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Chapter 484: Night Battle

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

The Werewolves and the Vampires have been enemies for generations. It all started with the ancestor of the Vampires, who in a bid to find protection for his sunlight-vulnerable offspring, seduced the first Werewolf.

Average Werewolves have a fatal weakness to their strength, and that was they couldn’t transform during the day like the Elite Werewolves. They could only do so in the light of the moon, meaning they were just as weak as an ordinary person during the day.

Some Werewolves ended up succumbing to the wiles of the Vampires in order to conquer this weakness. These Werewolves were now Blood Ghouls, blessed with the ability to transform at will thanks to the secret arts passed down by the first Vampire. Upon swearing allegiance to the Vampires, these Werewolves were no longer called Werewolves, instead they called themselves Lycans.

From [I am the Greatest Demon Hunter] (Number One Bestselling Novel of the Western Human Realms)

“Guard duty?” Zurnalin shook her head. “Lack of sleep is a woman’s number one mortal enemy. Something like guard duty should be left to Reyage instead.” Zurnalin explained with such conviction that I nearly believed her for a second.

“Master…” Jezsere said as she scratched her head. “Isn’t the Vampire still at loose? Is it really all right for us to be sleeping like this?”

“Why not? The warning has already been set up and Reyage is out patrolling as well. If there’s any problem, he should be able to hold the line for a while.” I waved my hand as I said that, telling her not to worry too much. “Besides, even the Vampire has days where it wants to just laze around.”

“But big brother…”

“It’s fine, he’s your big brother, isn’t he? He should get more practise too, if he wishes to protect you.” I briskly brushed off her concern with another wave of my hand.

It was at that point that Zurnalin brazenly tossed her pillow onto the bed and said, “And that’s why I should sleep together with your holiness as well.”

However, the bed we were sleeping was rather old. Had it just been me and Jezsere, it would have still been enough. But the moment Zurnalin tried to climb onboard, it started to sway and give out a decidedly worrying creak… crap…

“Ahh… there’s nothing more comfortable than being with your holiness!” Zurnalin leaned over and hugged me like how you hug a bolster. In fact, this shameless woman was even lightly rubbing against me with her face. “Your holiness is so fragrant as well… I almost want to take a bite…”

“Mhm, mhm. Master’s fragrance is the best, Jezsere likes it too!” Jezsere happily chimed in, not at all bothered by her actions.

“Jezsere is such a good girl. In that case, it’s decided then. The three of us will sleep together tonight.” Zurnalin boldly made the decision for all.

“But Sister Regine hasn’t returned yet…”

“Regine?” Zurnalin suddenly recalled that such a girl actually existed. “You mean that gloomy brat?”

“That’s right. Sister Regine said she was going to take a shower, but it has already been over an hour.” Jezsere adorably put a finger to her lip while thinking to her. “Shouldn’t she be back by now?”

“Who cares if she’s back or not. The bed’s only this big, there’s no room for her even if she makes it back now.” Having said that, she wrapped her legs around my waist. “Your holiness, let’s have a pleasant time tonight.”

“Absolutely not!” was what I had wanted to say, had it not been for the fact that Regine had already yelled that for me.

Dressed in a white pyjamas, Regine rushed in through the door, hair still dripping from the shower. She swiftly grabbed hold of Zurnalin and tried to drag her off the bed. “That is my spot!”

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“Hah. Just because you say it’s yours, doesn’t make it so. I don’t see your name on it!” Zurnalin slapped aside Regine’s arms then sneered at the girl. “If you say it’s yours, why don’t you try calling out to it then? See if it responds.” Zurnalin gave the bed a quick pat at that point.

Shameless! As if a bed could talk.

Regine had always been a girl of action; if it could be solved with force, one could be sure that she would. At the same time that Zurnalin threw out that downright shameless argument, she was already guarding against Regine. Sure enough, a fist came flying towards her, which she blocked with a hasty guard. She frowned and said, “Damn brat, you actually dare to attack, I think it’s high time someone teaches you a lesson…”


Suddenly, an explosion interrupted their confrontation. Our eyes were immediately drawn towards the windows. From the bed, we could only see that, roughly a kilometer away or so, a battle of some sort was taking place.

“I’m afraid our Vampire is here.” Zurnalin promptly leaped off the bed and ran towards the window to have a closer look. “That attack shouldn’t be Reyage’s. He’s an Assassin so his tactics are rarely so flashy. If it’s not the Vampire, it should be those two humans your holiness is concerned about.”


Blast! I should have thought of it sooner. As a Demon Hunter, Nicole’s number one priority should be slaying that Vampire. Even if I have already told her that someone’s out patrolling tonight, I forgot that I have yet to tell her who I am. There’s no way she would ever trust the word of a stranger she just met… in other words, that boom must have been from her!

“Zurnalin, Jezsere, stay behind. I’ll go have a look with Regine.”

Without waiting for Zurnalin or Jezsere to object, I immediately jumped out of the window. Regine had put on her equipment at breakneck speeds as well, having fully suited up and jumped out at roughly the same time as I did.

“Snort~~” It was then that Mo Ning trotted up to us from her stables and signalled for us to hop on. Without wasting any further words, I climbed onto her back and helped Regine up as well. Before leaving, I looked towards the window and yelled, “look after Jezsere for me”, then rode off with Mo Ning.

As a Nightmare Steed, Mo Ning’s eyesight at night was only going to be better, not worse. As she galloped along the deserted roads of the village, the sounds of metal clashing and explosions kept bombarding us. Based on that, there should at least be ten people fighting right now.

By all accounts, there should only be one Vampire terrorizing the village, but there were also the Vampire’s Blood Ghouls to contend with…

Mo Ning’s speed could only be compared to a bolt of lightning. In barely any time at all, she had brought us to the scene of the battle.

Nicole, Neneth and Reyage were currently surrounded by ten assailants, some Werewolves and some normal Humans. Not only that, there was a youth, dressed in an extravagant-looking robe that was black on the outside and red on the inside. As he smiled mockingly in their direction, there were no traces of blood to be seen on his pale face, not even in his red eyes. From time to time, he would lick his lips, as if he was looking at a feast in the making.

“Master, that Werewolf serving at the side of that Vampire is no ordinary Werewolf. It’s one of their favourite types of Blood Ghouls, a Lycan.” Regine leaned in and whispered in my ears. “They are stronger than their normal counterparts and can transform at will thanks to the secret arts of the Vampires.”

“Lycan?” I coldly harrumphed. “Nothing but mongrels who have abandoned their clans for power. As if just changing their names will change their fates…”

Perhaps it was because of Shadowfang resting inside my Shadow Demon, but I couldn’t help feeling a little turned off by the idea of a Werewolf betraying his clan for power.

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“It’s time to fight, I want those Blood Ghouls taken care of first.” Because Nicole and Neneth were present, I couldn’t command the Dark Elves to strike. In that case, I could only handle this myself. “By my name, burn! O emissary of flame!”

In the shortest time possible, I had summoned three Five-star Fire Elementals to join in the fight. I could have just summoned a Seven-star variant, but I did not want to reveal too much of my power in front of Nicole. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that I was supposedly chased about by a bunch of bandits. If I were to suddenly summon three Seven-stars right now… that cover story would have seemed really suspicious.

“Master, I’ll be off then.”

“Be careful. Your safety takes priority.”


Regine jumped off Mo Ning’s back, and in an instant, blended completely into the darkness. At the same time as the darkness wrapped around her, her scent and aura vanished in an instant. If anyone were to look in her direction right now, no one would be able to notice her presence.

The battle was only heating up by the second. Nicole’s style of fighting was brutal but efficient. Wielding her weapon that seemed both like a sword and a blade, she rarely acted, but when she did, her opponents would be left with a myriad of cuts.

Beneath her, there was already a fallen Lycan and a Human warrior lying motionlessly on the ground. Even so, there were still a number of opponents to contend with. As of right now, there were three Lycans surrounding her. Their attacks were cautious; in all likelihood, they wanted to wear her out in a prolonged fight.

Neneth was fighting against a pair of Lycans at the same time as Nicole. Unlike Nicole, her style was more brash, swinging her door-sized blade wildly in a dance. Anyone who dared approach her would be smacked aside mercilessly.

On the surface, Neneth seemed to be at the level of a Four-star, but based on her style, I wouldn’t be surprised if her destructive power was that of a Five-star’s.

Wherever the door-sized blade struck, an explosion would resound across the battlefield, leaving a gaping hole in the ground soon after… seems like I’ve found the source of those explosions…

Out of everyone present, Reyage’s job was probably the easiest. He only had to deal with five Humans and two Lycans. Even though he had more opponents to deal with, he was the most experienced present. An assassin might not have specialised in group battles, but his ability to use magic and martial arts meant that he easily suppressed his opponents.


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