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Chapter 364: Meeting Meisian Again

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“It hasn’t been long since we last met, and you’ve actually managed to change your race in the meantime? Truly, extraordinary!” The little black cat, Meisian, gave me a bemused look as she sat atop her Elemental Segregation Platform. “Quick, tell me exactly what happened to your body?”

Our current situation started when I brought Mo Na, Jeerah, and Sinmosa’s family to the new cat king, Meisian’s, castle. Even though I was already a well-known figure after helping Meisian secure her cat throne, the fact that I had a giant golem army with me still made the Purgatory Shadowcats wary. Just their massive size alone was enough to leave the cats feeling ill at ease. In order to show that I meant them no harm, I had the Abyssal Golems and Jeerah’s little gang stay outside of the city walls while I led Jeerah and the rest of my entourage to meet Meisian.

“We can talk about myself later.” I smiled then turned towards that half-dead looking Purgatory Shadowcat beside Meisian. This poor cat was at least a whole Shadowcat skinnier than the rest of his fellow Purgatory Shadowcats. His once lustrous fur of black and red was now significantly duller while his face looked no better either. He almost seemed like a decrepit old cat about to breathe its last as he laid atop that platform. Even when he laid eyes on me, he barely had the energy to open his eyelids or even pay us any heed. That us included Meisian as well.

“Mama, is that Anmi?” As she sat on my shoulders as always, Mo Na pointed in the direction of that enfeebled cat. Then, in an unsure voice, she asked once more, “That’s Anmi, right?”

“That’s Anmi…probably… I think so…”

Honestly speaking, it hadn’t been long since we last met and he had undergone a really drastic change; even I didn’t dare say that he was the Anmi we knew. If it wasn’t for the fact that his soul seemed familiar, I really couldn’t say for certain that this three paws in the grave cat was that lively rogue, Anmi.

“Meisian, what happened to Anmi?”

Even though I already had some inkling as to why he was like this, I still felt it was more appropriate to ask it anyway.

“It’s nothing, just the aftereffects of being on the Elemental Segregation Platform.” Meisian waved her little paws at me, seemingly trying to explain to me the situation, yet also seemingly trying to placate Anmi. “In order to give birth to a pureblooded Shadowcat, Anmi has to spend some time living on the platform. After all, the dual elemental nature of the Purgatory Shadowcats will affect the purity of our bloodlines.”

“Oh, so that’s it. I remember now, Anmi did mention that in the past. And his current figure does suit…”

A Purgatory Shadowcat was significantly larger than a Shadowcat. If Anmi were to just do it with Meisian in such a state, the difference between their two cat bodies would mean that one of them was going to suffer…

“Well, it’s not like this can be helped. Our body sizes are just too different.” With a look of resignation, I just heard her say something that was borderline lewd. Having realised this herself, she quickly added, “You heard nothing just now. I never said that our sizes do not match. Nothing at all. Just your imagination. Got it, you lot!?”

‘Yes, yes. Our royal highness, Princess Meisian, is the most innocent cat ever. The number one winner of the Innocent Cat Awards. Their sizes are also a perfect fit, the best fitting cats in the world.’

“Mama, what does it mean when your sizes do not match? In what way do their sizes differ?” Mo Na innocently scratched her head and asked.

“Woof woof~~!” Not only was Mo Na intrigued by this question, Cinderel seemed just as interested as well. She scampered up to me from her mother’s side and patted my calves with her tiny paws, throwing me an inquisitive puppy look at the same time.

“Children shouldn’t stick their noses into the affairs of adults.” I harshly snapped back. These two scamps were clearly too young for such a topic.

Still, it was clearly out of our expectations that she would say something so provocative. Seeing us so stunned, she nonchalantly changed the topic. “Dear, your old friends are here, aren’t you going to say hi?”

Hearing his name called, Anmi weakly lifted his head then stared deadly in our direction before slumping back down onto the platform, as if even that bit of movement expanded all his energy.

“What’s up with Anmi? He can’t speak anymore?” The look of deathly despair in his eyes truly was a shock for me. I couldn’t help but ask out of concern, “Is he alright? He wasn’t like this in the past.”

“Oh, don’t mind him. Ever since you guys left, he’s been like this.”

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At that, Anmi clearly rolled his eyes at her. Thankfully, Meisian wasn’t all too bothered by this, instead choosing to magnanimously forgive him for his uncooperativeness.

If you asked me, the reason why he was like this was probably entirely due to that Elemental Segregation Platform. Even though Anmi did like Meisian, he hated that platform even more. Back when he was still a little kitten, he had a close encounter with that platform that left him forever scarred. The problem was that, in order for them to have closer contact, Anmi had to get on that Elemental Segregation Platform. Due to Purgatory’s unique environment, Meisian had no way of leaving that platform so Anmi’s sacrifice was the only option.

That was the whole story behind why he was so against being together with Meisian… As for the person who forced him to get on that dreaded platform… that was me…

Naturally, Meisian understood the real reason why he was so lifeless as well. That was why she didn’t lose her temper. Such a thoughtful wife. Anmi, you should be grateful.

Having a girl like you could be said to be one of life’s biggest blessings. One had to know, in China, there existed a huge disparity between the number of girls and boys that you would only expect after the end of the world. Whether it was humans or cats, having a girl like you was definitely a good thing. Was it so hard to sacrifice for a girl you liked? Anmi, you shouldn’t squander the fortune you’ve been handed. How many would bleed just for this opportunity you have right now.

Wasn’t it just a matter of losing weight? How was that hard?

Truly, seeing him in such a spineless state made me want to lecture him for another day and night. It wasn’t like I had any difficulty standing after all.

But on to more serious matters. The real reason why Anmi had to stay on that platform was because he had to help the clan carry on their bloodlines. In order to prepare for this important duty, he had to undergo a little weight loss. That was also why he was so adamant about not marrying Meisian.

Had it not been for me helping Meisian take the throne, he probably won’t even be in such a sorry state. Still, it had to be said that the whole reason why I even supported Meisian was because of his flip flopping. If he hadn’t flip flopped so much between these three siblings, I wouldn’t have enacted such an unfortunate plan. At the end of the day, my relationship with Anmi was basically one where we took turns getting the other into trouble. It was just a matter of me getting the upper hand this time.

In other words, I was innocent.

“We can put aside Anmi for now. We’re actually here to ask for your help.” I immediately got down to business, explaining why we needed her help. “In truth, we met the clone of Lucifer…”

I briefly recounted our journey to Meisian, letting her know how deadly serious I was now. Ever since I had changed into a Fallen Angel, my life was no longer the same.

“So you’re now the Devil Overlord?” Meisian threw me a shocked look. “In name, at least.”

“That’s right. Even though I might not have the required power right now, at least in terms of legitimacy, I am the Devil Overlord.” I looked her right in the eyes before asking, “You have the power to walk in dreams. Don’t tell me you haven’t been monitoring our movements?”

“It’s not as simple you think. Dreamwalking is extremely complicated. When I walk in dreams, I am not part of the real world. Instead, I’m a part of a pseudo-reality -you can call it the Dreamsoul.” She stopped at that point, clearly not intending to explain any further about Dreamsoul. “Anyway, it’s hard for creatures who don’t have that ability to understand that world…”

Seeing as she had no desire to address this any further, it wasn’t appropriate for me to continue pressing her on this question. “The horn from a Nightmare Steed, the Elemental Core of an Eight-star Fire Elemental, the heart of an Eight-star Flame Devouring Fish, and finally the blood of a Shadowcat… those are the four ingredients I need.”

“How much blood?”

“A whole cat’s worth.”

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“You absolutely have to have it?”


“Alright, I understand.” Meisian breathed in deeply. Her black kitty face immediately turned serious. She gently lifted up her dainty paw and then…

“Guards, get them out of here!” Just as I thought that she was going to give me her blood, she stuck her claw right in the direction of my face and yelled.

‘Ah? She’s chasing us away? No way, weren’t we just having a pleasant conversation not too long ago? How did it end up with us being chased away?’

The moment that command was given, dozens of Purgatory Shadowcat soldiers came streaming in from the entrances to this hall, encircling us in mere moments.

As the encirclement was finished, Anmi, who had been pretty much dead up till now, suddenly perked up. All I saw was that he suddenly stood up from the platform, limbs still shaking furiously as he persevered. With eyes practically spewing fire, he said, “Hah. You got what you deserved at last.”

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