Chapter 653: Elevator

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Good people die young, while those who are bad live forever.

—-Mo Ke

“Big brother… What about all those people over there?” Just as we were about to leave, Jiaojiao suddenly pointed at the screaming people who were still fleeing from the zombies.

In all likelihood, these people were doomed unless someone helped them.

There were hundreds still left in the shelter, while the zombies probably numbered in the dozens.

However, these zombies were all scattered about, and would take considerable time to round up and kill. More importantly, their numbers were increasing. Just as we were looking in their direction, one of the bloody corpses on the floor suddenly stood up, hobbled towards a person, tripped… then got back up and continued chasing someone.

That corpse had only died mere moments ago…

“He… He’s alive again…” Seeing a corpse reanimated before her very eyes, even Bitong couldn’t help but gasp in surprise.

“Hmph. Don’t we already know that?” Lixiang stated nonchalantly, though her teeth were already chattering.

“We’re leaving, now!”

The corpses were already starting to zombify, which meant that if we did not leave quickly, all those dead bodies on the floor might soon rise up as well… By then, protecting ourselves would be difficult, let alone these strangers.

That wasn’t to say I didn’t want to save them, but the girls took priority.

Facing us now were two choices: the elevator or the stairs.

The closest elevator to us had at least twenty bodies lying around it. Not only that, there were three zombies munching away on them. In order to take this elevator, we had to clear up the zombies first. And as a precaution, probably behead each of the corpses as well, to prevent any of them from suddenly popping up for a snack.

As for the stairway… it was my firm opinion to just skip it… who knew how many had died already in its narrow pathways, or how many corpses might just suddenly reanimate as we pass them.

“Follow me!”

I beckoned to them then sprinted towards the elevator. In a flash of steel, the three feasting zombies were beheaded by Icy Inferno. Not only that, I made sure to stab each and every head I came across, turning the pathway even more gruesome, if that was even possible…

At this point, there wasn’t a single inch of floor that wasn’t covered in blood. As Jiaojiao gingerly treaded the bloody path, her eyes watered and her legs went soft. “Big brother… maybe… maybe we should take the stairs instead? It’s scary…” “

Unfortunately for her, that was out of the question. The stairways were definitely worse than the elevators; plus, it’s not like I could stab every dead body there as well.

However, Jiaojiao was too young to consider such matters, and I did not want to hurt or scare her with my words.

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Yet just when I was mulling over how to solve this conundrum, Bitong walked up to Jiaojiao, then casually stooped down and motioned for Jiaojiao to climb on. “Don’t worry, big sis over here will carry you. There’s nothing to be scared of then.”

“Mmm…” With Bitong’s encouragement, she calmed down somewhat and carefully climbed onto her.

Jiaojiao safely on board and Lixiang close behind, we safely made it to the elevator panel.

“Wait… wait for us…” Dozens came running towards us when they saw that we were planning to board the elevator. Seeing their hopeful faces as they ran towards us, and also because their group wasn’t that big to begin with, I couldn’t bear to turn them away now. Even if it was a risky choice, I did not want to completely give up my humanity for survival.

“Let’s wait for them.” I immediately told the girls.

Yet as they kept running and yelling, they soon caught the attention of a number of zombies. With an entire buffet’s worth of prey parading themselves before them, even these zombies started to abandon their half-eaten meals in order to leap at them.

The zombies weren’t particularly fast, per say, but their fright and the abundance of obstacles in the form of corpses served to slow the escapees significantly.

A number of them ended up falling prey to the zombies, but thankfully more than half of them managed to escape. Once again, the old adage was proven right: when escaping from a bear, you do not have to run faster than said bear, you merely have to run faster than someone else.

Thanks to the zombies, there were now twenty or thirty left running towards us.

Unfortunately, another incident was about to prove their undoing.

At the forefront of the pack was a decidedly chubby person. Looking at his almost 240 pounds body sprint towards us, one could only wonder where he got all that speed from. However, one need not wonder long as a hand suddenly reached forth and grabbed him. Caught off-guard, he tumbled onto the ground, rolling up to a zombie.

Slowed down, the zombies took the opportunity to catch up, blocking off the pathway to the elevator.

With no way forward, the poor escapees scattered about like headless chickens…

These people are done for…

At least that was what I thought. Miraculously, three escapees came charging through the zombie blockade.

Yet their escape was anything but miraculous. Ruthless was more like it. The only reason they were able to pass through the zombies was because they grabbed those that were nearby and pushed them at any zombie they encountered. With that distraction, they sprinted at full speed towards the elevator.

Their survival was built on a mountain of corpses.

“Wait… for us…”

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It was only when they came up to us that I finally saw who they were. These three were the same garish hoodlums who harassed us at the start…

I definitely wasn’t planning to wait for these scumbags, but it was already too late.

Even if I were to close the elevator now, they had more than enough time to stick out their hands to block the door from closing…

Just like that, the three hoodlums successfully boarded the elevator. Lixiang didn’t waste any time at all in closing the door afterwards.

“Jeez… that place was a mess…” One of the hoodlums griped as the elevator slowly closed.

“Phew… oh would you look at that… we meet again, girlies.” The hoodlum who spoke up was the leader of the bunch. Not that I would ever forget about him, given his disgusting aura and punchability.

Can’t believe he’s actually still alive… no wonder they say good people die young but evildoers live a thousand years.

I coldly stared at the hoodlum leader. “I saw what you did back there. You’ve murdered quite a few people just to get here.”


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