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Chapter 531: Descent

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Planet Gaia: Republic of St. Loyau. Southern district, city of Phoenix, 15:31 in the afternoon.

A sky that was sunny just moments ago suddenly turned black as night. A frightening power enveloped the entire planet as a black vortex poured downwards from the sky, its tail floating above like a reversed funnel.

From within the black vortex, a gigantic statue descended. It was beyond battered, lacking limbs, wings and even half of its head. As its black, stony body fell down, countless fragments rained down upon the earth. Judging by its velocity and mass, its impact would most likely rival that of an asteroid hitting the planet. At that point, the statue would be lucky if even a piece of it was still recognisable. Yet a moment later… it vanished. In its place was a purple-haired young girl, wearing a red gemstone that rested comfortably on her decidedly flat chest… though with that flatness, it was debatable if she was actually a girl…

Having been thrown abruptly into a different world, the Devil King Idol found itself… significantly lighter upon travelling through the unstable dimensional gate. Thankfully, its sturdy construct meant that Ferti’nier was still able to reach this new world, albeit barely. Naturally, it wouldn’t survive a crash landing. Thus, she unsummoned the golem, and slowly descended with the help of her wings.

At the same time, but in a different, more picturesque mountainscape, another girl, dressed in a short skirt and long socks, sporting a head of long, green hair, watched the descending Ferti’nier from her mountaintop, eyes wide in shock.

“Is that a human? Or a monster? Don’t tell me those genetic experiments actually worked? It can’t be… those were already abandoned… so aliens?” The girl muttered to herself, head a right mess of questions.

Because of the giant vortex above, the entire world had fallen into darkness. The electronic implant on the back of her hand suddenly chose this time to stop working as well… For the inhabitants of this planet, this sudden period of darkness had to be their most vulnerable time yet -all their technological tools had gone offline…

“The mana in this world is strange… I can’t absorb it at all… No… It is possible to absorb it, it’s just not a good idea long term…” Amidst her gentle descent to the earth, Ferti’nier took the opportunity to scout out this foreign world. Her first thought was to try and replenish herself with this world’s mana, but soon found that the mana itself, while still absorbable, was harmful in large quantities, and this was only possible because Mo Ke’s body was powerful enough to allow absorption in the first place.

Not only was the mana in this world different, Ferti’nier quickly realised that there was no one in this world with divinity. The laws of this world were stable, but there were no administrators in sight.

Divinity was originally derived from the origin angels created by the Creator to govern a world. Yet the Creator did not leave behind any such being before departing from this new world. The mana in this world wasn’t, in the strictest sense, mana either. It was something known as spiritual energy. This was intentional on the part of the Creator; he wanted the two worlds to be distinct from each other, and develop differently as a result.

Gaia did not have an evolution system like the Western Human Realms. One did not train to gain new abilities, instead, this was a world of science. Thanks to the different laws of this world, this world was a lot more advanced than the Western Human Realms.

Even so, the humans of this new world hadn’t yet been able to crack the mystery of cloning, or anything related to genetics, for that matter.

To Ferti’nier, this unusual path was an aberration -in all fairness, her world would have seemed like an aberration to the humans of this world as well.

In spite of that view however, there was one thing this world had that the other could not compare with: this world had no divinities yet. Ferti’nier, at her prime, was at the peak of what a devil king could achieve. The only reason she wasn’t able to cross that final step into the Deity tier was because she couldn’t achieve divinity. It wasn’t that she was lacking… she was hampered…

But there were no divinities in this world, that meant she had all the time to slowly comprehend the laws of this world, accumulate power, then achieve divinity!

However, such research required an inordinate amount of time, and this body was already protesting against her control. She needed somewhere to recuperate, and quick. With that in mind, she turned to the confused girl on that mountain top.

Sensing Ferti’nier’s gaze upon her, and that sinister smile on her lips, the green-haired girl panicked. She wanted to hide, but there really weren’t many options when the other party could fly. Furthermore, the language she spoke was completely foreign to Ferti’nier, even with her impressive repertoire of languages. In other words, they couldn’t communicate with each other.

“An unknown language, a strange form of mana, and a world with no divinity… Intriguing…” Ferti’nier appeared before the girl in a flash. She reached out and tapped the girl on her forehead before she could even react. The girl’s eyes immediately darkened while her body stood there woodenly like a puppet ready to be manipulated.

Through her arcane arts, Ferti’nier quickly learnt all that the girl knew, including the language of this world and a variety of useful information.

“Science, huh? Another intriguing subject there… Not magic, but still recognised by this world all the same… Duanmu Bitong… Last name: Duanmu… Even the names are different in this world… A genius hacker? So she’s good with an axe?” Ferti’nier eyed the girl from top to toe. Her skin was white as a baby’s, and probably just as soft – she’s supposed to have been a proficient axe wielder? Maybe a butcher?

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Thankfully, her off-mark guesses did not have to go on for long as she soon found out that a hacker was basically a miscreant on the internet… which then brought up the question of what was an ‘internet’?

Burdened with a million questions like a child, she voraciously absorbed whatever knowledge she could.

Ten minutes later, she had gone through the entirety of the girl’s memories. She had a rough understanding of the world, and Mo Ke’s body had stepped up its resistance once more. There was no mana in this world. There was spiritual energy instead. Spiritual energy was a form of energy unique to this world. To humans, this energy contained significant side effects. Should Ferti’nier try to absorb this energy, the body of Mo Ke would reject her even further.

She now had a difficult situation to handle. On one hand, she needed a lot of time to research the laws of this world. On the other, this body was about to kick her out. Yet Mo Ke was still hiding out in the depths of his soul. Should she just leave the body be, it would end up in a vegetative state.

With no other choice, Ferti’nier chose a decidedly inefficient plan.

Her smile broadened. She first started by altering Duanmu Bitong’s memories, then she dove straight into the abyss of Mo Ke’s soul and wrenched him out of it. Unfortunately, he was still a mess, and no matter what she said, nothing seemed to work. She peered into his soul, and found that he was still reliving that same moment when Nicole stabbed him, over and over again. He still had that bitter smile on his lips… Oh, how she wanted to tease him a million times over!

Such an unfortunate child, but he should really learn to be considerate of his big sis!

Seeing him unable to pull himself out of his miserable state, Ferti’nier finally lost her cool. She forcefully took him… in a non-suggestive manner… and sealed his memories away. Along with that, she sealed up his abilities so that he could pass off as an ordinary human. Having done all that, she was considerate enough to impart his amnesiac soul some knowledge of the world… though that was only limited to the language.

Just like that, Mo Ke was born with nothing but the words he couldn’t explain how he knew… Or it would have been… had Ferti’nier not given him a pee pee as well…

That’s right… the fabled pee pee. Mo Ke had once asked Ferti’nier how he may obtain such a legendary artifact. Her answer then was that she had to first leave his body, after which he had to evolve one more time… That answer wasn’t false, it just wasn’t the only solution.

There was an even quicker method. If Ferti’nier was willing to, she could have just given him back his male body. In other words, this was all her fault! Why? Because she found his ambiguous gender rather amusing…

Yet even though Ferti’nier finally found it in her heart of hearts to give him back his pee pee, she wasn’t actually a male to begin with. She had no experience with another male, and certainly did not know how it actually functioned as well. She had merely seen it before… and that was why her finished work was rather… small…

It’s not like he actually said he wanted his pee pee to be fully functional, right?!

With her mission complete, she was now able to retire into the shadows, her great work never to be known to the world.

A couple of minutes later, Duanmu Bitong woke up from her coma, and found a purple-haired girl, or perhaps it was a boy, lying beside her… He seems rather familiar… she thought to herself. Wait. Isn’t that my long-lost childhood friend and younger brother?! This is great news!

Ever since Mo Ke went missing, Bitong had never stopped looking for him. Who would have thought that they would end up being reunited here. Duanmu Bitong tightly hugged the comatose boy before checking his state. Unfortunately, the electronic implant on her hand was still offline…

Seems like I will have to wait for that strange phenomena in the sky to disappear before I can check his health, and call for a hover car. While Mo Ke might not be very heavy, she wasn’t exactly an axe-wielding warrior either.

Still gently hugging him, she bent down and took a sniff of that nostalgic scent, her heart filled with elation at having found him once more. From that moment on, she swore that she would never leave him again…

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