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Chapter 438: So You Knew and Said Nothing?!

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Transformation Magic is a real and substantiated form of magic, however it is also one of the rarest forms of magic as well. It was first invented by the Lust Demons who came up with it as a means of survival. Because their combat strength was the lowest amongst all the other sins of Hell, they had to come up with a different way of surviving.

Learning Transformation Magic is a highly complex endeavour, and when someone other than a Lust Demon tries it, the transformation often has flaws. For example, there are cases of the caster’s body reverting back to its original form when touched. Some of the original body’s unique traits might not mesh well with intended target transformation as well. A person’s presence, smell and personality were all characteristics that couldn’t be falsified. That is why Transformation Magic isn’t all too practical for ordinary mages.

Now, a Lust’s Demon’s transformation was an entirely different matter. They are able to completely cover up their Devilish nature and this has resulted in quite a few Lust Demons running off to human kingdoms to be a favored consort of some king. Once they have achieved this status, the Lust Demon would often exploit the kingdom’s resources to strengthen herself. Because of their ability to feast on souls, the king of said kingdom often did not meet a good end either…

The number of kingdoms that have fallen to the seduction of a Lust Demon are numerous. Yet despite that, there has been no foolproof way to determine if one is actually a human or a Lust Demon that has transformed herself.

This is also why books like the Demoness’s Hammer have been able to gain such traction.

—- From |Lust Demon and Transformation Magic|

I had to admit, this outlandish plan of hers might just work. Putting aside the matter of Solar-sama’s fans, if Reyage were to become the clan leader and had the results to justify this, all those men who had been suppressed up till now would definitely not give up this chance to raise their status.

“That’a bold plan.” Now that I had roughly sussed out the details, I couldn’t help but marvel at her daringness. In a strongly matriarchal society like the Dark Elves’, the fact that she was trying to overturn the notion of female superiority was unbelievable, especially considering the fact that she was a female herself… now that’s some 4D chess moves right there.

“But Paliseth has found an even better plan now.” Having said that, she smiled knowingly at me. “With your holiness’s approval, Jez’s safety is basically guaranteed. And with how much your holiness adores her, I’m sure that approval is a done deal, am I right?”

As the godson of Lolthe, and half a master of the entire Dark Elven race, my attitude was of utmost importance to Paliseth’s plan. It could be said that without my explicit approval, this plan of hers might just collapse. After all, such long standing traditions did not just disappear because you wanted it to. But if I were to express my approval, then that was an entirely different matter…

Naturally, I could just shove Reyage into the clan leader’s throne right away. But such a brute force method had its drawbacks. Unless I was planning to stay here for good, the moment I left, Reyage would undoubtedly come under fire right away. That was why the best plan was still to go along with Paliseth. First, give the position to Jezsere in order to pave the way for Reyage. It was a slow but steady method. And given how long lived these Elves were, slow wasn’t really an issue. Now, if it was the humans we were talking about… but that’s a story for another day…

“Sounds interesting.”

Having Reyage succeed Solar-sama’s harem? Now that’s a new way to look at the old saying of children paying off their parents’ debts. Either way, I’m in.

She gave me a ‘I knew it’ look at that point. “So I have your holiness’s approval then?”

“Mhm, but I won’t stay for long in the city, so that approval of mine… is most likely in name only.”

Do you know how hard it was for me to return to the Western Human Realms?! This time, I’m not wasting any time at all in finding Nicole, and I have no intention of failing again. Once we reunite, it’s time for a little… ahem, nothing strange to see here, nothing at all!

“As long as I have your holiness on the record approving.” I could tell that she was pleased by my swift approval of her plan. While she might have said that I could help myself to anything, this time, she really meant it. She generously waved her hand in the direction of the treasure room then stepped back to let me have a better look. “In that case, your holiness, please be sure to help yourself to whatever your holiness may want.”

But I want everything… or at least, half. But if Jezsere’s going to inherit all these… I shouldn’t really bully her…

“Oh? Our little brother sure is a gentleman.”

There it was. That grating nonchalance of hers. This freeloader truly was the textbook definition of an unwelcome guest. Not only did she not help out at all, she even made sure to throw in a couple of snide remarks.

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“Hey, don’t you know that talking about someone behind their backs will earn you retribution? Especially when that person can hear exactly what you are thinking.”

‘This she-devil…’

“Alright, alright. Your big sis gets it, she will pay her rent. Hmph, as if your big sis has ever skipped out on paying before.” Having said that, she began directing me to where the Eight-star Elemental Core was in the treasure room. Next was the Nine-star core of a fire magical beast.

‘I know I need the Elemental Core, but what am I to do with this Nine-star core? I’m not an Alchemist.”

“Relax, your big sis did say that she was going to pay her rent, right?”

‘You’re trying to tell me that this Nine-star core is your payment? Let’s be clear here, that core doesn’t even belong to you in the first place! If you are really serious about paying your rent, at least use your own goods!’

“But this Nine-star core can be used to create a rather interesting tool.” Ferti’nier left that tantalizing idea hanging there for a second then continued. “Little brother, you said you wanted to visit the human territories, right? I’m sure it will be inconvenient to do that as a Devil. Well, your big sis just so happen to have a remedy for that.”

‘You have a way to disguise me? The last time I tried barging into human territory, I ended up in a whole load of trouble thanks to me being a Devil. If you really have a way for me to disguise myself, then it will be a lot easier for me when I try to locate Nicole.’

Wait… if she had such a method, then… that she-devil! Why didn’t she say anything before?!

“Oh my… look’s like the jig is up.” Ferti’nier broke into a mischievous grin. “That was because your big sis found the situation to be very amusing so she kept quiet. And your big sis wasn’t that familiar with you at that time too… she was afraid you would cheat her feelings.”

‘Cheat your feelings? Amusing? Are you trying to get me killed?!!’

“But you aren’t dead, right?”

I… I swear, she’s out to jinx me. Is my suffering her only joy in life?!

“So, does our little brother want to know how?”

‘Of course!’

“Alright, then your big sis will help you raise your powers first. After all, the transformation will severely weaken you after it’s done…” Her tone became serious at that point. “Before that, you need to know the method.”

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‘Of transformation?’

“That’s right.” Ferti’nier started explaining how to unlock this new power. “First off, this brand of magic was invented by us Lust Demons as a means of making up for our poor combat strength…”

According to her, this Transformation Magic was a natural talent of the Lust Demons, though the other races could learn it too. The idea behind this transformation was to cover up their devilish nature. Lust Demons who were talented were said to even be able to mask their aura in front of Priests. With this trump card, the Lust Demons were able to run amok amongst the humans.

As time passed by, the humans started to have a saying whenever a kingdom fell that a Devil’s work was at play… that Devil was actually a Lust Demon. In a lot of ways, these Lust Demons caused more damage to the humans than any Devil who had high combat strength ever could.

That was one of the reasons why Lust Demons were particularly notorious in human kingdoms. Although, there were still quite a few human Occultists who wished they had a Lust Demon. Naturally, whether or not they could summon one successfully was a different matter entirely.

Having explained all that, Ferti’nier then transmitted a set of instructions into my head. Perhaps it was because of my Lust Demon heritage, but it didn’t take long for me to comprehend these instructions. After all, this was a natural talent of the Lust Demons. As long as a Lust Demon knew the rough theory behind the magic, she could easily fill in the gaps herself.

Still, what did Ferti’nier mean when she said she was going to raise my power?

“There are multiple ways to raise one’s combat strength, but your big sis has something interesting in mind this time.” Ferti’nier paused at that point for dramatic effect. Seeing as my attention was now fully on her, she cleared her throat and said, “Transformation Magic isn’t omnipotent either. If our little brother were to start fighting in his new form, it would be very easy for him to reveal his true nature. That’s why he needs some kind of identity.”

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