36 Everyone is Welcome Except Villains

「Even though Muriel-sama is currently like this, you were a proper Guardian Deity-sama two hundred years ago, right?」

Sheryl casually asked.

「Indeed. This Mistress was born three hundred years ago and performed as a splendid Guardian Deity of this land for the next hundred years. By the way, I’ll appreciate if you won’t say something like『currently like this』again」

「Then why did you suddenly lose your divine powers?」

「No clue. This Mistress felt everyone’s faith…….but it wasn’t converted into divine power……as the Guardian Deity I’ve failed to protect this land, pathetic….」

Having remembered those days, Muriel burst into crying again.

Seeing this, Eclipse patted her.

「How mysterious. The matter of Muriel-sama losing her power two hundred years ago needs to be investigated eventually. However, Muriel-sama defended this land for hundred years, be proud of yourself. Here, an offering」

Sheryl took out chocolate from her pocket and handed it to Muriel.

「Mogumogu……….delicious. Sheryl is a good fellow. As long as it’s something This Mistress can do, she’ll fulfill one wish of yours」

「Is that true? Then don’t mind if I do……..our lake is beautiful and there are no problems with water, but there’s no fish. Many villagers want to eat some fish, please do something」

「Umumu……this wish exceeds This Mistress’ power…..」

「Of course, doing it after Muriel-sama’s power comes back will do」

「I see, understood. This Mistress has to get my powers back as soon as possible. As of now, this Mistress is powerless……This Mistress can only contribute to the village by picking up garbage」

「No, no. I can’t let a Goddess do such a thing. Muriel-sama should just stay in the church. It’s important to have the Goddess in the church after all」

「B-But isn’t there Iris and Eclipse already…..」

Said Muriel in a low voice.

Apparently, her previous self-confidence was a front while she’s deeply concerned about her own powerlessness.

Seeing her like this, one would want to cheer her up a little.

「Eclipse and I somehow ended up worshipped but we are actually demons. I think we do need a real goddess after all」

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「Right. Muriel is needed」

「I-I see……there is no true goddess here besides This Mistress. Gufufu, confidence is welling up inside of me! 」

Muriel grinned widely.

She looked quite depressed previously, but it didn’t take long for her to regain her vigor.

Having such a robust mentality is terrifyingly good.

「For now, let’s introduce Muriel to the villagers. Come on, come on, let’s go」

「Very well」

Sheryl took Muriel down the hill.

Eclipse tailed behind them.

Punigami and Marion wanted to follow too, but since Iris won’t move away from the church, they came back halfway.

「Hey, are you not going?」


「But, you know. I don’t want to appear before people………..go without me. I’ll watch from here…..」

「Haa…..what a disappointing personality. A good fit for Muriel」


「H-Hey, you two, aren’t you going overboard?!」

「Not at all. Well, your shut-in tendencies are well-known……….It’s pitiful to leave you here alone, so I shall accompany you」

「T-Thanks, Marion…..If you want to stay, you’re always welcome……..」

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Iris felt her face getting hot as she said that.

The recipient, Marion, somewhat blushed too.

Strangely shy.


「When did you become so close?」Said Punigami.

「W-We aren’t that close! It’s normal, totally normal!」


Making somewhat unconvinced Punigami their chair, Marion and Iris gazed down the hill.

Sheryl gathered the villagers to introduce Muriel.

Although currently powerless, she is the goddess of the times long past, she might get her powers back eventually, so let’s have faith in her…….her introduction was all over the place.

Apparently, the villagers thought the more deities the better and cheered loudly.

Muriel rejoiced at being the center of attention after more than hundred years. 「Wai, wai」she spun around overjoyed.

Marion’s mother, Jessica watched Muriel with a smile from the side.

「Ah, Mother seems to like Muriel a lot」

「If Jessica-san says something like taking Muriel as her daughter」

「M-Mother only has me as the daughter!」

Marion took seriously, as she latched onto Iris’ shoulder and rocked it with full force.

「Wa, wa, restrain your draconic powers a little. You’ll tear my pajamas. It was obviously a joke」

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「R-Right….that’s right! Mou, don’t say such weird things, Iris」

「Sorry, sorry」

She apologized, though she actually thought if it’s Jessica-san she might actually say something along those lines.

But putting it into words would make Marion rampage again, so silence was essential.

After a while, Muriel together with Eclipse and the village’s kids begun playing hide-and-seek and tags.

Then, the Lord, Her Excellency Baroness Sheryl Silverlight, joined them in making a commotion. What a carefree noble.

After a while, Muriel came back to the top of the hill.

Jessica, Eclipse, and Sheryl followed right behind her.

「People are as nice as before. It was fun」

「Muriel is fast on her legs. Did you suddenly get better?」

「Umu, that might be so. It’s definitely due to everyone’s acceptance!」

「Wai, Muriel became better. Banzai」


Muriel and Eclipse seemed to get along very well.

Sheryl and Jessica gazed at the two with a nonchalant smile.

「The number of cuties increased again. I want to bring her back and adopt her~」

「What are you saying, Mother?! You can’t do that!」

「Fufu, just kidding」

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Marion patted her chest.

However, there was suspicious luster in Jessica’s eyes.

Perhaps she didn’t give up on making Muriel her daughter after all.

Or more like, there might be a notion to make everyone present her daughters.

Well, Iris liked Jessica, so she didn’t mind being treated like a daughter.

One way or another, Muriel successfully blended with the villagers.

This village had high weirdo affinity in the first place.

Everyone is welcome except villains.


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