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Chapter 670: Monster Assassin

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Hearing Jiaojiao’s abrupt suggestion, 3739 was stunned at first then swiftly shot her down. “That won’t be necessary. Protecting the city and its inhabitants are all part of our duties. Furthermore, if I’m not wrong, you’re still a kid, aren’t you? Children shouldn’t participate in such dangerous activities. Just find a safe spot nearby, the clean up should still take a while more.”

“There’s no need to worry about us! Vanquishing evil is the duty of all magical girls!” With just one simple declaration, Lixiang brought her middle schooler delusions to full bear. “This one accepts this mission on behalf of the Battle Angels Squad!”

“Battle Angels… Squad?” This time, it was my turn to be surprised.

“Your Highness.” She said with all the seriousness in the world. “The Battle Angels Squad is our team.”

There’s no way I’m acknowledging that middle school grouping! And when did we even form a squad? Why haven’t I been informed about any of this?!

I swear… whenever she opens that mouth of hers, I have to worry whether or not we are about to be embarrassed again…

“Woooo! Jiaojiao wants to be an Archangel then!” Jiaojiao, however, seemed to be fully onboard with the name.

“Ahahaha… I’m sorry…”

Even though I couldn’t see the policeman’s face, I could tell he was speechless right now. He wasn’t the only one as well, but just as I was figuring out how to break this awkwardness, something happened at the bridge…

A bunch of strange looking creatures surfaced from the water, clawing their way up the bridge’s structure, and quickly hopping onto the bridge itself…

These creatures were clearly canine in nature, even in spite of their current skeletal appearance. Feet planted on the ground, these canine skeletons still measured an impressive two meters tall. On their skulls were a pair of thick horns, their tails seemed to be joined to a scorpion tail.

Over ten such misshapen monsters swiftly climbed up the bridge with the agility of an assassin. The moment they popped over the horizon of the bridge, they leapt at the nearest police exosuit they could find!

Having fully engaged with the four exosuits there, the remaining five skeletal canines rushed towards the two squads of policemen in a perfectly coordinated manner. These were all normal policemen who weren’t protected by exosuits. In all likelihood, the sudden outbreak of this virus had caused a shortage of exosuits… Regardless, the canine skeletons were now rushing for these vulnerable targets…

The policemen themselves did not take long to discover this new threat. However, the following scene could only be described as horrific. Like a wolf rampaging amongst a herd of sheep, the canine skeletons tore mercilessly into their exposed flesh. A few swipes, stabs, and bites later, the twenty or so policemen were all mangled and dead.

Then, barely a second later, two of the four remaining exosuits were pierced by a canine skeleton’s scorpion tail. The wound was situated in the dead center of the exosuit, meaning the pilots within were most definitely dead as well…

With the sturdiness of these exosuits, the system estimated that an attack had to at least have the power of a Four-star. Meaning we were at least dealing with monsters as destructive as a Four-star! At least, these canines had such power during a sneak attack.

“Zhi! Qing! You monsters…. I’ll kill you all!” Seeing his comrades killed so easily before his eyes, 3739 immediately flew off into a rage. Without even wasting another word, he sped off towards the bridge.

“Big brother… we don’t have to join in, right?” Now that the monsters could easily pierce through a police exosuit in one strike, Jiaojiao smartly chose to abandon her earlier bravado.

“Indeed, these new foes of ours seem unexpectedly stronger.” It was Lixiang’s turn to voice her concerns. Even though she might not have said so explicitly, she wanted us to avoid this danger… In other words, run.

“Yes. Jiaojiao thinks we should find shelter first…” Jiaojiao meekly added on, her voice starting to tremble at this point.

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Bitong, on the other hand, was direct as always in pointing out the crux of the problem. “But we have too many people with us, it will be hard trying to hide. Besides, if even the police can’t handle these monsters, then hiding won’t solve the problem in the long run… We need a plan…”

She’s right. We can leave now… but what then? Those zombies may not be a threat, but these scorpions clearly are. Once the police are gone, we are next in line… But even if we try to help now, there’s still the matter of that scorpion tail. Being pierced by that looks deadly! Especially since we have the same defenses as those police exosuits, but even worse weapons than them. Everyone here is just a normal civilian too. I think our ranks would collapse before even the enemy got to us….

Contrary to his earlier declaration, 3739 did not foolishly rush into battle right away. Instead, he started firing off a long-range barrage once he came within range.

His laser cannons could easily suppress a field of enemies within seconds. However, these weren’t ordinary zombies anymore. Even a direct hit by his laser merely left a scratch on their bones. Just based on that, one could tell that these new monsters were highly resistant to heat attacks.

With a new target, four of the canine skeletons immediately broke off from the pack and leapt towards 3739.

However, 3739 did not dare face them in direct combat. He immediately ducked to the left into a different street. As he continued retreating, he did not let up on his barrage.

Back on the bridge, the two surviving exosuits continued struggling against the canine skeletons. Exosuits were often armed with a wide variety of weapons that were customised to each person. However, a sturdy shield was a must. Such implements were particularly suited for close-range combat, and that was how these two even managed to survive the initial tail attack.

One of the exosuits drew out a longsword while the other drew out a black tube-like tool. The pilot seemed to have pressed some button, causing a two meter long, blue laser blade to sprout from its black opening…

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