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Chapter 428: A Bunch of Difficult Women

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

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A Demoness refers to a female who worships and serves a Devil. Normally, such a privilege is only available to Devils that are Eight-star and above. However, the real way of defining a Demoness is a female who has attained the power of a Devil, and only Devil Overlords are able to bestow such a power on their supplicants.

When a Demoness is bestowed powers by her Devil master, she awakens a number of abilities that are tied to her bloodlines and the Devil she worships.

Some Demoness gain the ability to summon Devils while some gain the ability to shapeshift. Then there are also those who gain the ability to harvest souls. The number of abilities available to awaken are countless, but the one thing in common is that every Demoness is adept at hiding themselves. Unless a Demon Hunter has been specially trained in this field, even they wouldn’t be able to differentiate a normal human from a Demoness.

—- From |Demoness’s Hammer|

My plan was to have a tour around the outskirts of the city, however that was quickly disrupted when a Dark Elven messenger came looking for us. Upon opening that missive, Paliseth immediately recognised the urgency of the matter.

“Your holiness, I’m afraid Paliseth is unable to accompany you for the time being.”

Ever since opening that letter, Paliseth’s expression could only be described by one word: black. Even as she apologized for her departure, I could faintly detect a hint of anger in her voice.

“What’s the matter?”

“Have a look, your holiness.” She didn’t answer me directly but instead handed over the missive.

Upon looking at the letter in question, my eyes glazed over… it was completely written in the encrypted language of the Dark Elves… and I had no idea how to read it…

The corners of my mouth twitched slightly as I handed the letter back to Paliseth. “Maybe you should read it to me instead…”


At that point, she must have realised the problem as well. “There’s been a sighting of a Minotaur’s Labyrinth roughly 50km south of our city, and it’s currently inhabited by a horde of Minotaurs.”

Simply put, the report mentioned that the Minotaurs in that labyrinth were suddenly acting up. In just a single night alone, they destroyed three sentry posts belonging to the Shadowhunter Clan.

Had it not been for one of the sentries risking his or her life to bring this message back to a nearby military base, those minotaurs might already be knocking on the gates of Shadowhunter City.

The Minotaurs were an immensely strong race of magical monsters that were basically cows that could walk on two legs. However, a distinction had to be made between the bull humanoids of the Beastmen race and the Minotaurs. Those Beastmen possessed a bull head, but their legs had cow hooves. In contrast, the Minotaurs had a bull head as well, but they had human-looking feet with five toes.

Fun fact: Minotaurs were said to have come from a union between a female human and a cow-type magical beast. Also, that female’s husband was said to be a king of a country.

Hearing Paliseth recount the events in the south, our resident proud knight, Zurnalin immediately made herself known to us. This proud warrior really was a mystery to me. In front me, she was your typical crazed idol-chaser. In front of everyone else, including Paliseth, she was a walking ice block.

“Matriarch, I humbly request to take part in this battle.”

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“Hmm… it is true that only the Blood Drake Riders can guarantee a victory against the mighty Minotaurs.” Paliseth nodded her head without a second thought. “Bring the hybrid Blood Drakes as well, we can use this battle as a test of their strength.

With Paliseth’s approval secured, Zurnalin turned around and bowed her head apologetically towards me. “My apologies, your holiness, Zurnalin has a duty to fulfill and can’t accompany you any further.”

“It’s alright, you do you. I still have Jezsere to keep me company.” Finally presented with the chance to rid myself of this crazy lady, my smile couldn’t have been any brighter as I wished her well. “Be careful during the battle, your safety is important as well.”

Naturally, that was just routine courtesy on my part, though I really was happy about sending her off. However, who would have thought that a simple statement would actually bring her to tears.

“His holiness actually cares about me…” She passionately pulled me into an embrace and even tried to kiss me. “I just knew his holiness cared about me… this is great… Your holiness, please allow Zurnalin to leave your side temporarily. Once the southern battle is over, Zurnalin will immediately come back to fulfill her natural obligations!”

Maybe you shouldn’t come back at all…

I hurriedly pushed her away, barely avoiding her luscious lips in the process. She wasn’t all too happy about that but I did not have much choice. “About that… Zurnalin… I hate to break it to you but it’s impossible for the two of us…”

“Why? Does his holiness dislike Zurnalin?” The moment she heard me reject her, her tears flowed even more. “Zurnalin has always maintained a pure body. She has never had any intimate contact with another man…”

“I’m not accusing you of that… your chastity is not in question at all… it’s just…”

I couldn’t continue any further at that point. After all, my pee pee was still on vacation and even if she was willing, I wasn’t able to comply. Besides, I didn’t feel any attachment to her at all. Somehow, unknowingly, I was now set on the path of the legendary harem… I wonder what would happen if I ended up accepting too many girls into my harem, will there be a bloodbath…

My words ended up being stuck in my throat. Seeing that there was no answer forthcoming even after a long while, Zurnalin was starting to get a little anxious. She desperately wanted to know why I rejected her but she dared not press the issue too much as well. Finally, Paliseth leaned in and whispered a few words in her eyes. It was then that she nodded her head, seemingly having realised something. However, the passion in her eyes did not wane in the slightest.

“Your holiness, there’s no need to worry at all, even two females are able to have a child together. There’s no need for a wretched male!”


Hey, I’m one of those wretched males as well. I think there’s been a fundamental misunderstanding here: I’m not a female at all. I just don’t have a pee pee right now. There’s a big difference between not having a pee pee and being a girl, don’t just lump the two together because they both don’t have a pee pee!

“Jezsere wants to have a child with the master too…” Jezsere shyly blurted out. However, the moment she said that, her face blushed a furious red to the point where I was beginning to wonder if blood was about to come out.

Even Jezsere has fallen, I see…

“Spare me, Jezsere, I’m about to faint already…”

At the side, Paliseth could barely hold back her laughter as she watched her subordinate and daughter push me to the brink. Finally, she stepped in to save the day. “Alright, alright. Zurnalin, we need to return to the city right now. We still have a lot of work to do.”

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“Understood, Matriarch.”

Now that that whole farce was over, Paliseth and Zurnalin both left for Shadowhunter City while Jezsere and I stayed behind to continue our riverside tour. Before leaving, Zurnalin had her two Six-star attendants guard us while we continued on.

First on the list was fishing. However, we didn’t get to do this for long before Jezsere finally ran out of patience and threw aside her fishing pole. She promptly grabbed onto my arms and looked me straight in the eyes. “Master, let’s go for a boat ride.”

Hearing that, I was immediately reminded of that tiny boat parked by the banks and the obvious redundancy of it. “Let’s not.” I sternly refused. “How about we hike through the mushroom forest instead?”

The mushroom forest was one the specialties of underground life. The forest itself was made up of countless giant mushrooms and reached up to heights I would have never expected to see back on Earth. Honestly, the first time I saw the mushroom forest, I had this feeling of stepping into a fairy tale.

“No…” She meekly objected. From the look of disgust in her eyes, it was obvious she wasn’t very happy about the idea. Finally, after much prodding, she came clean. “It’s because the forest is full of bugs… Jezsere doesn’t like bugs.”

So she’s afraid of bugs… I guess that’s only to be expected. Heck, I hate them too. After all, they are troublesome creatures. Stupid, dim, oh and stupid too, did I say that yet? In fact, if you put them under a magnifying glass, they are basically miniature monsters.

Since the mushroom forest was out of the question, we continued our fishing while chatting. Suddenly, the silent up till now attendants abruptly reached for their waists. With a flick of their wrists, a bunch of flying daggers launched out towards the Brackishwaters River. An intruder?!

Before I could even figure out the situation however, the answer came lurking out of the river surface.

A blackish half-fish humanoid poked its head out of the river, finally reaching up to 1.6 meters when fully erect. It wielded a two meter long stone spear that ominously preceded its arrival. Unfortunately, before it could even make a move, it was already face to face with the flying daggers the attendants tossed out. A flash of red later, the Murloc was left with a gaping hole in its head. Behind it, the flying dagger was still flying strong into the river. Just like that, its life ended before it even knew what had happened.

Yet at the same time its body collapsed into the river, countless bubbles began rising to the surface. That lone Murloc was just the beginning. Even if one of them died, there were plenty more to come. In the blink of an eye, over a dozen Murlocs reared their ugly heads and walked up to land. Behind them, I spotted even more silhouettes approaching the river bank.

“Intruders! Protect his holiness!”

The attendant who scored first blood immediately called for her companions to take up formation with her. In less than a second, I was surrounded by ten Six-star Dark Elves. Of the ten, five of them were already engaging with the Murloc horde. The rest slowly backed away while escorting me and Jezsere to safety.


The sudden change came as a shock to Jezsere who was just enjoying the peace and quiet not too long ago. Her eyes began watering up once more as she darted into my arms for safety. “It’s alright, your master will protect you.”

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