35 Rock Paper Scissors!

「Haha, so you’ve materialized relying on Iris’s magical power. And you are arguing over who is a greater Guardian Deity」

「Indeed. I’m glad you are this perceptive」

Muriel nodded in satisfaction.

Then Marion put her hand on her chin as she flexed her brains a little.

Soon enough she opened her mouth to bring everyone’s attention to a fundamental point.

「Before deciding who is greater……..isn’t Muriel incapable of materializing without Iris present? Doesn’t this make the whole argument pointless?」


Something white came out of Muriel’s mouth.

In the next moment, she powerlessly collapsed on Punigami.

「I-It’s bad! She doesn’t breathe! Furthermore, she gradually turns transparent!」

Sheryl raised a flustered scream.

「W-Will returning that thing do!?」

Iris grabbed the white stuff and forcefully stuffed Muriel’s mouth with it.

Her breathing came back as she immediately revived.

Apparently, that white blob was Iris’s magical power she shared let out a while ago.

「I’ve witnessed a flower garden there for a moment…..」

「Emm……is this my fault…..?」

Marion cautiously asked.

「It’s not really your fault…Muriel just seems to be physically and mentally weak, please be careful in the future」

「What kind of animal is she…….」

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「Discard your fears! This Mistress won’t die so easily. Just now was a feeble attempt to face reality, nothing more!」

「No, face it properly. Is this how the Guardian Deity should conduct herself?」


「I-It’s bad!」

This time it was Marion who shoved that white thing down her throat.

「I’ve seen the garden once again」

「Please postpone your departure to the flowery garden………it obstructs the flow of the conversation」

「I apologize. I’ll try to hold back next time」

Muriel nodded full of self-confidence.

Radiating so much confidence after everything that happened requires some serious mental fortitude.

The true Guardian Deity is indeed impressive, Iris thought to herself.

「Well then, Muriel. Is it okay to count myself as a winner?」

「No, wait. This Mistress might be incapable of materializing without your magical power…..but a match is different! Let’s compare our contributions to the village!」

「Even if you say that……..how does one measure contribution?」

「Let’s ask the villagers who they see as a better Guardian Deity」

「Haa…..then let’s try asking the Lord, Sheryl, first」

「Me? Let’s see……first thing first Iris-sama is amazing. She turned this wilderness green, revived the underground river and even made a lake! Thanks to that we had a great harvest of potatoes this year! Above all else, she is cuter than anything!」

Said Sheryl with pride as if she did everything herself.

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Iris, who listened by the side, slightly blushed.

「What about this Mistress?」

「Eh, about Muriel-sama……? Well, you know…..」

「There should be something! I’ve worked incredibly hard, you know!? 」

「My apologies……My Silverlight family gave up on this land almost two hundred years ago…….there are almost to record left about those times, I know absolutely nothing about Muriel-sama」

「Horrible……. then what about current Mistress?」

「The current Muriel-sama….emm, weak at arm-wrestling, faints at every little thing, and has overflowing self-confidence despite the previous points…………..」


Muriel furiously swung her hands.

「Emm, wait for a bit. I’ll try to come up with something positive……..ah, yes! You are stunningly beautiful! From this perspective, you can absolutely compete with Iris-sama!」

「I see! This Mistress is indeed a beauty! What else!?」

「More…….emm, my powers are inadequate to come up with something else…….」

Powerlessly muttered Sheryl.

「Impossible……then let’s hear This Mistress’ good points from a perspective of a dragon. Different species would definitely discover something」

「Eh? Don’t ask me such difficult questions please」


Hearing Marion’s merciless reply, she was about to spat out the white blob again.

At the last moment, she covered her mouth with her hands forcibly swallowing it down.

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「Fuu……..barely avoided a lethal strike」


「Maybe you should give up already?」said Punigami, who became Muriel’s chair since a while ago.

Unfortunately, only Iris could understand his words. so Muriel remained ignorant.

「Then how about a demon, Eclipse…….? Praise This Mistress ever so slightly please…….」

The original goal of comparing merits vanished into thin air replaced with a desire to ease her own mental wounds.

「Let’s see. I won’t get bored watching Muriel. It’s fun. Stay here forever」

As expected of Eclipse.

She praised Muriel with a smile.

She transmitted her true feelings without resorting to flattery.

Although unrelated, Iris had a hard time forgetting that smile of hers.

「Ooh……Eclipse is a good child…….in other words it’s This Mistress’ victory?」

「Emm…..I think Big Sister Iris would make a better Guardian Deity though…..?」

Knowing there was no trace of insincerity, Muriel received an overwhelming amount of damage.


The white blob accelerated to unseen before speed as it pierced through stained glass and flew into the sky.

Iris grew black wings, soared into the sky, grabbed the thing mid-flight, returned to the church, and stuffed it back in Muriel’s mouth.

「The most gigantic flower garden I’ve ever seen…….」

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「It would be better not to push yourself. Let’s say you’ve won, so give me Punigami back」

Feeling tired, Iris decided to hand the victory to Muriel.

Of course, she didn’t plan to give up on Punigami, on this point alone Iris will not yield.

「This Mistress understands. Have Punigami back」

Muriel said in a contented voice as she got down from Punigami.


Punigami came to Iris’ side.

Since that’s the case, might as well sit.

「Here we go」


「Having Iris on top calms me down after all」Punigami pleasantly said.

Iris patted his surface in gratitude.

「Well then. Since this matter is settled, let’s have another match!」

「Eh? It’s okay if you win, though」

「No, This Mistress won’t be convinced by a given victory. This is the last one, This Mistress promises」

「I see……well, if it’s the last one then it’s okay」

「Alright. Let’s do it together……rock paper scissors!」

Unexpectedly, it was rock paper scissors.

Muriel brought out scissors.

Iris saw through her body movements and made paper to lose on purpose.

「Oh, I did it! This Mistress has won! With this, This Mistress became the undisputed number one Guardian Deity of this land, with everyone present as a witness!」

「Wai, congratulations」

Eclipse was the only one to congratulate rejoicing Muriel.

The rest only silently clapped.

Can you really proclaim yourself number one Guardian Deity by winning a game of rock paper scissors?

Is there any meaning in becoming one anyway?

Only Muriel knows the answers.

No, perhaps she doesn’t too.

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