Chapter 747: Return to the Alchemical Factory

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Because Floater did not have to participate in the night patrols, she was at peak condition, unlike the others. “When are we leaving?”

“I need to report to aunty Xinqing first about today’s mission, if there are no issues on her side, we will leave immediately.”

With practised ease, I activated the video link with aunty Xinqing… only to be greeted by a giant aunty Xinqing?

Her face had taken up the entirety of the holographic feed like she had her face stuck to the camera itself.

“Yahoo~ Morning Ke, the video you sent me last night has already been uploaded. As expected, it was a smash hit!” Aunty Xinqing immediately rattled on about a bunch of idle chatter. Finally, she took out a blown-up picture and showed it to the camera. “Look at this picture, your aunty took it last night. Isn’t it amusing? Hahahaha… this little commenter is absolutely adorable!”

The picture was a screenshot of the general. His bald-headed bear face smiling at me gently as we talked through the video feed. His eyes shining with an uncharacteristic softness that sent shivers down my spine…

My eyes!

The picture was a snapshot taken from the video itself, and had it not been for the majority of the floating comments being filtered out, his face would have probably been drowned.

As for what those comments were… they were mostly yelling at the general. Comments about why that old bear was staring at their Goddess to digging his eyes out for even daring to do so. In short, they hated him…

As if to make things worse, there were thinly veiled comments about the old bear cheating… to which I had this sudden urge to say: don’t blame the girl!

After that little comedy skit, I had to straighten my face a little before telling aunty Xinqing about our plan for today. She did not hesitate before plotting out a route for us on my map, marking any potential survivor clusters at the same time.

Upon ending the call with aunty Xinqing, I immediately set off with Lixiang and Floater.

Our first destination was that underground factory that had been overrun by skeletons. If that bio-exosuit was still there, I would definitely take it back with me. Otherwise, I could at least verify what happened to it.

Honestly, the odds of that exosuit still being there were high. After all, while it was a bio-exosuit, it wasn’t actually alive, so those skeletal monsters shouldn’t show any interest in it.

“Your Highness, leave it to me to clear the path ahead.”

The moment we stepped out of the inn, Lixiang immediately drove her exosuit to the front, her desire to prove herself stronger than before. Had this been the past, I would have chalked that up to her middle-schooler syndrome acting up again. But she had awakened her Primal Angel bloodline just last night, so technically, she was actually an angel of light and darkness…

Every one of the girls had gotten their own unique angel bloodlines, and every one of those bloodlines were all unfathomably powerful.

Now that Lixiang was a primal angel, her affinity with Light and Darkness had reached a frightening level. In just one night alone, she mastered countless spells, while her constitution was soaring through the roof.

To be exact, her very life essence was being improved!

An improvement in her constitution would be limited by her own genes, but an improvement in her life essence was almost an evolution of sorts.

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Her body was going beyond a human’s, towards the supernatural even…

Basically, her species was on the verge of changing. As she swept the road ahead of us of monsters and undead, the irony was that she went even further along the path of inhumanity.

Given the limitations of an exosuit, ordinary pilots would never be able to pull off complex maneuvers. Yet as she was now, movements normally reserved for ace pilots only were easy for Lixiang.

“That delusional girl seems a little different than before.” With how Lixiang was throwing out the acrobatics left and right, Floater, sharp as she was, quickly realised that something had changed in the girl. “There’s no way she could move like that yesterday…”

Well, Of course. All that talk about being a primal angel of light and darkness in the past was just a joke. Now however… She was almost a divine entity.

Regardless of the fact that she had only managed to attain the most basic level of the Primal Angel bloodline, and despite her less-than-perfect physical condition, she was still able to attain a body that was beyond a normal human’s, whether it was her strength or her reflexes.

Noting my silence, she quickly came to the conclusion that this development probably had to do with me as well. “You know something?”
“She just awakened, that’s all.” I hastily found an excuse to brush off her piercing gaze. “Isn’t it normal for people to just awaken all of a sudden now?”

“Maybe.” She had no counter to that. After all, Lixiang was a registered ability user with the Bureau.

The skeletal beasts like the skeletal scorpids we encountered in the past were nothing more than trash mobs now to the empowered LIxiang. It didn’t take long before we reached the location of the underground factory. However, this wasn’t the actual exit of the factory, but rather the hole we escaped from previously.

“Your Highness, this one has found the entrance to the alchemical factory.” Lixiang pointed at the overrun rift in the ground. “This one had this location marked on her map, it should be correct.”

“In that case, let’s proceed.”

“Understood.” She took out her standard-issue laser saber and rushed into the monsters…

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