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Chapter 407: So Let’s Have a Chat About You Running Away From Home

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

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The Dark Elven Warrior lowered her head in silent thought for a second then shot me a deathly glare.


That stare… Why does it feel like I just got blamed for something I didn’t do?

“I was born from a natural union between my father and mother!” As the female warrior said that, I could hear her teeth gnashing against each other.

“Gomen… gomenasai…” I dryly laughed at the same time as I apologized, even though I knew she probably didn’t understand Japanese. Just like that, the scene turned awkwardly silent.

“So how far is this place from where Ancarin and Regine are?” In order to break the awkwardness, I randomly threw out a question at a snickering Jezsere.

“Quite far. We would have to pass through two duchies before reaching them.” As she said that, she rested her chins on her palms while looking up at me -that was definitely on purpose…

“When my brother and I returned to the clan, it took roughly two months of travelling.”

That’s… quite far, indeed.

Hmmm… I don’t think they beelined for their clan though. During that two months, they must’ve stopped every now and then, perhaps hid for a day or two, or maybe even pulled a couple of doublebacks. A straight course to their clan would have been dangerous.

“Oh right, I heard from your mother that the both of you ran away from home, then returned with my medium.” I looked right at her ruby-red eyes then, causing her cheeks to blush a little. “Why did you run away from home? And what does it mean to contribute to the clan? I know you decided to return home because you obtained my medium… simply put, I want to know the real reason you left home.”

Jezsere had a really timid personality, at least that was how she acted in front of me. Even a little scare was enough to send her jumping; so why would such a timid girl ever choose to run away from home? Well, I clearly didn’t believe that she would do so willingly. There had to be some secret behind her departure. What sort of depravity or inhumanity would force her to do so… honestly, I was just interested in all matters related to a cute girl. Especially when that girl’s personality was so at odds with her environment.

“I… I… Master… Jezsere is afraid…”

Upon hearing my question, she seemed to have recalled a particularly traumatic experience that left her in tears and almost sent her running into my arms…

Let’s be clear here, that wasn’t because I bullied her. All I did was ask a question, was there a need to cry over that? She could have just not answered if she didn’t want to.

Seeing her react so adversely to that memory, my instincts immediately told me that the reason for her departure must have laid with that dirty spider of a clan leader.

“Alright, alright. It’s okay now, you have your master here to protect you.”

Because both my arms were still bound up, I could only use my chin to gently ruffle her hair.

sob… Master…will you really protect Jezsere?”

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“Of course, your master adores Jezsere, he will definitely protect Jezsere.”

Finally, after much comforting, her tears began to stop. Even so, she still hugged me perhaps in a bid to find safety.

A timid, adorable crybaby like her easily provoked a need to protect her amongst those who knew her, even I was no exception. Now I really wanted to know exactly what had caused her to react in such a manner.

For a simple memory from two years ago to frighten her like this… oh my poor little rabbit… Actually, I hadn’t noticed until now but… she smells really nice. That frosty floral fragrance… and those soft white arms wrapping around me…ahem, I’m not trying to take advantage of her -I’m just comforting her, that’s all!

Besides, I’m still a prisoner here, without a pee pee…

“Do you know what’s going on?” Ever since Jezsere entered the room, that jailor of mine had become more talkative. In light of that, she might just be the breakthrough point I was looking for. “If you know what’s going on, please tell me.”

The Dark Elven Warrior hesitated for a while, but after seeing Jezsere hug me so tightly, her tears already managing to soak through the silk that bound me, she relented. Man, when she cries, she really cries…

“It was all because of our clan’s rules…” She started explaining the whole situation. Upon hearing her explanation, I began to seriously consider whether or not the apocalypse was well deserved.

The Dark Elves had always worshipped Lolthe. Because of that, they raised countless spider-related magical beasts. It was said that the strongest amongst these beasts even possessed the bloodlines of Lolthe herself. Whether or not this was true was still up for debate, but even if they had, it would be miniscule.

The Dark Elves’ devotion to Lolthe had reached a feverish level amongst all the clans, this coupled with their extreme materialism meant that those who had no value did not deserve to exist. It had to be said at this point that everyone had to contribute to the clan… otherwise you would be made to contribute.

Jezsere’s clan had always worshipped martial prowess. Those who couldn’t contribute to the clan were severely despised in such an environment. Because Jezsere was a timid girl, she was unable to contribute. Even getting her to summon a Small Imp ended in failure, let alone asking her to go rob someone. She once tried to summon a Small Imp, but that Small Imp ended up bullying her instead, even though she could have just thrown a simple spell to take care of that Devil…

So why should the clan feed such a worthless trash? Voices similar to that began to appear amongst the other clan members, even if Jezsere was the youngest daughter of their clan leader.

The question was how to make her contribute then? Turn her into a Spider Elf, that’s how!

The offsprings between a Dark Elf and a spider-related magical beast were all half spider, half humanoid, and were known as Spider Elves. Another name for them was Dryder.

Dryders were seen as a blessing from Lolthe the Spider Queen. Even though Dryders were dim by nature – being only able to speak the simplest of words – but they had all the traits of their beastial half. Furthermore, their combat prowess was astonishing, making them an integral part of the Dark Elves’ combat strength.

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