Chapter 773: Aivar Redleaf

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Beneath the Aivar tree I pace – will you be here today?

My thoughts ever a mirror, constantly reflecting the anxiety and anticipation I feel…

The winds blow through its fiery red leaves, like a swirling dance of ups and downs -just like my beating heart.

You come, waltzing through the leaves, their crackling like a joyous herald. Once more you sit upon that branch we shared.

Even though your face mirrors your worries, you remain ever radiant.

My eyes fill with tears as I stand before you. A scant two days have passed, I reach forth to touch your sallow face, but my hands find no purchase…

Only the red of the Aivar can bear you tight…

From <> ————-

The autumn’s Aivar tree boasted a red hue akin to fire. As they blew in the wind, their vibrant colour danced like flames. Of the numerous legends the Nature Elves had of this beautiful sight, most had to do with love.

The Nature Elves had always put the pursuit of love foremost in their lives, partially because they were afforded the luxury to do so. Unlike humans and their fraught lives, they spent their days in freedom, sensitive to the emotions of those around them. They were a race of romance.

Under the leadership of Andassis the Seventh, I was treated to a tour of the royal gardens, where all sorts of strange flowers awaited me at every turn, each more breathtaking than the other.

However, they weren’t just for show either.

Some were medicinal. Some were edible… a very strange word to be associated with the royal garden, but they were definitely edible, though not often consumed.

Finally, the king brought me to a tree that resembled a maple tree from Earth. The season was just right for admiring it; its leaves red like the flames of passion. As I stepped on the crimson carpet of leaves beneath, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of calm flow over me.

Andassis the Seventh pointed proudly at the beautiful tree and said, “This is the Aivar tree. In this world, only the Nature Elves know the method of growing them. It’s known as the Tree of Love, because it was said that those who made a wish under it would forever be wed together. I hear it’s very effective.”

So you say… but has anyone ever told you how weird it is for a monarch to be waxing on about love… and why are you winking at me like that…

The king had finished his introduction, yet he continued looking at me with expectant eyes. I flatly ignored him, electing to devote every ounce of my attention to that lovely sway of the tree before me.

Seeing me so unmoved, the previously silent-like-a-shadow prince breathed a sigh of relief mentally, though he quickly resumed his silent vigil.


At this point, I was about ready to bring up the matter of the Apocalypse and the corresponding plan to produce those magitek armors. Yet before I could even speak, a most surprising person showed up.

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It was a long-eared, blonde female nature elf with a mature, yet beautiful, bearing. She wore a green dress, tailored for ease of travel within a forest. Upon closer inspection, one would realise that it was laced with intricate gold embroidery. Her flowing hair was neatly crowned with an equally golden tiara, sporting an eye-catching red jewel as its centerpiece.

“Andassis the Seventh?” The female elf greeted the king in a slightly confused tone. Her tone was casual as a normal person’s, lacking in any sort of formality or respect. “What are you doing here?”

“Lady Redleaf, I was just taking a stroll when I decided to have a look at the Aivar tree.” The king didn’t seem to mind her disrespectful behavior. In fact, he smiled at her as if all was normal. “I see the royal gardens have flourished under your long labours–”

“Right,” she cut off the king curtly. “Well, you’re free to have as much of a look you like at the gardens I’ve tended so well, but don’t make it a habit of coming.”

“Impudence!” Finally, the king’s scarred bodyguard could no longer stand idly by and watch his master get insulted.

Chest puffed up, he took a couple of steps in front of his liege, his right hand poised to draw the sword on his waist. Yet why was he sneaking glances my way…

“I’m surprised your short lives are even capable of comprehending a word of such prodigious length.”

Short lives? Is she calling him short-lived? That guard has to at least be an Eight-star, judging by his aura. Humans have a lifespan of about a couple hundred to three hundred years at that point. The variance, mostly to do with how well they look after their lives. That doesn’t seem very short to me?

But, I guess, when compared to the average lifespan of five hundred of a normal nature elf, three hundred isn’t much. A powerful nature elf can even live up to a thousand easily. Calling him short-lived must be how they flaunt their pride as a long-lived race…

Still, that was just toxic… Seems like that lady is trouble, in a number of ways.

“Baku, you mustn’t be rude to the lady.” Before the situation escalated any further, Andassis the Seventh finally stepped in to break the two up. Faced with a direct order from his liege, the scarred bodyguard had no choice but to swallow his anger and retreat behind his liege.

However, that didn’t stop the female elf from showing her disdain even further. And to my great surprise, the king did not seem to mind at all… this definitely wasn’t just any old elf.

After placating his irate bodyguard, Andassis the Seventh exchanged a few more words with the female elf, though she did not care very much for his words.

At that point, the almost-masochistic king turned around and smiled sheepishly in my direction.

“Lady Mo Na, let me introduce you. This is Lady Redleaf, the tender of this garden.”

“Greetings, my name is Mo Na.” I was more than ready to be insulted as I unflinchingly gave out my daughter’s name. It wasn’t like my gender being mistaken was anything new at this point. Why fight the inevitable?

Yet to my surprise…

“Greetings, I’m Aivar Redleaf.” Her eyes practically shone as she proclaimed, “What a beautiful girl! Even amongst us Nature Elves, you wouldn’t easily find such a pure and beautiful girl…”

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