Chapter 693: Epilogue (1)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Change of POV:

Chunks the size of a fist began raining down like meteors, some even reaching up to the size of a human’s head. Mo Ke and the girls were currently in the midst of a frantic escape, weaving through a veritable bullet-hell as they sprinted blindly ahead. Every step they took was a gamble whether or not a stray piece of rubble would suddenly crash into them. All around them, the massive craters left behind by the falling rubble only served to remind them of the fate they narrowly avoided by a hair’s breadth.

Even with the exosuit’s defenses, stone chunks falling from such a height could still prove fatal. At the end of the day, these exosuits were, at best, at the level of a Three-star. These suits were built for entertainment, so there wasn’t a need to make them too sturdy, given that the weapons they would face were all sealed up. Maintenance standards wouldn’t be as stringent as military operations either.

The rain of stones continued unabated, leaving the group with a visceral sense of helplessness. Other than dodge, there really wasn’t much they could do. With how fast these stones were, there wasn’t even that much time to react.

Thankfully, none of the chunks had hit them so far. Ever the dependable girl, Duanmu Bitong was able to remotely control her two unmanned exosuits, turning them into mobile shields to cover for them, even as she was frantically running away. In fact, this was the sole reason why they hadn’t suffered any injuries yet.

However, that meant that the two exosuits were finally done for; a price had to be paid for their safety. The good news was that these were unmanned exosuits that got crushed by the rubble.

High above, the culprit of this rock storm finally ceased its destructive actions, but that was only the beginning of the ensuing nightmare.

A giant shadow zipped across the horizon. The culprit of this mini-disaster had finally revealed itself -it was another massive skeletal Coatl, and it was currently charging right at that white exosuit…

There’s another?! Mo Ke thought to himself, but he soon found out otherwise. There were two of them!

Before Mo Ke and the girls could celebrate the fact that they had somehow avoided this crisis, another shadow blotted the skies… Under their disbelieving eyes, the third skeletal Coatl reared its sinister head…

By this time, the second Coatl had already reached the exhausted white exosuit. It still seemed to be in fighting condition, but whether or not it could take on another Coatl was a different story. Mo Ke and the pilot exchanged a quick glance, as if to say, you take care of that one, I’ll take care of this one.

It seemed however, that this was unnecessary. The third Coatl had already set its sights on Mo Ke.


This monster, which was also responsible for one of the buildings being destroyed, let forth a deafening roar -a sign of its aggression, and perhaps its claim of ownership as well?

Through its massive eye holes, glimpses of a dancing Soul Flame could be seen, as if it was excited about something.

“Out of the way! Quick! I’ll take care of it!”

Realising that battle was no longer avoidable, Mo Ke chose to meet his new foe head on. He first shed away the entertainment exosuit which he deemed as being useless against the skeletal Coatl. At the same time as he peeled himself out of the cockpit, he launched himself into the air, a pair of purple wings bursting to life behind him in a beautiful flourish!

Wings fully extended, Mo Ke felt for the first time that he was in his element, as if flying with these wings was a part of himself.

“Big brother!”

“Your Highness!”

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A few powerful flaps of his wings later, Mo Ke was fully airborne. Suddenly, a mighty gust of wind blew over the scene as the air itself began to tremble. Mo Ke began flapping his wings once more, but this time, each flap brought it with a hail of feather-shaped energy projectiles, as if he was some sort of divine being passing judgement on the monster below. A goddess had descended!

Even though Mo Ke was actually a guy, and he was even in men’s clothing…

Icy Inferno gripped tightly in his hands, Mo Ke bravely dove at the skeletal monster below him. Because he knew more than anyone else right now – the moment that monster discovered them, there was no running away. Even if he couldn’t defeat it, he had to at least buy time for the girls to escape!

His newfound bloodline was his biggest advantage in this fight, even if he himself wasn’t aware of how strong he had gotten because of it. This bloodline was originally his, but his memories had been sealed up. In spite of that, every fiber of his being was telling him right now: he could do it! In this time of danger, his instincts were telling him that the monster wasn’t a match for him.

Ever since Mo Ke was awarded a feather from Lucifer, he gained the Original Sin of Pride. He had turned into a being ingrained with divinity. The moment Lucifer infused his feather into him, Mo Ke gained an express ticket to the Demigod-tier.

For such a being, killing a monster slightly above his grade was no problem at all. Even if he wasn’t consciously aware of it due to his artificial amnesia, his body remembered how to judge an enemy’s strength.

There was no need to hesitate at all! Rather, in a fight to the death, a single moment could decide one’s life.

A set of terrifying fangs closed in on him, filling his eyesight in an instant, but he easily evaded the jaw attack with an elegant twist of his body. Then with another flap of his wings, he abruptly changed directions and climbed atop the Coatl’s head. The forces generated by such a violet move struck him like a hammer, but he paid them no heed as he steadied himself once more.

To begin with, a purple-winged Fallen Angel’s flight ability wasn’t something that could be described with mere words. And as Mo Ke raised Icy Inferno up high for the most powerful attack he knew so far, the Coatl was about to experience its mistake firsthand…

——– Change of Scene ———

Ever since Southern Plains was transformed into a veritable hellscape overnight, the eyes of the world were glued to this once-famous tourist city. Whether they were the tabloids, or the CMMs/LYNX news of the world, there were no media companies who weren’t furiously covering this city right now. No amount of celebrity marriages and subsequent divorices could dethrone this topic from its frontpage spot.

That was because this single city was all the people had on their minds right now; the death of over 4 million people had imparted a palpable sense of danger into every human being, regardless of whether they were on Gaia, or had already migrated to another planet.

However, this crisis wasn’t completely a disaster. At least for some, the destruction within the city had also proved to be a platform of sorts…

Aged 21, Stuart was your everyday shut-in. His favourite, and probably only, hobby involved simping over streamer girls. Naturally, he wasn’t all that bothered by the tragedy unfolding in Southern Plains. After all, what did he care if a few people, or maybe a few million died? As long as it did not spread to his city, he was perfectly fine.

And even if it did, that was just an opportunity for him to suddenly be granted some sort of cheat-like system and begin his adventure slaughtering zombies in an apocalyptic world. In the process, he would recruit a bunch of lackeys, start his own faction, marry a beautiful, rich girl, then become the ultimate winner in life!

Self-centered, delusional people like Stuart weren’t as uncommon as one would hope. But all that changed when the Federation suddenly released an edited version of its footage within Southern Plains…

Countless zombies dotted the streets of a city that once boasted immaculate roads. In place of tediously-maintained pristineness was dried blood, torn limbs, half-eaten corpses and heads with their eyes staring lifelessly ahead… All that served only to tell the world that this tourist city was now forever consigned to the history books…

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From now on, there would be no vacationing here. The moment one brought up the city, Southern Plains, images of death and a sinister virus would be all that were conjured. As long as the human race persevered, this city would forever be marked as a city of death…

However, this video wasn’t only a bringer of bad news and death. There was also disbelief -a questioning of whether or not this was even the world they knew anymore…

Within the video aired by the Federation was a beautiful girl, dressed in a typical man’s white shirt and pants, and graced with a head of flowing purple hair that almost seemed like silk. It was this same girl that also wielded a blade-like sword as she hacked a bunch of skeletal Scorpids to death.

These skeletal Scorpids possessed unimaginable agility and ambush tactics that caught even seasoned veterans off-guard. They acted more like a pack than an actual pack of wolves, and wherever they hunted, they brought death along with them.

Even the elite exosuit pilots amongst the police did not dare say that they could fight these monsters and come out unscathed. Yet it was that girl, not even armed with an exosuit, who single handedly faced off against these monsters, all the while wielding a weapon straight out of the medieval age.

It was that girl, with a harmless face that would endear her to any guy who saw her, who slew those Scorpids without taking a single hit!

Her battle tactics had everyone on the edge of their seats, but whenever it looked like she was about to get hit, she would always dodge in a manner most unexpected to pull a counterattack.

Beautiful; exhilarating; intoxicating…

No matter how many times Stuart watched this video, he would always feel a surge of adrenaline that would push him to smack the floor constantly just to release that pent up desire to fight.

It was at that point that Stuart’s mom returned home.

This thirty-odd looking lady stared at her son in disbelief.

“Son, why are you kneeling while watching a video?”

Hearing his mom’s voice, Stuart turned around to look at the mature lady, then after a long silence, turned back to watch the video.

Finally, after another long pause in which his mom probably thought he was out of his mind, Stuart suddenly spoke up, “Mom, I think I’ve found my religion…”

This same scene played out across multiple households… or were in the midst of playing out…

The girl in question was naturally Mo Ke. The Federation’s satellites had captured the situation of Southern Plains in detail. In particular, they made sure to capture Mo Ke’s every action when possible.

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