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Chapter 674: A Mysterious Stranger

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

With the combined efforts of the survivors, the chaotic scene was swiftly brought to order, and with that, justice delivered to those monsters as well.

However, now wasn’t the time for a post-mortem either; there were still those policemen that needed helping. Yet the moment that thought crossed my mind, reinforcements arrived.

Back on Northern Waters Bridge, a scorpion-tailed skeleton was just about to sneak up on a white police exosuit, who was too preoccupied with other enemies to notice it. At that distance, it would only take another second or so before its tail found its mark. Thankfully, that tragedy never happened.

A beam of blue light suddenly cut across the skies like divine judgement, piercing the skull of the monster, simultaneously burning away the monster’s tail with the same shot…

A sniper?!

I turned in the direction of the shot, but found no clues as to who this mysterious shooter was. Based on that alone, I could tell that he had to at least be a kilometer away!

Then, a second beam of laser struck, piercing another skeleton just as it was about to launch into an attack…

Following that, a dozen foot-long detachable bits swarmed in out of nowhere, evenly split into two orderly groups, as they began searching for targets.

Having locked onto one, each individual group formed up into a rotating circle above each target, at which point they all fired in unison…

Accurate and deadly, these lasers all hit the same spot on their target’s skull, blasting open a hole and destroying the Soul Flame inside at the same time! Then without giving the monsters any time to react, they immediately sped off to their next target.

Before long, the battle was over, in no small part due to that mysterious sniper’s help. The three police exosuits were thoroughly battered after such a gruelling fight, but at least they survived. 3739’s run-and-gun tactics proved effective as well. While he might not have accomplished much in the end, he at least walked out of the fight uninjured. As for those two exosuits on the bridge, they were in a terrible state. Each of their armors bore the grim marks of their prey everywhere, sometimes mixed in with blood splats from a zombie. Fortunately, that was the extent of their losses. The defenses of their exosuits, and their piloting skills, proved up to mark in the end.

“Ding! Emergency Mission: Battle the Scorpion-like Monsters, complete! Administering rewards now… complete. Please confirm the contents…” Seeing as the system had acknowledged the end of the mission, that meant the battle was well and truly over.

With no enemies left, the three police exosuits returned back to their posts on the bridge. As for the detachable bits who suddenly barged into the battlefield… They were all gone now. The other party did not seem keen on making contact with us. Perhaps he had another mission to attend to. Either way, a debt like this did not need saying – should the opportunity arise, I will definitely repay him.

3739 and his comrades’ mission was to clear the bridge of zombies, so before another squad came to take over their shift, they couldn’t stop. In extraordinary times like these, it was their sense of honor and duty that drove them tirelessly onwards. But after experiencing the deaths of most of their squads, their mental and physical limits had long been crossed. Rather than merely doing their jobs, slaying zombies was a way for them to vent their frustrations. Whenever a zombie was unfortunate enough to reach them, they would viciously stomp on its head like you would grapes while making wine.

Now that there were no monsters to fight, the survivors were all conspicuously gathered around a lone disabled exosuit that happened to have me standing atop it. Even though I couldn’t see their faces through the exosuits, I could tell they were all shocked at the prowess I displayed. They were probably all marvelling at how such a ladylike person could hide such ferocity… ahem… I would be happy if they retracted that unnecessary adjective…

Naturally, I didn’t have time to waste on such trivial matters. I turned around to face the bridge, then in a voice as stone cold as my face, I said, “Let’s go help them.”

That wasn’t an order I had given, but unexpectedly, every single of the survivors started marching off towards the bridge, and actually began helping out with the zombies as well. While I might have said every single one of them… there were actually only half of the initial survivors left at this point. The rest had either fled with their exosuits, or were dead.

This time, 3739 made no mention of having the survivors stand aside to watch. Without those scorpion-like skeletons to threaten them, the remaining zombies had no chance of even harming the survivors.

In short, it was all over. For now, at least…

“That was amazing, big brother!” Jiaojiao waved her hands as she raced up to me, yelling in a voice that couldn’t have been louder even if she tried.

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“His Highness’s bravery is unmatched!” Ever my adoring fan, Lixiang wasn’t about to lose out in this losing match either.

“That’s my little Ke!” Bitong was next to say, seemingly just as excited as the other two. “Ke was so brave just now…”

Leaping off the exosuits as before, I quickly landed on Bitong’s suit. Because she hadn’t taken part directly in the battle, seeing as she was controlling those three other suits remotely, hers was relatively pristine.

“Big brother, that monster alone was worth 50 points each!” Jiaojiao happily waved her hammer up and down, mimicking the scene of her smashing that monster’s skull. “Jiaojiao was so fierce just now, smacking down on that monster like it was nothing!”

As she said, the rewards this time were bountiful to match the difficulty of those monsters. At this rate, we would only need 10 such kills in order to get a decent Skill Card.

I activated my new skill reward, the Flame Whip, then checked up on my points. 174… Why is it so little?! I paused in shock for a second, then quickly remembered how I was still in debt, which meant every point I gained was cut in half.

Seeing as I killed six of those monsters just now, splitting the points in half would net me 150… what a scam…

You know what… I’m not even going to get angry anymore… It won’t be System Lady if she doesn’t try to scam me every now and then…

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