Chapter 369: The Key to Winning is Not Fighting on Your Own Property

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“I humbly beseech the great elders for their assistance!”

Meisian loudly called for their clan’s great elders to help, but I wasn’t afraid one bit. That was because I knew that those of the Overlord tier didn’t dare to act against me. An Eight-star had no chance against my Devil King Idol so I was basically unstoppable right now in Sable Radiance.

As she said that, I could sense five surges of mana radiating strongly outwards from within the castle. These five presences all had the power of an Eight-star. Their speed was fast, as you would expect of a Purgatory Shadowcat at that level, covering several hundreds of meters within an instant.

Without even saying a word, these five newcomer cats immediately pounced at me.

I commanded the idol to stay perfectly still as they tried to no avail to claw and bite at its reddish-black exterior. Try as they might, their attacks failed to even leave a scratch on it. I gave the command to kick one of them as a test, but that big cat swiftly dodged it with an impossible twist of his body.

Their sense of perception and reaction speed were truly unfathomable. In contrast, my idol was just unimaginably slow; hitting them wasn’t going to be an easy task at all. I tried giving another test kick but it was promptly dodged once more.

Still, my idol was immune to most magicks, leaving only physical means open to them. However, their attacks couldn’t even compare to that of the Nightmare Steeds. At the very most, their claws served as backscratchers for the idol.

As those five Eight-star cats tangled with my idol, my seven hundred or so golems managed to bring down the entire wall. The earth quaked and the skies rained rubble. Faced with the might of my golem army, their vaunted wall stood no chance at all. At this very moment, what crumbled wasn’t just their wall, but their confidence as well.

Having done their job, the golems remained outside of the wall, quietly waiting for my new command. Seeing as their defenses could only be described as unfair, I saw no need to rush in giving out any new commands either.

Masrow led the rest of the Elders’ Consortium in an attack against the golems. With what had just transpired, there was only animosity between both parties right now. In all likelihood, they were hoping to force the golems back -too bad they were destined to be disappointed.

“It’s so hard… my claws…”

“Ow ow… my fangs…they’re breaking….”

“My head…”

While I had given the command for the golems not to attack, that didn’t stop Masrow and the other elder cats from inflicting injuries on themselves… With how sturdy these golems were, I was more than happy to let them attack the golems. After all, the ones getting hurt wouldn’t be my golems, so why not?

“Now can we talk, Meisian?” The situation was under my control now. I had my idol chase away the five Eight-stars momentarily then spoke to Meisian, signalling my intention to end this fight. “There’s no point in fighting any longer, how about we sit down and talk instead?”

“There’s nothing to talk about here, I’ll never give you the blood!” Even when faced with a completely collapsed wall, Meisian had no intention of giving in at all. With a willful wave of her cat paws, she commanded her cats, her posture that of a commander ready to stand tall in the face of certain defeat, “Get them, I want those black statues torn down this instant!”

Either way, it wasn’t like she was the one who had to charge into battle, and standing never really hurt any cat either.

However, as inspiring as her aura was, the fact was that the other cats were all scared stiff after witnessing their wall collapse. None of them dared to advance step further, especially not when their elders already showed them what would happen if they tried, even if the golems weren’t out to get them.

“If you won’t talk, then don’t blame me for what happens next.”

The feathers on my Devil King Idol began to tremble. A rush of mana filled the air and countless Mana Feathers shot out a second later. The five great elders instantly dodged the projectiles with ease, but were they even the true targets? From the very start, I had no intention of harming them, instead I was merely aiming to destroy the castle city.

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The moment my Mana Feathers struck the city, they exploded in a brilliant display of mana and rubble. Whatever plant life, cat climbing shelves, fake hills, and etc. were all reduced to nothingness in an instant.

“You, you, you…are you here to fight or are you here to destroy my house?!” At the end of the day, fighting on someone else’s property was never going to be a loss for me. After all, what was getting broken wasn’t my stuff, so why should I care? In contrast, Meisian was looking a lot more concerned. “Can’t you aim a little better? Don’t destroy my castle city!”

‘Well, I want to aim a little better as well, but your great elders don’t seem to want to get hit.’

“I’m trying to have a civil discussion with you here, but since you won’t listen to me, why should I listen to you?” I fired another volley of Mana Feathers. This time, I didn’t even try to aim at the great elders. Instead, I had them all land roughly 100 meters away from the guest hall’s entrance, sending a barrage of broken rubble flying everywhere and nearly causing her castle to collapse.

“Stop…no more fighting…my poor castle…”

“I’ll let you have your talk, so stop breaking my castle!”

“Then about those terms…”

“I won’t give you the blood…”

“I’ll just have to continue then.” Having said that, I gave the command to wreck the castle once more.

“Blast it…you’re asking for too much! I don’t want to die yet!” She yelled in my direction, “Other than my blood, can’t you give some other terms?”

“You could always draw the blood from Gaiuz or Weiderly, couldn’t you? I just need a whole Shadowcat’s worth, you can just simply get half from each of them.”

Faced with this new suggestion, Meisian immediately agreed to it. “Masrow, send a message to Gaiuz, ask him to get here right away.”

‘Just Gaiuz? Doesn’t that mean that siscon who always cries about wanting to marry his little sister is in for a world of pain?’

“And about those Warhorses…”

“I accept, I accept. Just don’t touch my castle…” Before I could even finish asking, Meisian hurriedly accepted the terms. “As long as it’s not about my blood, everything else is fine.”

“But, little Meisian, the matter of the Warhorses isn’t…”

Masrow obviously wanted to stop her from agreeing to attack the Warhorse, but before Meisian could say anything, one of the great elders spoke up first. “I agree with the Fallen Angel, but after we help you with the Warhorses, you must let us go…”

“Of course, I have no intention of having hostile relations with you cats. If it wasn’t for a certain matter being too important to ignore, I wouldn’t come here to ask for your help in the first place.” If it wasn’t for that end of the world battle hanging above my head, I really didn’t want to have an argument with Meisian like this.

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