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Chapter 725: Are You Done?!

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“Sis, I purchased an item to lift the distance restriction when using the Marketplace. You should be able to access it whenever you want now…”


“Oh, the item? It’s not expensive at all, don’t worry. In fact, it’s really cheap. The system told me this was a special discount…”



“Right… Right… I’ll be careful. You guys watch out as well. And remember to use the detection kit on those survivors. If you find any infected, just isolate them and feed them an antidote potion. Those potions only work before they transform -I’ve tested this out myself…”


“I might take a little longer to return. I just got a call from Aunty Xinqing and the General. There’s a place he told me about which I plan on checking out…”


“I know… But if you encounter any danger at all, call me.”


“That giant pile of bones should be harmless, I’ve already confirmed that its Soul Flame has been extinguished. It just looks a little scary, that’s all. Besides, the outside is too dangerous for the whole inn to evacuate. Just stay there for now…”

Soon after we ended our call, I heard Sima Junmo’s stern voice chime in from behind me. “Lady Mo Ke, I’ve completed my questioning. The situation is as follows…”

I turned around to find Sima Junmo smiling at me with a perpetually ingratiating look.

As he began explaining what he learnt from those six, I couldn’t help but marvel to myself all of a sudden: maybe knock-off goods weren’t that bad after all…

“So what you’re saying is that they drank a fake?”

My jaw nearly fell to the ground when I heard that ludicrously simple explanation.

“That’s right. After our investigations, we found out that all six of them had procured their serums through black market sources.” Sima Junmo proudly elaborated. “In the first place, that serum sold like hotcakes when they were first released. A lot of people wanted one, but the stock was just too limited. That’s when someone had the idea to start selling fakes… Who would’ve thought that this would end up saving lives instead…”

Well, that was a serendipitous display of stupidity….

“I’m surprised you managed to get an answer so quickly.” I looked at the man with genuine surprise and praise.

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Sima Junmo immediately broke into a smile wider than his cheeks would logically allow. “Lady Mo Ke is too kind, interrogation is my previous line of work!”

Hah. Who would’ve thought he actually made a living off his brains… in the past anyway…

“Some of my comrades are holed up in a nearby inn with more survivors. I was planning to lead you all there, but the outside is too dangerous right now. With our current manpower, I can’t guarantee all the survivors’ safety. That’s why I’ve decided that you guys should fortify this location for now. I’ll search for more reinforcements in the meantime.”

Even if the majority of the population was dead now, there should still be small pockets of survivors scattered about. If I was lucky, I might even find some ability users who weren’t crooked.

Based on Aunty Xinqing’s videos, these new ability users were all powerful in their own right. Even that worthless tri-colored hoodlum was able to control that giant skeletal monster. If he actually managed to complete that monster, it would have probably been fifty meters tall!

As a comparison, a Mobile Armor was usually twenty to thirty meters tall. At fifty meters, I wouldn’t be surprised if his skeletal construct was able to slap a Mobile Armor to death.

“Lady Mo Ke is leaving?”

“… Officer Sima… you’re a grown man, for crying out loud. Don’t give me that abandoned puppy look.”

“But Lady Mo Ke, you are in fact going to abandon us…”

So you’re not even going to deny it…

Looking at his forlorn expression reminiscent of a schoolboy who had his first love crushed, I couldn’t help but cringe a little. I nearly face-palmed myself as I mumbled, “What is this world coming to…”

“That’s right, that’s right. We were all living our own lives just not too long ago, and those terrorists had to mess it up for everyone… Those bastards at Life Unbound Biotech are the worst, I hope they all get banished to the eighteenth level of Hell! How dare they upset Lady Mo Ke like this! Even the eighteenth level of Hell is too good for them!”

Sir, why are you getting so worked up like someone just killed your parents? And you’re the one that’s making me upset! At this rate, I doubt I will ever be able to convince you of my gender unless I get some kind of official document.

Fine, you know what? All that’s not important right now. What’s important is that I’m out of here.

“Just wait for my news. I have my own mission to complete.” With that said, I was really off.

But before I could even take a step further, Sima Junmo was already badgering me. “Lady Mo Ke, how about I go with you? I can help protect you.”

“No need. I can handle myself.”

At the end of the day, Sima Junmo was just a normal human, or perhaps an enhanced human at best. Compared to a normal person, he was definitely formidable. But to me… he might as well have been dirt; I could easily impart onto someone the ability to throw magic, after all.

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Besides, even with his exosuit, his strength wasn’t exceptional when compared to those skeletal beasts. Having him follow me around might endanger my life instead.

Mind set, I quickened my pace then leapt out the nearest window.


The survivors yelled in surprise, clearly not expecting someone to jump out at this height.

Yet even if this was the twentieth floor, I wasn’t the least bit worried about falling, as the moment the sky expanded before me, I spread open my purple wings.

Having barely fallen ten meters, I had stabilised myself to a standstill mid-air. I looked at the direction of the warehouse, then took off like a rocket.

“Only Lady Mo Ke can look so beautiful jumping off a building…”

Screw you!

I swear I need to distance myself from this idiot. At this rate, his stupidity might rub off on me.

However, not long after I left, Aunty Xinqing sent me a set of coordinates, with a note stating that there was a group of combatants there that seemed to have encountered a situation of sorts.

That was about all she told me, so I had no idea what to expect. Still, I decided right away to check out the area. Hopefully, I won’t leave empty-handed.

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