Chapter 789: Naming is a Bother

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Why am I doing this? It’s all to boost the fighting capabilities of the Western Human Realms, isn’t it? So that the humans won’t just go extinct during the Apocalypse!

“To protect the world from devastation. To unite the world in… peace and love… Basically that…”

Almost sounded like a certain rocket there…

“In that case, Lady Mo Na’s magitek armor should have a name worthy of her lofty ideals.” Amori paused for a second, then upon noticing my stunned silence, laughed. “How about I have the honor of christening it the Messiah”!

The Messiah? Kind of ostentatious, isn’t it?

“That’s good, that name is not bad at all!”

“It’s a good name… but the Adamantite King wasn’t bad either…”

Redleaf and Meister Belud were in agreement for once; they really did find the name to be both imposing and oozing with justice.

However, I hadn’t voiced my opinion yet, causing some deal of consternation in Meister Amori. “Lady Mo Na, does the name not please you?”

“No… rather, it sounds too pretentious…”

“Definitely, but is saving the world not the point of this project?”


Just like that, the first magitek armor was christened the “Wyrm” of the Messiah series. Any further magitek armor modelled after the Wyrm would be known as the Messiah-class.

With the advent of the first magitek armor, a slew of further research would only follow. Soon, a host of other variants would come to being as well. Hopefully, this would help stem the tide of the Apocalypse…

Now that the naming was over and done with, everyone returned to their individual rooms to rest, leaving only the guards to watch over the completed armor.

Even though no one had tested the suit out, I could already tell that its systems would allow me to fight toe to toe with an overlord.

Upon returning to my own room, I found that the excitement of the day had gotten the better of me, thus I pulled Doris over for a couple of movies. Finally, at the stroke of midnight, I was able to catch some sleep. Or rather, I had to, unless I wanted a splitting headache tomorrow.

Then it happened…

“Little brother, you need to wake up, quick. There has been an unknown intruder in the lab. Some rat is trying to make off with your magitek armor. You need to hurry.”


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What the heck? A machine-theft scenario?

That’s right… don’t all Gundamns start like that?

Whenever a new model is developed, the enemy always turns up to try and steal it!

This is fate! Especially since my Wyrm is clearly more powerful than some over-merchandised robot! It would be insulting if no one wanted to steal it!

But why am I even considering that when someone is trying to steal my own suit?

Someone is stealing my suit!

That cur. I’m going to turn him into hotdogs once I get my hands on him!

“You understand the situation now? Fortunately, your big sis had the foresight to install an anti-theft system. That was what gave us the warning. Little brother, you had best act quickly. While your big sis doesn’t feel that there’s any human who could break her security arrays in such a short time, you can never know.”

Shet, sorry for being a little addled…

I jumped off the bed, quickly threw on a pair of pants, not even bothering to take off my pajamas, instead putting on a black cape over it. “Doris, there’s been an intrusion in the lab. I’m heading there now to stop the thief, you’d best be careful yourself!”

“Lady Mo Na? Where are you going?” Situated next to my room, Doris barely climbed out of bed in time to watch me race out the door.

Upon exiting the apartment building, my first instinct was to spread open my wings, but I immediately stopped myself.

I can’t reveal myself yet…this is the Western Human Realms, and this is the palace of Andassis, not Gaia.

The purple wings of a fallen angel was the equivalent of royalty, and if someone were to see me… I would be in trouble, to say the least…

Looks like I’m running…

“Inferno Lion!” I summoned forth my inferno lion in its normal size and leapt onto it with ease. “To the lab!”

Naturally, the inferno lion understood where I meant thanks to our shared link. With a kick of its flaming paws, it sped off like a blazing rocket, not at all slower than my wings.

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In under a minute, the entrance to the lab came into view.

The doorway was a bloodbath. Each of the dozen or so guards had fallen, their finely-crafted armors no use against the impending death.

The normally sealed shut doors were flung wide open, yet to reach the lab, there was still a hundred meter long tunnel to traverse.

“Inferno Lion, forward!

I commanded without hesitation. Unfortunately, the enemy was already prepared. The moment my summon stepped through that door, an intricate, red array burst to life. Like a waiting mine, it blew apart the ten meter tall, reinforced doors of the lab…


A tremor shook the area around us. My inferno lion instantly vaporized from the ensuing blast, while I was flung unceremoniously from its back.

The shockwave threw me against the walls next to the entranceway. My ears rang painfully from the blast and my eyes swirled uncontrollably. The only thing I knew was that I had fallen for a trap…

That red array was clearly powered by fire magicks, but the resulting explosion was purely a physical attack. Thanks to that, the Inferno Lion was blown apart.

In its normal state, it had the power of a seven-star, and for it to just die like that…

This was a difficult opponent we had on our hands…

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