55 Come Out, Come Out

The mansion of Viscount Cunningham was quite spectacular.

It was a two-story-high brick building with a pond in the garden.

Of course, there were guards stationed around the gate, but they immediately let the group pass the moment Roshe said 「Baroness Silverlight came to visit Viscount Cunningham」.

「Iris. Is the source of magical power really here?」

Roshe asked as they walked through the garden.

「There is no mistake. I can feel it even stronger here」

「Why does magical power flows from the mansion? Is the viscount a magician?」

「No, just a mediocre person that inherited the title. There is nothing magical about him. That being said…..I still can’t feel any magical power flowing Muriel’s direction」

「This Mistress doesn’t know either」

Roshe and Muriel observed the mansion with questioning eyes.

「Mm. I can easily feel it though」

『Why can’t you feel?』Eclipse wondered.

No one besides Eclipse and Iris could feel anything.

Forget about Punigami and Sheryl, even members familiar with magic like Marion, Jessica, and Katie couldn’t feel a thing.


「Charge inside? No, our opponent is a viscount. He is higher than a baron. Let’s follow the proper etiquette」

「Indeed. Let’s follow the etiquette and knock…….come out, come out!」

With a yell, Muriel pounded the door.

Did she come to pick a fight?

Her manners might be a little off the mark.

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A white-bearded man appeared from the mansion. About fifty years old, he boasted a magnificent beard.

He had an air of arrogance to him. He looked much closer to the image of nobility than Sheryl.

Recognizing this person as an actual Viscount, Iris hid behind Punigami.

「It’s been a while, Viscount. I’ve brought visitors」

「Oh…..Isn’t it Roshe-sama. You could’ve just said if you were coming…..」

He was about to throw a tantrum but his posture immediately deflated when he saw Roshe.

「I know it’s sudden. This blonde girl is Baroness Silverlight. This is Muriel the Guardian Deity」

「Pleasure to meet you, Viscount-dono. I’m Sheryl Silverlight」

「This Mistress is Muriel. This Mistress has been a Guardian Deity well before Roshe became one」

「My my. I’ve heard about the recent revitalization of Silverlight Barony……but I had no idea such a beautiful lady was its lord. I’ve also heard Muriel-sama went into hiding about two hundred years ago」

「This Mistress has been revived recently」

「Revived, is it? I don’t quite understand but you have my congratulations」

「Umu. This Mistress shall accept your sentiment. Be that as it may…..the culprit behind This Mistress’ sealing is located in this city」

「Culprit, huh」

The viscount’s cheek twitched.

Is it a coincidence? Or a subconscious response?

「Well, that’s rather disturbing, How come the criminal is in my city?」

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「Umu, about that. You should ask this inquisitor」

「An inquisitor?! From the Great Temple of Divine Will?!」

Iris didn’t even bat an eye, but, as expected, the Great Temple of Divine Will had quite the reputation.

Hearing its name, the viscount stood there trembling.

「Correct. This glasses girl, Katie, is the inquisitor in question. She came to question Iris on the matter of evil gods while This Mistress was absent…….things happened and she decided to investigate This Mistress’ case. Right, Katie?」

「Ah, hello! I’ve checked with our archives. I’ve learned that the Cunningham Viscounty had its apple sales reduced because of the Silverlight Barony. However, Muriel-sama suddenly lost her power in a mysterious manner, the Silverlight Barony became a no man’s land, and the Cunningham Viscounty occupied the apple market once again」

「I see. Such an event has indeed happened. Although I wasn’t even born at that time, my ancestors must be relieved. Is that all? My ancestors must’ve been glad at Muriel-sama’s sudden plight but is that a sin?」

The viscount laughed as he approached Katie.

The inquisitor’s reasoning turned out to be much less substantial than he expected, which allowed him to act tough.

「N-No….I mean, yes. That’s the only thing I’ve managed to uncover. That’s the reason behind my suspicions but there is no proof」

「Is that so? You came all the way here without any proof?」

「No, apparently that’s not all there is to it, Viscount」

Roshe entered the conversation.

「You did hear the recent rumors about the Silverlight Barony, right? About the grassland, forest, and lake appearing out of nowhere. Iris was the goddess who did all of that. Iris and her sister, Eclipse, discovered a suspicious flow of magical power from Muriel. The source of said magical power appears to be in this mansion」

「Roshe-sama…..are you suspecting me….?」

「I don’t want to suspect you. However, Iris is a goddess capable of feats I mentioned before. To put it bluntly, we aren’t even in the same league. I can’t just ignore a goddess of such a caliber. Well, if you don’t have a guilty conscience how about we search around?」

「…..Roshe-sama. You might be a Guardian Deity, but even you don’t have the right to force people like that!」

「Yep. Consider it a request」

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「I refuse!」

The viscount screamed as he shut the door.

「…..His behavior is a bit too shady, don’t you think?」

Said Jessica in exasperation.

「What are we going to do now? This is the place, right?」

Marion said.

「That’s the place~」

「Eclipse and I sensed it coming from here, but it doesn’t appear to be a sufficient proof」

「We were so close. We have to do something」

「Let’s barge inside with force!」

Katie said something dangerous as she fixed her glasses.

「I don’t mind」

Roshe didn’t seem to mind it either.

「Even if Roshe-sama doesn’t mind, if a baroness like me suddenly invades a viscount’s mansion, that might escalate very quickly. I really want for him to confess on his own volition」

Sheryl being Sheryl sometimes says something reasonable, today is such a day.

Being in a lord’s position, her brain cells tend to activate in a moment of need.

Everyone fell deep into thought as they listened to Sheryl.


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Seeing Punigami thinking, Iris chose to follow his example.

And then there was a flash.

「This might be a bit too forceful but it’s still better than charging inside. Lend me your ears…..」

Whisper whisper.

「Eh. Isn’t it just a display of force in the end? Was there a need to be so secretive about it?」

Said Marion in discontent.

「Ara, isn’t it fine? I don’t hate this approach」

「Everything is fun to you, Mother……but that’s fine. I don’t want to watch from the sidelines at a time like this」

「Count me in. This viscount doesn’t show his face in the church too often. I was thinking about tightening up his leash for a while」

Roshe seemed to derive some fun from the situation.

「Iris is scary~」

「As expected of my Guardian Deity!」

「This might not work, but everything goes at this point. Let’s see it’s done」


「That works, I guess」Punigami also gave his seal of approval.

Commence the operation.

Although it wasn’t nearly as intelligent to be called that way.


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