Chapter 785: A Scene

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

By now, the movie had progressed significantly. It was at a turning point and Doris had already returned from her mission. Through his devious machinations, Li Aotian managed to force a marriage upon Wushang that the latter could not refuse.

Even though I knew that this turn of events was only temporary, the girl beside me did not, given this was her first movie. But more importantly, she was very, very vocal about her opposition.

“Li Aotian! I’m going to murder that cur!”

Arms bared and nails ready to claw, she leapt at the holographic screen, eyes burning with an unquenchable rage reserved only for a kinslayer.

“Wait! That’s just a movie… and the screen isn’t even a physical object, so you can’t touch it…”

I quickly grabbed her in time, preventing her from any potentially destructive acts.

“Let go of me! I will I rend this cur asunder. How dare he besmirch a person’s romance like that!” Redleaf kept struggling against my hug as she raged on. Realising that this was getting nowhere, she finally began to gather her mana. “Star of destruction…”

As the chanting began, a surge of mana began to coalesce around her. So strong was the shockwave that I was nearly knocked away…

“Stop her, quick! That’s the forbidden spell: Meteor Shower…”

What?! A forbidden spell?!

Ferti’nier’s reminder nearly blew me away as well… Sheesh, girl, do you have to go that far?!

“Doris! Leave this area first… it’s too dangerous…”

“Go–got it…” Realising the danger as well, she immediately rushed out of the room once she got the go ahead, probably to go fetch help.

Now… to placate Redleaf…

Or so I thought…

“Don’t… it’s just a movie…”

Redleaf’s magic had grown so huge that winds were starting to tear into the room, carrying me along with it, legs dangling in the air. If it wasn’t for the fact that I was hanging on for dear life onto Redleaf, I would have most likely flown off.

“I don’t care whether it’s a movie or just moving! That human is too despicable to be left alive! I will exact revenge on behalf of Wushang!” At this point, her mastery of magic was so strong that she could even stop to comment while maintaining the spellcasting.

“O countless stars in the heavens…”

“You can’t kill him… he isn’t even real…”

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“What do you mean not real? Wushang is already on the verge of marrying him!”

“Yes, but she hasn’t!”

“I don’t care!”

“The spell is half done, little brother, you need to hurry!”

Geez! I get it! How old is she supposed to be again?

With my feet off the ground and my hands being the only things stopping me from flying away, there were only my words left…

But there’s no tongue glib enough to fix this now! And if I fail, there’s going to be a bunch of meteors raining down on us soon…

Maybe I should just use my mouth? Like literally, shut her up using my mouth… Why does this feel like the beginning of a cheap harem anime?

“Redleaf, look at me for a second!”

“??” As expected, she turned around to face me, at which point I dragged myself forward to her face.

Finally, when our noses could touch each other, she noticed our closeness and began to blush. Fortunately, she stopped her casting as well.

A chance! I gave it one last heave while throwing my head back. “Stop talking for a second and listen to me!”

Following that, I slammed my forehead down…

“Bang!” Our foreheads clashed, but I seemed to have used too much force. Unprepared due to her casting, she fell backwards like a rock, with me along with her.

“Bang!” Our limbs mashed together in an uncomfortable pile up of dust and bruises. However, Redleaf fared a lot worse than me. Her face was completely red and she seemed on the verge of spitting out blood.

“Redleaf! Are you all right?”

“That’s the feedback from her spell. It was lucky you stopped her in time. Give her some potion first, this is one of my creations and should suit her just fine.”

Trusty Ferti’nier, always ready with a solution at the nick of time!

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I hurriedly pulled out the potion in question from my inventory and handed it to Redleaf. Yet her eyes were closed and her consciousness seemed impaired.

There’s no helping it, I guess I will have to feed her.

I parted her lips and popped open the potion with my mouth.

“Gulg, gulg, gulg…”

Finally, after some fiddling around, Redleaf was back to her normal self. Though, she was looking significantly more dishevelled, with her alluring scent still in full bloom. If I didn’t know any better, she had just gone through a vigorous battle. Emphasis on vigorous… ahem…

“Nana?” Redleaf shortly came back to her senses, the discomfort plain in her eyes from being squashed by my body. “Nana, why are you on top of me? I thought I was on the bed…”

“Bed?” I paused for a second. “No, no, no… actually, you know what… you should be on the bed getting some rest… are you able to stand?”

Redleaf tried to move her body, then shook her head.

“Fine, I’ll help you.” I picked up her soft, squishy body and gently lowered her onto the bed… which was a complete mess now, thanks to the roaring winds she summoned.

“Seems like my room isn’t livable anymore, let’s head downstairs…”

Yet just when I thought to head to the living room, the sounds of hurried footsteps echoed from down below.

“Lady Mo Na! Lady Mo Na, are you alright? I’m here, Lady Mo Na…”

A gruff voice, a heavy set of footsteps reminiscent of a beast… Meister Belud!

However, the burly dwarf was immediately stunned to silence when he ran up to the doorway, like the heavens themselves had come crashing down onto him.

“You two… how could you… two women… I’m sorry for interrupting…”

Just like that, he turned around left, pale as a sheet.

What the heck was that about?!

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