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Chapter 534: Forced Marriage

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

If I were to say that I’ve never been beaten up by Duanmu Bitong… then I’m sure no one would believe me. But, really, she hasn’t…

—Mo Ke

For an amnesiac person like me, something like marriage was just too difficult to comprehend. Rather, my mind didn’t even have the concept of marriage stored. Just knowing what was a toilet, a table, a cup, etc. was good enough. Overly complicated terms were still foreign to me… Also, can someone tell me what’s a term?

“Seems like you really don’t remember anything other than your name… not only did you not recognise a holographic movie, you don’t even remember that you hate sugarless coffee…” She stared right into my eyes for a good long while, then sighed just as I was about to panic. “Marriage…marriage, huh… Marriage means that you will spend the rest of your entire life with the other party.”

“Oh. Is that so?” I remember her blushing furiously and panicking when she mentioned marriage just now. She even turned away, as if there was something fascinating about that wall. But didn’t she also say that we’ve been together since we were young? And that Aunty Duanmu had been living with us till two years ago when she had to move away for work… So was everything she said true?

An immensely serious question suddenly occurred to me. “If marriage is really about two people living together, and you said that we had been together previously, doesn’t that mean that we are already married?”

“Mamama…rrriied? She then kyaa~ed and covered her blushing face with both hands for a moment before burying herself in her chest. Then in a voice that I couldn’t tell was happy or shy said, “if it’s marriage, it has to be officially registered… we haven’t done that yet…”

“Oh. So we have to register.” While I didn’t understand what that word meant, I could roughly guess what she meant. Honestly, this girl is just so strange. I can tell that she isn’t telling the entire truth. Despite having no memories, the first person I met so happened to be a beautiful girl who was supposed to be my childhood friend as well? That just seemed strange.

But she does seem rather sure about what she is saying, not at all like someone who is lying. Having realised that, I began to trust her words a little more. Besides, I had nothing worth scamming for, and wasn’t it good enough that someone was willing to take me in?



As if she had just realised something herself, Duanmu Bitong slowly stood up then gently leaned over until her adorable face was just centimeters away from me. The signature smell of a teenage girl immediately assaulted my senses. Realising that this situation wasn’t good, I instinctively tried to back away but was immediately caught by both her hands. My strength was definitely above hers, but I didn’t want to harm her either, so I let her hold me down in the end.

That meant that I was still dangerously close to her right now, and that made my heart very nervous. So nervous that I just wanted to escape, yet at the same time, didn’t want to. This contradiction held me still for a while until I finally decided that I wanted to be free after all. With resolve in my heart, I started to speak up. Unfortunately, that resolve left as quickly as it came. “You… what are you trying to do?”

“Ke!” She excitedly exclaimed. “Let’s register our marriage!”


My jaw fell wide open: where the heck did that come from? I swear, I can’t keep up with the speed of her mind!!

Seeing the disbelief in my eyes, Duanmu Bitong immediately pressed the issue. “Marriage, Ke, marriage. Didn’t we already have an engagement when we were young?”

“We did?” asked an amnesiac and unsure me.

“Definitely. Even though it was just an oral agreement, I definitely remember it happening! I will never forget it!”


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“Ke, are you trying to renege on this promise?” Having said that, her smile suddenly turned a little creepy, and that strange black aura seemed to be leaking out of her once more. Somehow, it felt like her current self was just about ready to pull out a knife and cut me into pieces….

I immediately shuddered at that thought. I quickly tried to back away, but the chair I was sitting on had a back rest. And with both of my arms caught, I really had nowhere to go… Terrifying… this girl is just too terrifying… Mama… save me…



An awkward silence descended upon us. Finally, after a mere minute had passed, a minute which felt more like years to me, she said, “fine. I understand now.”

The sparkle in her eyes began to slowly fade away, only to be replaced by a darkness that was blacker than a moonless night -even though her eyes were clearly still jade-green!

Having said that, she decisively let go of my arms then left the room by herself without saying a word. Should I leave while she’s gone? But I still don’t have any memories… In the end, I chose to stay.

Not long after that, Duanmu Bitong came back with a knife in hand…

“You forced me to do this, Ke… I have no choice… we loved each other so much… but in just a year and a half… Ke has already forgotten about me… that’s just unacceptable… Ke…”

Still spouting off that senseless string of words, she began walking towards me like a soulless puppet. Step by step, she came menacingly closer to me. Even though those feet of her were clearly stepping on solid ground, it felt like it was my heart that was being stepped on right now. At the end of the day, losing one’s memory didn’t mean losing one’s sense of danger. That was a sense innate to every living being… that’s a fecking knife she has, geez! The kind that can kill a person!

“Hey… that’s really dangerous…don’t come any closer…” I stammered, clearly thrown off by this sudden but dangerous turn of events. With no time to think of a better option, I tried to persuade her to no avail. She kept coming closer, and that knife just kept glittering ever brighter with each step.

Completely bathed in black aura now, Duanmu Bitong coldly pointed that knife at me, then in a chillingly bland voice, said, “But Ke and I have an agreement: we are getting married once we grow up. Mr. Pointy doesn’t like people who lie~~~”

I thought they just had their plants for hire?!

Hold on… what the heck am I even doing?!! I should be running away right now!

Fishcakes. I can’t… There’s a wall behind me and I’m surrounded by furniture. Then there’s that girl in front of me who wants to express her love for me with a knife… how did she even become so scary all of a sudden…I bet even if I still had memories, I would’ve chosen to run away anyway!

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