3-6: I Won’t Stop You (Part 1)

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Author: Natsuni Kotatsu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Robinxen

“It’s heading this way, you said?”

Ector nodded silently, his expression remaining stiff.

Frank couldn’t bear watching and spoke in his stead.

“Given how low they were on consumables, their decision to retreat wasn’t wrong. But I never thought it would chase the fleeing subjugation unit.”
“Indeed. Dragons are a territorial species, and they normally wouldn’t be obsessed with eliminating the enemy to this point unless something extreme happens.”
“Yeah… It’s now being detained by the guild members rounded up from Harville, but if they move aside it’ll apparently head for Luneville right away.”

I feel bad that I didn’t take a proper look while I was busy with escapism. If it would come to this I should’ve used my Clairvoyance to observe this side too and not just the rescue operation…

“I’ll say this just in case, but no one smuggled an egg this time like with the previous wyvern incident.”
“Is…that so.”

Honestly, it would’ve been better if it had a simple motive like an egg.

Even if it had no ill will, it’s still a fact that the ice dragon brought harm to humans, but it’s also a fact that humans were the ones to pick a fight first. You could say the responsibility lay with both and neither at the same time.

What I did understand was that it would be a mistake if I one-sidedly stopped it.

Perhaps because I fell into thought, the reception’s mood turned even heavier.

But then, a knock on the door disrupted that silence.

A human male called Fabio entered with Ector’s permission.

“Lord Ector, the evacuation advisory has reached every concerned place.”
“Thank you… How was the response?”

Fabio cast down his eyes with a stiff expression at his master’s question.

“…Not favorable.”

Not favorable? So that means that they aren’t trying to evacuate, huh?

“Are the people from the capital feeling unsettled?”
“No, Lady Illya. They are quite positive about evacuation. However, the Luneville residents have a considerable number of acquaintances among the members of the subjugation squad, so they cannot run away from the danger of the ice dragon.”

I’m getting even more confused here.

Even if they feel reluctant to part with the rebuilt Luneville, it was all pointless if they died. It’s not certain that the city will get destroyed, it may just pass by too.

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At any rate, if they really haven’t lost the sense of danger, I guess the only people who could convince them would be those who they could clearly tell had confronted an ice dragon.

“Where will the wounded go?”
“A transportation unit seems to have been dispatched from Waleville and should arrive there by tomorrow.”
“I see… Has the one who made the report already departed for a different city?”

“Yeah,” Ector asserted, “They headed to Beline where the king’s contacts are, so they should return to the branch by tomorrow.”
“They are someone you know well too.”

I had too many guesses to narrow it down, but if I knew them it would be a good opportunity to ask for the details.

Condition of the goods, setting the final line at which we would force the evacuation, and securing guild personnel that were out for guarding duty.

By the time we finished discussing all that and I returned back to the branch, the sky was already darkening from the lack of Lumicules.

On the way, I ran across Sesrita and Ridi. It looked like they left the branch but their kitchen shifts shouldn’t be today.

As Fabio said, I couldn’t sense any fear or impatience from the two.

“Illya, were you at the lord’s mansion?”
“Yes. Have you two finished preparing for the evacuation?”

They blinked their eyes for a moment. But then, Ridi answered with a cheerful smile.

“Look, Illya. Who would make food for master if we ran away now?”
“…Haha. No need to be so worried. If it turns really dangerous, we will run at full speed.”

If you had the Swindler skill, you could judge the authenticity of those words. But even without that, just looking at their expressions was enough to tell that they were serious.

Ignoring me, the two continued with smiles.

“Earlier we went to the branch with everyone and discussed what to do from now on.”
“And we gathered money and put out a commission too.”
“A commission?”

The two nodded and continued with unwavering expressions.

“Ice dragon subjugation.”
“Um… Why are you going so far?”

The subjugation of a calamity-class divine beast was something that should be decided after nations or Guild’s headquarters and its branches form a link.

I have seen people that faced a calamity and didn’t try to flee, whether it was because it was their ancestral land or to sacrifice themselves as baits.

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But the eyes of such people were filled with persistence and resignation.

The eyes of the two before me, on the other hand, were filled with something akin to hope.

“Isn’t it obvious?”
“It’s because everyone loves this place.”

…Ah, I see.

I had forgotten this. Or rather, I was once again made to realize it.

Between me, who simply joined this place, and these people, the words “I love this city” held a different weight. A different depth.

“No helping it then.”

The weight of our affection differed.

Our emotional attachment was different.

If so, I wasn’t qualified to make any objections about their decision.

“Yeah. As expected, even you won’t be able to stop us this time.”

I don’t think they were dismissing my words, but instead, they made their decision after considering them.

Thus, I shook my head in response.

“I won’t stop you.”
“Oh? Really?”
“Yes. If that’s what the townspeople want, I won’t stop them.”

I had no plans to deny it if that was their will.

…But, even if the weight and depth of our feelings differed, that didn’t change the fact that I want them to live.

“Even I love this city and everyone in it.”

So, I’m sorry, ice dragon whose name I don’t know.

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Ice dragon subjugation.

That’s the commission that the townspeople put out, so I am going to support it.

Next day.

When I headed downstairs to check the gathered people, I was met with someone I didn’t expect.


A woman suddenly hugged me. Her long fluffy tail swayed around vigorously.

The girl I knew wasn’t the type to do that so I was really surprised.

“I just returned from Beline.”


The words I heard from Ector yesterday crossed my mind.

“Could it be that you’re the one who brought that report?”
“Yes. Bard is with me too. Come.”

She pulled me along and led me to a room on the second floor. Inside, Bard was sitting on a chair with a displeased expression.

“It’s been a while, Bard. I’m glad to see that you two are safe.”
“…It’s no big deal.”

I found it strange that he had turned even more unsociable than before, but Cathy then provided an explanation.

“Actually, we wanted to bring back the news of the ice dragon subjugation as a souvenir. But we failed so he’s embarrassed about it.”
“Gah, don’t say unnecessary things! We…We were just planning to make some money for traveling expenses! Don’t get the wrong idea!”

For some reason, I could feel a bit of happiness under his impudent behavior.

“Forget souvenirs, the two of you being safe is already enough.”

Cathay stared at me while Bard looked away.

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I feel like my favorability rose for some reason, but overthinking it would be my loss.

“What do you two plan to do from now on?”
“There’s another subjugation commission, right? We’re gonna participate in that.”
“We would be troubled if Luneville disappears.”

I was wondering if they were planning to make it their base of operations, but she dismissed that.

“Nope. We wanna work here again.”
“…Yer probably lacking people anyway.”
“Bard, you’re still not honest.”

We certainly lacked hands, and it would only get busier from now on.

But they were naive.

“I’m going to have you two take a proper exam first this time.”
“…Can you pull some strings?”

I knew their personalities and they were immediate assets since they had experience, so I had no problems with accepting them.

But saying that and spoiling them would be bad for them.

“You should win your place with your own strength.”


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