09 A Human Came

「Awawa….danger, what should I do……I didn’t expect to meet a human here…..is there any place without humans in this world!?」

Iris ran into the church, shut the doors, and made a barrier. Not even a dragon would be able to break it. After that, she constantly muttered「what should I do, what should I do」.


「Just talk to her normally? I-I can’t. I became able to buy things….but having an everyday conversation with a human……kind of. An unknown person will definitely talk about unknown things! Noooo, scaryyy! 」

Iris ran around the church in terror.
While she was at it, there was a knock on the door.

「You are here, right? Please open. I’m not a suspicious person. I just want to talk with you! 」

There was a woman’s voice from the outside.
I was definitely the girl, who saw Iris in the lake before.

「Talk with me…….I don’t want to talk with you! 」

「W-Why!? Did I do something to hurt you!?」

It wasn’t that.
Iris just didn’t want to talk with strangers.
However, admitting it would be quite embarrassing.
Maybe like that she would leave on her own.

(That’s right…..let’s make humans fear me as I fear them. In that way, people won’t come here anymore!)

Iris, coming up with a brilliant idea, decided to immediately implement it.
First, she hovered above Punigami to add to her dignity.
Then she released her rainbow-colored magical power to add to her divinity.

(Fufufu……a shining girl in the abandoned church…….Quite a cool situation for someone like me. Everyone will be scared once they see me!)


As Iris revealed a fearless smile, Punigami let out a voice of wonder.
Perhaps the slimes can’t understand what dignity is.

「Human girl. In that case, I shall allow you to stand before me. You can open the door」

She spoke in the lowest voice possible for her and dispelled the barrier.
Then, the girl entered inside.

She was about eighteen years old.
Golden hair cut around the shoulders.
Graceful appearance.
Nice style.
Her skin and clothes were dirty but she was a beauty without a doubt.

This beauty looked at Iris and opened her mouth wide.

「F-Flying…….ma-magic!? It’s a lie, this kid mastered such an advanced skill as flying magic……….」

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Apparently, flying magic was quite an advanced skill.
Iris came to know only now.

「My name is Iris Crisis. The guardian of this land. With the rainbow-colored magical power of mine, I turned this wilderness into the lands of green. Humans aren’t permitted to pollute it with their dirty hands. Go away」

She tried to bluff her way through.
However, it wasn’t a complete lie.
Iris magical power was indeed cause of all the changes. Then it should be all right to introduce herself as the guardian.

That being said, although having a conversation was difficult, it was much easier to give a one-way speech.
She was quite nervous but nothing impossible.

「Because of your magical power this wilderness became green………This, no, but I can’t explain it in any other way…….Who on earth are you……it can’t be, Goddess-sama!?」

The girl stared at Iris and shouted with sparkling eyes.

「Yes, I am the Goddess…….eh? Goddess? 」

After being called the Goddess, Iris suddenly forgot her act and replied in a foolish voice.
After all, she was a daughter of the Great Demon King.
Being the Goddess is having things upside down.

「That’s definitely how it is! This is the Silverlight Barony. You also have silver hair……too much for a coincidence. You must be the Guardian Deity that was revered in this church in the past! I had no idea! Please forgive me for my offence. My Silverlight family has forgotten about you for the last two hundred years」

The girl shed tears, kneeled, and began praying to Iris.
The act of praying in the church was normal in itself but was it okay for Iris to be the target of it? There is no way that was the case.

「Wa, wait……wait a second! Stop! How did I become the Goddess!?」

「Eh, but Iris-sama managed to revive the underground source, isn’t it?」

「That’s right but……」

「And because of Iris-sama’s magical power the grassland spread and the forest appeared, isn’t it?」


「And you were waiting for me in the church!」

「More like preparing for a siege instead of waiting……」

「You are releasing such a beautiful divine rainbow-colored light……that isn’t something belonging to a human! 」

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「Well, I’m not a human……..」

「In other words, Goddess-sama!」

「No, wrong! Completely wrong! 」

「Then what else can you possibly be!?」

The beauty with disheveled blond hair asked in return.
Then let’s provide her with an answer.

「Listen well! I’m the daughter of the Great Demon King! I came here to eradicate the humans like you! I’m scary! So leave this place immediately! If you won’t……I’m going to eat you! 」

Iris tried her best to seem frightening, she spread her arms wide and assumed a pose of「I’ll eat you」.
But the blonde beauty wasn’t scared in the slightest.
On the contrary, she even smiled.

「Iris-sama is being playful, isn’t it~」

「I’m not being playful! Uga! 」

Iris didn’t give up and tried to drive the beauty away.
However, for some reason, the more she tried the more she was liked by the other party.
It was life’s greatest pinch for Iris.


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