only just started making it so I figured you wouldn’t know about it either.”
“Thank you for your consideration. Still, your safe return is much more important.”

He was clearly agitated, I was sure of it. He was definitely hiding something. As if to escape from my gaze, Frank looked at the shift table.

“Are you at the reception after this, Illya?”
“I’ll head to Ector’s place then. I’ll return by evening so please come to my room at that time.”

The room he was talking about referred to the office and not his private room. The staff members knew that too, so it wouldn’t lead to any wild imaginations.

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“I can’t pretend I didn’t hear that.”

Yes. The staff, that is.

All gazes focused on the man who suddenly appeared in the office. That said, only Frank, who was seeing him for the first time, was surprised. The man presented himself to Frank who had a difficulty grasping the situation.

“I am the elder of the spring village and Illya’s fianc—”
“You’re still here? Please go back already.”

Even as I interrupted him, he just stood there, unable to even object. I really want him to go back already. Stop wasting my precious happy time. My wish of course was not fulfilled, and the geezer started smiling.

“How many more years are you asking me to wait? Please don’t be so unreasonable… I will die of loneliness.”

Go ahead and die then. I couldn’t really say that, but when an adult like you starts acting like a small animal without shame, it’ll only make me more creeped out.

Anyway, I didn’t have time to entertain him any longer, so I just faced Frank again.

“What are your plans for dinner?”
“Huh? Oh, I will eat it here. Right… the curry I ate before my trip sounds good.”
“Understood. We have the ingredients ready for tomorrow, so I’ll make some in advance.”
“Huh, only him? No fair! I want it too!”

After Lashelle’s objection, I ended up having to set aside several people’s shares. Looks like making it for the snow festival served as an advertisement, it had turned into a popular product now despite it only being limited to weekends. It tended to even sell out before noon.

As there was no incentive in the form of meals, the above-mentioned staff members couldn’t get their portion.

“Alright then. I will make everyone’s share. But this time only, okay?”

As I spoke I ended up smiling wryly, feeling a little guilty.

Unlike back when there was a deficit of inns, the reason why the curry sold out was a calculated move. I was limiting the amount I made to raise its scarcity value.

The reason was simple – its ingredients were scarce.

I could easily increase them if I used my skills, but I’d need to deceive the traders to do so, and there was also the thing I told Parsha.

For the time being, I wanted to spread the usefulness of the spices and mass produce it using the farmers themselves.

““Alright, back to work everyone.”
““““Yes sir.”””

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