Chapter 792: Pseudo Territory Resistance

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“Can you be any more of a dead meat…”

Ahhh! I’ve been made fun of by Ferti’nier again! No, this mustn’t stand!

Channelling the rage from the maligned blame, I yelled the chant at the top of my lungs. With gusto. “Wyrm Transformation: Activate!!”

As arcane words filled the air, I could feel the earring on my left earlobe explode with dimensional magic, enveloping me in darkness. A moment later, I found myself within a sealed space.

This is… the cockpit of Wyrm…

The controls of Wyrm were modelled to be basically the same as an exosuit. By using meditation stones, I was able to completely sync up with Wyrm, meaning this entire magitek armor was now an extension of my body.

Why do I feel like I’m back on Gaia again…

“Oh? The view isn’t half bad. Now. Let’s start on Wyrm’s combat test.”

Her timely reminder brought me back to reality. I swept my eyes over the twelve black-robed casts still in the midst of carving that array around me. With a mere thought, I commanded the Heavensbreak system to split up into 72 rhombohedrons, spinning right towards each of them like deadly shurikens.

Thanks to the suddenness of this attack, they did not even have time to blink before they were all chopped up into pieces.

“Blast! How did you get in there?!”

In a mere breath, the tables had been turned. The casters were dead, and that masked jester knew his miscalculation had allowed his opponent to mount a comeback.

“Territory: Boundless Will!” He thrust his hand up and yelled. As the invisible Territory washed over the entire room, Wyrm’s movement became sluggish as if I was in quicksand. Even the 72 rhombohedrons of Heavensbreak stopped dead two meters before the man.

“This time, I won’t hold back, Lady Mo Na, just be still and wait for me there. I wouldn’t want you to get hurt when I tear apart that armor, limb by limb! I’m sure they won’t mind if I bring back the parts instead; they can always put it back together.”

“A psychic Territory, how interesting… but that’s just perfect for testing out Wyrm’s Pseudo-Territory Resistance.”

Pseudo-Territory Resistance… That’s right, the array system which Redleaf helped to carve onto every scale of this armor. The composite array known as the Pseudo-Territory Resistance!

As long as the mana was available, this ability could block most effects of a Territory; this jester’s Territory happened to be in the job scope.

But do I need to chant to activate it again? You know what, now’s not the time for choosing.

“Pseudo-Territory Resistance!”

The scales on Wyrm immediately burned a bright red, following which I felt the pressure on Wyrm disappear in an instant!

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And he was dead… the 72 rhombohedrons flew right into him unimpeded, now that the wall blocking them was gone. Practically mincemeat at this point!

So, it’s over? Doesn’t feel real, to be honest. I thought he was going to put up more of a fight… maybe he’s a fake?

Oh right, there’s still that werewolf outside, my Inferno Lion wouldn’t be able to defeat him alone.

Being my personal magitek armor, Wyrm was equipped with flying arrays, of which the cost of carving them were high -but His Majesty had the money anyway!

Having rich friends really does pay off!

Now that the big bad boss in the lab was taken care of, I eagerly flew off to find the silver-furred werewolf whom I left behind. However, I arrived only to find a certain scarred bodyguard with his guards, coming to help late as always, like a bunch of movie cops. Because the troops hadn’t seen my Inferno Lion before, the scene was a right mess, with no one able to tell if either my lioness or that werewolf were the true enemies, or both. Even if both of them were fighting each other…

Baku had the bright idea to have the troops circle the two of them while they watched, however that ended up blocking me from entering the scene immediately. That and the fact that the other ordinary troops hadn’t seen me in Wyrm before; the sudden arrival of a gigantic scaly armor looked every bit like another enemy ambush.

But the werewolf was under no such illusion. The moment he laid eyes on me, he knew the plan had failed. Thus in the midst of the chaos, he activated his own dimensional escape tool…

“Lady Mo Na, is that you?” As the bodyguard of the king, Baku had naturally seen Wyrm before. While he might have reacted with wariness when he first spotted me, he quickly understood that I was on his side. “Lady Mo Na, are you all right?”

At three meters tall, I was towering over the nearly two meters tall Baku by a whole meter. Coupled with the fact that I was covered in monstrous red scales, I must have looked like a frightful sight to the soldiers.

“I’m fine, the enemies inside have been taken care of by me, you can send your men in.”

With a click, the back of Wyrm parted, allowing me to easily dismount from the machine. This was the actual manner of entering and leaving Wyrm. The Dragonscale Earring was actually the pilot’s key. A key which Ferti’nier had specifically kept hidden. Even I knew about it recently, let alone those intruders.

In fact, the existence of this armor was known only to a scant few. Yet we encountered an attack on the night it was finished, and by an overlord…

Even if that overlord was now nothing but mincemeat, he wasn’t weak at all. Had it not been for the surprise of losing his Territory, Heavensbreak wouldn’t have been able to mount a surprise attack on him at all.

But more importantly, who was the one who leaked this information to that jester.

Seems like I need to have a talk with Andassis the Seventh.

“Is His Majesty nearby? Bring me to him.”

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“Right now?” Baku was surprised but quickly nodded. “Alright, His Majesty has specifically stated that Lady Mo Na can visit him at any time.”

Ten minutes later, I was in my apartment with Andassis the Seventh, Sersan, and Redleaf. The three of them were currently being served tea by Doris…

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