Chapter 631: A Willful You Qin Lixiang

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

My name is Mo Ke, eight years old. Doused in blood that I was, I was currently being pressed against the floor by a little girl with purple hair and purple wings, dressed in an elaborate princess dress… In short, I was in hell…

“Cut!” I couldn’t even begin to remember how many times it had been since the director, Aunty Qiao, had jumped out of nowhere to yell that single word. The filming took place in a virtual space, so after the first few shocks, everyone had basically gotten used to the way she just popped in at random.

“Lixiang! What the heck was that? Why can’t you act better?” Director Qiao thwacked the expressionless You Qin Lixiang on the head with his rolled up script. “And here I was thinking that you were better at least; the number of times you messed up is already on par with Bitong!”

Hearing that comparison, Bitong, still in her little Nicole form, couldn’t stop herself from jumping out and exclaiming, “Aunty Qiao! Was that a cheap shot at me?”

“No. That was called directing!”

Had this been an everyday setting, she would not have treated Bitong like this, but everyone was a part time actor now. Actors who hadn’t even read the basics on how to act, else she would have not blown her top so many times already…

Glared at, Bitong grumpily pouted, but said nothing against the older woman, merely turning her head away in anger.

Ignoring the girl, Aunty Qiao turned her sights onto Lixiang, who was currently pretending to count the ants on the floor. “Lixiang, I’ll give you one last chance: do it right, or I will swap you out.”

“Swap her! Swap her!”

Qiao Jiaojiao frantically cheered from the side, eyes practically bulging with excitement. Couldn’t really blame her there. Out of everyone present right now, she was the only one who hadn’t gotten a role, not even a monster costume…

Thankfully, this little girl was still relatively well-behaved, barring the times when an actor messed up, and she was happily calling for their replacement.

In contrast, Bitong and Lixiang were the ones who had constantly made mistakes, despite the high hopes we had placed on them initially… If I had known earlier, I would have just gotten Jiaojiao to play the role of Yi Yi instead…

“I don’t care if you hear me or not, but you don’t have many chances left. Two chances, if you purposely mess up two more times, I’ll swap you out.” Aunty Qiao pulled no punches as she chided the girl.

Just like Bitong, Lixiang did not talk back to her, instead turning away in protest. However, Aunty Qiao wasn’t about to care about her little tantrum, instead preparing for another reshoot.

Knowing our resident middle school syndrome girl, she definitely heard what Aunty Qiao said, she just did not want to respond.

“Aunt–Director… Qiao…” I almost called her aunty by reflex, but quickly stopped myself. It would have been inappropriate to do that right now, while she was still directing everyone.

“What’s the matter, Ke?” Aunty Qiao smiled as she ruffled my hair. “And what do you mean director? You’re being too distant, just aunty is fine. Honestly, your aunty thinks you should call her mum instead.”

“…” I almost recoiled in shock. “Aunty Qiao… maybe we should start on the next shoot…”

“Do your best, big brother! Just two more mistakes!” Just as I found myself stuck in that awkward position, Qiao Jiaojiao suddenly jumped and tugged on Aunty Qiao, excitedly saying to her, “Mum, get to shooting already, then we can swap out sister Lixiang. I guarantee I will be a perfect Yi Yi… I can act… so how about just giving me a chance right now?”

I swear… is there no one here that isn’t a troublemaker… all problem children, the lot of them.

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Now that Aunty Qiao had left the acting area, the shoot started anew once more.

The system projected me in my dying form once more. I laid there as before, surrounded by countless green goblins and red-skinned devil corpses.

Before me, stood Yi Yi, played by Lixiang. She stared at me expressionlessly, her emotions a complete mystery to anyone who looked at her.

Just based on that alone, I could confidently say that she was a perfect fit for the whole emotionless girl role. Now… if she would just put more attention into her acting, she would be perfect.

The scene was just after the main character had run away from home, stumbling onto the epic battle between goblins and devils.

The goblins had barely won the battle, but the surviving six goblins ended up slain by the main character, in the process he was mortally wounded as well. Next up was the scene where Yi Yi interacted with the fallen main character. On my part, I just had to act like a dying boy while Yi Yi read my mind with her hand on my forehead.

If I was being honest, the acting system meant that I didn’t even have to memorise my lines on stage. When the time was appropriate, the corresponding lines would show up, visible only to the person it was intended for.

In the script, the both of us would have a little discussion on the meaning of life, after which I would die and Yi Yi would send me off to the Blood Sea.

The scene wasn’t actually a technically difficult scene at all, assuming there weren’t any troublemakers.

Not only the lines, the system was even capable of projecting me in a dying state. I didn’t even have to act at all and I would look like I was about to kick the bucket.

In short, this whole gig was exceedingly easy to act, assuming Lixiang would just play along…

“Do you regret it?”

“I do not.”

“Then sign the pact.”

Having said that, Yi Yi took out a scroll and placed it before my eyes. Because the system had set me as dying, I couldn’t move too much to begin with. However, I could clearly see the words, marriage agreement, written in bold letters on the heading…


This time, Aunty Qiao only yelled the word. She did not jump off her seat like before, instead coolly warning the girl, “Last chance. Everyone, get ready… and action!”

This was truly the last chance for Lixiang. If we failed because of her again, she was going to be swapped out. Yet unlike the previous failures, we smoothly passed the scene without a hitch…

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The main character and Yi Yi exchanged words as per the script, and died. Yi Yi drew a magic circle on the floor, and used the last of her power to send the main character into the Blood Sea.

Following that, the special effects system went into overdrive, letting forth fireworks to signify the end of our half-month long journey acting out ‘Devil’s Evolution Catalogue Season One’. At last, it was over. On a side note, it was decided that the whole series would sell better if the main character’s face was changed to mine instead, just de-aged.

Honestly, I was drained at that point. Who would have thought that acting would be such hard work…

Mostly, it was because of Bitong’s and Lixiang’s unorthodox acting…

In order to celebrate the end of the first season, Aunty Qiao arranged for a small celebration in her store. Only the main actors like us were invited, the time was tomorrow morning.

For now, nothing had to be said. Go home;rest; and party tomorrow.

However, upon our return to the store, I suddenly realised… there seemed to be a lot of people crowding outside the door…

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