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Chapter 433: Why Do I Feel Like My Intelligence is Lacking

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Sponsored By: Wesley Brown, Black Fiend, Primula Hope, nord_nikon, Wyverius Blackfire, Silva, Yanga, HatefullMango, Andrea Boudas, Alex Rodrigues, Maxamaicus, Emblyon, maou99sama

Who the heck is Lily? And are you two brothers fighting over a potential mate? A family dispute then? Sometimes… having an unreliable brother is really such a pain… for both sides too…

Still, I doubt he’s getting up anytime soon with those injuries. There’s no point saying that to him.

At least, that was what I thought.

“Really… you mean it?” Thanks to the unrelenting efforts of the Murloc Shaman, the Murloc Clanleader was finally able to open up his eyes slightly. His weak, shivering hand grabbed onto the shaman’s wrist, and in an extremely soft voice, asked, “you will really give up on her?”

Woah, how touching! For his brother’s swift recovery, the Murloc Shaman is even willing to give up on the mate he’s courting. What’s even more amazing is that the Murloc Clanleader actually responded to his moving words! Such a noble tale of brotherly love!

“Big brother, you’re awake… that’s amazing!”

Upon realising that his big brother was finally awake, the Murloc Shaman finally broke into a relieved smile. While his face might have been ugly already, that smile somehow managed to make it even uglier than before…

“Answer me…” The Murloc Clanleader narrowed his eyes. “You said you will give up on Lily as long as I wake up, right?”

The Murloc Shaman raised his head and looked elsewhere. “Errr… did I say that?”

“You did!”

“Big brother, I think you’re still recovering from the trauma of your injuries, that’s why you are even hallucinating…”

“Don’t try to lie to me, I’m more than lucid right now.”

“Ahahaha… Big brother, you know I have that… that… thing…” Knowing that his ruse had failed spectacularly, he uneasily looked around for an out before finally saying, “I have intermittent amnesia. So whatever I said just now, I don’t remember at all. In that case, it doesn’t count, right?”

“Is that so…” The Murloc Clanleader slumped back down onto the ground and weakly said, “I’m dying…”

At this point, based on the Murloc Shaman’s closeness with his brother, I expected him to immediately panic again. However, I was soon to be proven wrong. “Oh. Okay then. At least there won’t be anyone to fight with me over Lily once you’re dead.”

What the fish? I want a refund on my tears!

“Then how about I remind you of what you said!” To no one’s surprise, in the face of this betrayal that even the Buddha would get mad at, the Murloc Clanleader snapped. In the blink of an eye, he dragged his battered body up and grabbed onto the Murloc Shaman’s head and began shaking it profusely. “You. Need. To. Remember. The. Words. You. Said.”

“Stop shaking me, big brother… if you keep shaking me, I have to fight back!”

“Go on then! Fight back!”

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“Big brother, have you forgotten about your current state?!” The Murloc Shaman was about to snap from the shaking at this point. “If you really want to die, I don’t mind sending you on your way!”

“You stupid fish, you’re willing throw away your own sibling for a female?”

“You’re the one that started it! And what do you mean a female? Lily isn’t just a female! I’m going to tell her about you, then she’ll see your true colors!”

“How dare you! Lily is your sister-in-law. How can you covet your own sister-in-law like that?! You disloyal brother, I’ll teach you a lesson!”

“Spare me, big brother, you haven’t even gotten together with her yet!”

“She’s your future sister-in-law!”

“You said it yourself: future. And haven’t you heard of the saying: there’s nothing better than a good fish, and nothing more fun than a sister-in-law.”

“Brrrgggwwlll… you rotten fish bait, how dare you covet your own sister-in-law?! I’ll kill you!”

At the same time as they were scolding each other, the two Murloc brothers were busy wrestling with each other. With the Murloc Clanleader’s massive stature, the Murloc Shaman would have ordinarily lost by now. However, his serious injuries meant that not only did he not have the upper hand, those same wounds were now reopened and spilling blood. As time passed by, the Murloc Clanleader got ever weaker, to the point where the Murloc Shaman was starting to win.

While the brothers continued tumbling about on the ground, the rest of us were happily watching the comedy play out before our eyes. Jezsere was even blushing from that whole nonsense about playing with your sister-in-law.

That’s right, a left hook. A left hook! That’s right, hit his face!

Yet just as I was getting into the mood of things, Zurnalin’s dragon spear suddenly dove in the from the side, forcefully splitting the two fishheads apart. Having been ambushed so abruptly, the two brothers only had time to jump away before throwing us a pair of strange looks.

What the fish? The fight was just getting good, why did you stop them?

I never got to ask her that however. The gallant but expressionless Zurnalin coolly waved her hands, and following that, a couple of her Blood Drake Riders promptly jumped off their mounts. The pair swiftly marched up to the separated brothers and mercilessly tied them up with a rope. Naturally, the both of them tried to resist, but one of them was severely injured while the other was just a weakling. Resistance was futile.

It was at that point that I realised why Zurnalin threw out her spear.

It turned out that as we were happily watching them wrestle, they had unknowingly come close to the river banks. While the river itself was still frozen over because of the Compound Magic, the fact they went through so much trouble to edge towards it meant that the ice wasn’t going to be a problem for the both of them.

Sly… who would have thought that the whole clown act was actually a ruse for them to escape. If it wasn’t for Zurnalin’s sharp senses, they might have really gotten away with it too.

Man… who would have thought that a couple of ugly fishheads would be capable of such cunning. I swear… these fantasy world types sure seem a lot smarter than ordinary earthlings… and I think I’m included in that as well… blast…

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“You two…” Once the two were secured, I finally walked up to them, teeth grinding from sheer annoyance, and fist pounding on my palm. “Was it fun making fun of me like that? I don’t even care who Lily is anymore, I just want to ask you two this. Do you wish to die or do you wish to live?”

“Hah, I would rather die than beg for mercy!” The Murloc Clanleader spat in my direction. “There’s no way I would ever beg for mercy from such an ugly female!”

I quickly stepped to the side to dodge the projectile then threw him a disgusted look. “Ugly female? Let’s get something straight here. I’m no female. Also, how am I ugly?”

At this point, my eyes were practically bulging with anger. Putting aside his stubbornness, the fact that he called me ugly meant that he really wanted to die right now.

“You have no scales, your head is too small, your skin is too white, your fangs aren’t sharp enough…”

The Murloc Clanleader began listing out the points in earnest… Upon hearing that, I almost wanted to slap myself at that point. Of course their sense of beauty is different from mine, how stupid can I be? But why isn’t my Lust Demon bloodline working on him?

“Curses! I want him beaten up right this instant!”

I turned around and eyed one of the Blood Drake Riders. The lady nodded in response and began kicking the Murloc Clanleader’s wounds.

“Ahh… curse you… you ugly females… I will never surrender!”

The Murloc Clanleader yelled even louder to express his outrage while I continued gesturing at that Blood Drake Rider to proceed. After several more kicks, the Murloc Clanleader finally fell silent. He was severely injured, after all. The Murloc Shaman might have casted a few healing spells on him, but those weren’t enough to completely heal wounds of this severity.

“Don’t hit him… don’t hit my brother… hit me instead…”

I’ll admit you two fishheads have some backbone. Even a scrawny shaman has the guts to make a request like that. Fine, I’ll grant you your wish then. You can be beaten up along with your brother!

“Itching for a beating then? Good, since you’re such a good brother, the two of you can share the same fate.”

“Understood, your holiness.” The Blood Drake Riders in charge of guarding the two brothers began kicking and punching the two bound up Murlocs -and not in the way those two fishheads were wrestling with each other either.

“Ahh… oww… don’t hit me… please…” Before we had even gotten more than two hits in, the Murloc Shaman had begun begging for mercy.

The silent up till now Murloc Clanleader couldn’t help but glare at his spineless little brother at that point. “You rotten fish, a Murloc warrior’s dignity is not to be insulted like this. We would rather die standing than live begging!”

“But big brother… I’m a shaman… not a warrior…”

He’s right there… very right, in fact. I can’t even say a word to refute that. Even the Murloc Clanleader had nothing to say to that. Even though the both of us knew that that was just a lame excuse, but it kinda made sense.

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In that case, a change of tact was required. “If you have any shame at all, hit me instead! Don’t hit my little brother.”

“Big brother… don’t be so stubborn… we should just give in…”


While the Murloc Clanleader might have sounded very heroic right now, in actuality, it only took a few more hits before he fainted entirely. What was worth noting however was that he really was about to die at this point.

“Heal him.” I curtly commanded the Murloc Shaman. “Untie him as well, I doubt he has the guts to try anything at this point.”

“Thank you… thank you… oh mighty Fallen Angel…” The Murloc Shaman fervently kowtowed to me in a show of unprecedented subservience. After doing that, he immediately rushed to begin healing his brother.

In honesty, the healing spells of a Murloc Shaman weren’t all that strong, But the situation being what it was, something was a lot better than nothing. After all, we really did a number on that Murloc Clanleader…

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