Chapter 831: Matters of the Territory (4)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Andassis the Seventh knew my temper very well; that was probably why he hesitated to send the decree to have me leave the territory. But that also meant that this new generation of magitek knights would have to be researched and developed here.

Even with the schematics for the new defense system, the two meisters dared not claim absolute success in upgrading the armors. If possible, the main architect, me, should be present to advise. They could question me on-site that way.

For the King, the magitek knight research was a kingdom-level secret, of the highest priority.

“Hmm. It just isn’t possible with what Kesek has available now… Perhaps I will take the schematics with me first, I still have some details that need working out on my end. Belud, let’s go.”

Amori thought to himself for a second before suddenly expressing his desire to leave. After bidding a hasty farewell, he left. Belud, on the other hand, was planning to ask for a movie before leaving, but upon seeing how busy I was, decided against this.

With the two meisters gone, I got back down to work.

Half an hour passed in this manner, before I heard a knock on my door. It was my young adjutant, Ansom Krayt, accompanied by an affable looking middle-aged man with red hair.

I took the initiative in greeting him. “Look who we have here, it’s my adjutant. Do you know how hard I’ve had it while you were gone.”

“Commander, I’ve returned.” Ansom bowed towards me then turned towards the noble looking man beside him. “Let me introduce you to the grand merchant, Otto Werdeness.”

Grand merchant? Otto Werdeness?

Isn’t that the name of one of the ten most famous merchants in my territory? I heard he was a scion of a fallen noble house, and he was the one responsible for its rise once more. He’s a highly influential merchant in the territory.

What was worth mentioning was that, while this grand merchant over here had also raised the prices of his food, he hadn’t done the unconscionable of forcing people into slavery by taking advantage of the starving.

That was precisely why I still had a favorable view of this man. In comparison to the other merchants, anyway- he at least knew some limits.

“Greetings, my lord.” Werdeness bowed towards me and smiled. “My apologies for not sending my regards at the first opportunity.”

“Mr. Werdeness. For my adjutant to bring you before me must mean that you have something of great importance to share.” I started with slight gravitas. I eyed the man from top to toe as he maintained a neutral smile.

With no useful information to be gleaned off him, I continued, “Let’s cut straight to the point, I hate theatrics. Why are you here?”

“Since my lord does not wish to waste time, then your humble subject will be brief with his choice of words.” He paused at that point. Then with the gravest of expressions, he fell to one knee. “Your humble subject wishes to pledge his undying allegiance, please allow me to be your follower, my lord.”


Ansom seemed just as shocked, as if this wasn’t the script they had rehearsed before.

Ferti’nier did you use your magicks on him while I wasn’t looking?

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“Nope. He was probably enamored by your beauty when he made that declaration.”

Beauty, huh… How infuriating.

Our stunned silence lasted for a few seconds. I couldn’t find the words to answer the man. I wasn’t even sure what game he was playing at.

“May I know why, exactly?”

“For my house.”

Well, that really was brief…

“As far as I know, Mr. Werdeness, that has already been accomplished.”

“Surely, my lord, you do not consider such a decrepit state greatness?”


I guess everyone has a definition of what can be considered greatness. Just like how some would consider a million dollars a fortune while some would consider that poverty…

As I stared at the kneeling merchant, I frowned, “Then what does Mr. Werdeness consider greatness?”

“My house would once count its name amongst the twenty greatest noble houses in Andassis a mere hundred years ago. However, our ancestors made a wrong choice, forcing them to flee the capital and seek refuge in this province…” Otto Werdeness summarized the history of his household in the past hundred years. Finally, he lowered his head and asked, “My lord, would you consider the state of our house great?”

“When you put it that way, you have the right of it.” Yet I was still a little confused. “I roughly understand your situation, but why would you seek me out? With your resources, I’m sure you can find a better patron, can you not?”

“My lord, you are too harsh on yourself. By your humble servant’s estimates, there is no other who can push our noble house to its former glory.”

“Thank you for your confidence, but perhaps you’re exaggerating a little there…”

“Defeating three overlords alone, of which one was even the Thunder Emperor. With such an illustrious battle record, and the lofty title as the creator of magitek, there is no other who has shaken the realms as such. There are countless who would gladly come under your wing, alas, they do not possess that fortune.”

“…” Wait, what exactly is going on out there? When did my name become so famous, and why did no one tell me about this?


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