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Chapter 413: A One-way Teleportation

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“But your fight just now was too frightening for my little heart; my legs are still soft and can’t move.”

Well, you can take this as me trying to be cute, but I’m not moving no matter what… The female Warrior curled her lips in annoyance and scoffed at me following which she bent down and wrapped both her arms around my waist.

Hey! Hey! Hey, what’s with the touching? Let’s be clear here, even if you pull the seduction ploy here, I won’t cave in! And why are you even hugging me from the back? I dare you to do it from the front!

Yet the well-anticipated hug never happened. I felt a sense of weightlessness, and before I could even figure out why, I found myself lying on her shoulders…

Lady, why does it feel like you’re more than experienced with this? Are you some kind of human trafficker? Regardless of how many quips I had about her, it did nothing to change the fact that I was helpless right now.

In truth, resisting now was pointless anyway. Now, at the very least, wasn’t the best time to run away.

What was more pressing was to confirm that I could even successfully escape later on. Truth be told, even with Ferti’nier’s assurance, I couldn’t help but feel uneasy. This she-devil had gotten me into trouble more than once already. I was beginning to have this sneaking sensation that perhaps the entire situation had gotten out of my control. Just to be safe, I called out to her once more.

“Oh don’t worry, my dear little brother. Our lives are tied together. Even if you don’t want to live, I do.” Finally, after several attempts, she came scampering out. “Your big sis over here would never fool around with her own life. If she says that she can open up the gate back home, she definitely can.”

‘In that case, it’s fine.’ While Ferti’nier might have been a lot of things, suicidal wasn’t one of them. After all, her past time was just tormenting me, but not to the point where it affected her.

The female warrior continued carrying me on her shoulders through the crystal-lit tunnels. I meekly gave up on fighting back while in actuality I was still plotting how to retake my Devil King Idol.

“That’s an easy task. As long as our little brother over here touches the Devil King Idol with any part of his body, his big sis can recall it back.”

Maybe this she-devil isn’t so bad after all. At least at times like this, she was still dependable. Once I recalled my Devil King Idol, I could basically just leave right away. But the Devil King Idol is still stuck in that giant hall where we fought -I wonder if we are even heading there right now.

“Don’t worry, this is the road towards that giant hall. If your big sis remembers correctly, you should be able to see it very soon. At that time, all you need to do is reach out and your big sis will handle the rest.”

‘Ferti’nier, you’re best! I just want to give you a million likes and subscribes right now!’

“Don’t be shy with your praise, your big sis can take it! Mwahahahaha…”

A while later, we finally arrived in familiar territory. I struggled to turn my head around to have a look at the surroundings: it was the cavernous hall we fought in earlier. My Devil King Idol was still in a not-too-distant corner, bound up in spider silk.

Judging by the route this lady is taking, we should pass by the Devil King Idol on the way to our destination with a distance of five meters or so. No… I need to think of something quick.

Hmm… a solution… I got it! I’m such a genius, I swear.

As of right now, I was carried with my back facing upwards. In other words, her bony shoulders were pressing into my stomach. For most people, such a position would be highly uncomfortable, but I was a Devil; such minor discomforts were nothing to me. However, in order to enact my plan, I did my best to appear as if I was in pain and started struggling.

All this while, I obediently laid on her shoulders so when it finally came time for me to make my attempt, I easily broke free of her grasp.

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I immediately fell from her shoulders and crashed into the cave floor. Though it took some considerable effort, I quickly got to my feet.

In truth, I had never expected this plan to go so smoothly -she was a Seven-star, after all. I could have sworn that I barely nudged her before I came tumbling down.

“What are you waiting for?” Just as I was busy wondering if this was another scheme of some sort, Fert’nier practically screamed in my head. “She’s only going to be paralyzed for three seconds!”

Oh… OH! I get it.

So it was thanks to Ferti’nier that this worked -no wonder her body felt a little stiff when I struggled. Now that the first step of the plan was complete, the next was to come into contact with the Devil King Idol.

Yet just as I was about to celebrate my impending success, four shadows leapt out of the darkness of the hall, each dressed in the standard assassin’s garb and all blocking my way to the Devil King Idol.

Only four? And they didn’t even bother waiting till the last minute to try and stop me too -nice.

These four newcomers had all acted the moment they saw me break free from that female warrior. In the shadows, they lurked as if they were actually part of the darkness itself. But in the light, they moved as if they were a bolt of lightning. Without even communicating with each other, they swiftly sorted out who was to guard the Devil King Idol and who was to try and capture me. Two of them ended up charging at me, daggers bared like the fangs of a rabid beast.

Even though there were only four of them standing between me and the Devil King Idols, these weren’t your ordinary guardsmen either; each of them were either a Five-star or a Six-star.

In truth though, their Star Level did not matter in the face of the Devil King Idol. In all likelihood, Paliseth had assumed that I was powerless without the Devil King Idol so she didn’t bother to post stronger guards. It had never occurred to them that my Devil King Idol could still act autonomously. More importantly, it seemed like Paliseth herself wasn’t here. In that case, this was basically a done deal.

Faced with two armed Dark Elves above my Star Level, I wasn’t the least bit worried at all. Because the previously silent as a statue Devil King Idol suddenly moved. While it was true that it was still bound to that stalagmite by the spider silk, it didn’t change the fact that its strength was beyond comprehension. With just a simple stomp of its feet, the entire cavern began to shake, throwing those four Dark Elves off-balance for a moment.

What followed next was a sweep of its leg, knocking away two of the four Dark Elves who had just regained their footing. Yet that wasn’t the end of the story either. The two Dark Elves who were sent flying were actually careening towards the remaining two Dark Elves right this very second!

Four Elves in one move? Was the Devil King Idol always so powerful?

And you lot should be grateful that I never asked it to kill you.

Ignoring those poor Dark Elves on the floor, I quickly sped up my pace.

A few steps more… Just when it looked like I was about to touch the Devil King Idol, a white thread suddenly flew in from the sides and stuck itself onto me. Before I could even react to it, I was immediately yanked to the side by a powerful force that sent me spinning away in cartwheels.

“My dear, hasn’t anyone taught you that being naughty isn’t good?”

Without even looking, I already knew who it was speaking -the Matriarch Paliseth.

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As of right now, I was squarely caught in between her arms, with my head pressed firmly into her voluminous mountains. I was immediately assaulted with an alluring scent that was only matched by the unparalleled springiness that cushioned my fall. In fact… someone help me… I can’t breath…

This blasted harlot isn’t even fazed by the fact that I’m buried in her chest right now… I swear, this was probably all part of her plan. Even so, I wasn’t the least bit happy about this unexpected melon party, because it was this blasted Dark Elf we were talking about; the only good thing about her was her looks.

Just from the fact alone that she tried to send Jezsere into Arachne Cavern was enough for me to sentence her to death -as if I would ever fall for her charms! Even if I had my pee pee back!

“Really, it’s such a shame to lose my dear like this, but I still think it’s better if the goddess has you.”

She peered deeply into my eyes at that point, ruby red eyes shining with a hint of greed in them. I couldn’t tell what it was she truly desired, but I knew that she wasn’t going to change her mind now. In the end, I was still going to be sacrificed to the Spider Queen.

Having stated her decision, and without any time at all for me to process this turn of events, she carried me out of the cavern and into another cavern nearby. This new cavern was at least a football field large, and there was even a twenty meter wide magical array in the center.

The array was painted entirely out of blood and took the shape of an intricate six-sided star. I had no knowledge regarding such arrays, but thankfully Ferti’nier did.

“That’s a one-way teleportation array. Once it’s activated, it will send its passengers to a fixed location.” She explained even without me asking.

‘A teleportation array? Are you saying the sacrificial altar isn’t here? Well, I guess it’s pretty empty for such an important ritual, minus the giant blood array, of course…’

“Begin the teleportation.”

Having received that command, the twelve black-robed female Dark Elves stationed around the array all lifted up their staves in unison to activate the array.

Being summoned over was similar to being teleported in that they were both a form of dimensional travel. Yet there were still distinct differences between the two. There wasn’t anything that stood out in particular about this sensation of being teleported. But I definitely felt that something was different. As for what it was, I had no way of knowing right now. In the blink of an eye, I was in an entirely different location.

A bright flash of red later, I opened my eyes to see an entirely different environment with a familiar looking black magical array beneath my feet.

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