Chapter 43 – Reyne’s Battle

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3084 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1869 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Reyne Miren. Even she herself didn’t know where she had run to. To sum up, she had directly run out of the safe area without regard for anything else.

Because of what happened just earlier, Reyne’s entire world had collapsed.

‘No, Kirsten absolutely won’t like a little brat like that. She’ll never get married to that type of little brat. What charisma would such a little brat possibly have? Why can’t I compare to her!?’

Reyne kept thinking such things as she ran off into the distance. Her eyes were filled with rage.

Reyne immediately took out her bow and simultaneously notched three arrows. She then shot the arrows simultaneously and killed multiple ravenous wolves blocking her path.

Reyne then continued to run forward without regard for anything.

All she did was run, run as far away as possible. This way, she could forget about everything related to Kirsten. Or, perhaps she was praying that Kirsten would rush over to save her again, just like six years ago.

As rain was beginning to fall on Reyne’s body, she hid under some tree leaves to avoid the rain. However, it seemed that it wasn’t possible for the tree leaves to help her avoid the rain.

Rain gradually dropped through from between the leaves, which soaked Reyne’s entire body.

“So cold…”

Reyne hugged her legs as she said this. Tears kept forming in her eyes.

“Save me, Kirsten…”

She buried her tear-filled eyes in her hands as tears constantly flowed.

At this moment, the gigantic magma-covered Hell Melgash appeared nearby. Reyne widened her eyes in astonishment when she saw this wolf magical beast. She hid beside the tree and covered her mouth.

The S rank magical beast, Hell Melgash. If you came into close proximity with it with any part of your body, you would become covered in burning flames. Since it was currently raining, the flames it ignited on the nearby leaves were all instantly doused by the cold rainwater.

This type of wolf magical beast would typically be highly sensitive to the scent of humanoid creatures. However, since it was raining, the rain dampened Reyne’s elven scent.

Yet, the Hell Melgash continued to patrol the area. Reyne hid in the forest while her teary eyes kept a tight watch on the magical beast through the trees. The Hell Melgash was blocking the only path for Reyne to return home.

‘It’s all over. With my power, it’s not possible to win against an S rank magical beast.’

Basically, Reyne was completely stuck here.

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“Kirsten… I’m begging you, hurry and come save me…”

The ice-cold rainwater helped her to recall memories from six years ago.

Back then, she had angrily run out of the safe district because of an argument with her family. She ran all the way to an S rank magical beast’s territory. That S rank magical beast kept blocking the entrance of a cave, which meant she couldn’t leave the cave.

At that time, Kirsten Raphael appeared like a cool hero. Kirsten barely managed to win in the end against the S rank Swordtooth Tiger. However, Kirsten also received a severe injury on her back.

Reyne was only 11 years old at the time and had no idea what to do. She didn’t know how she could help the big sister who had defeated the S rank magical beast.

Thus, she could only sit there and cry.

Her crying attracted many guards who were sent by her father to search for her. The guards then also brought Kirsten, who had collapsed in a pool of her own blood, back to the village.

Reyne ended up joining the hunters because of her idolization of Kirsten.

Although Reyne was also a hunter, she wasn’t capable at all of achieving what Kirsten could.

Kirsten left the safe district early every day just for the sake of going out a little earlier. She would take responsibility for eliminating any dangerous magical beasts that she found. Kirsten was that type of stupid person who wouldn’t care about her own safety if it was for the sake of others.

Yet, in Reyne’s eyes, Kirsten was an incomparably grand existence. A few days ago, Kirsten had once again been injured because of trying to eliminate an S rank magical beast. That was why Kirsten had been injured so severely.

As for the end result, even if Kirsten hadn’t managed to defeat the S rank magical beast, she managed to chase it away.

“Kirsten, I want to become someone cool and heroic, just like you. Yet, I really am not capable of it after all.”

Even just from seeing this Hell Melgash, which had a body several times larger than an ordinary Melgash’s, and its sharp claws –

Reyne was so scared that she couldn’t even move her body. She could only kneel in the forest and tremble while exclaiming over how helpless she was.

To Reyne right now, anyone would do, as long as they could come and save her.

At this moment, it seemed as if the Hell Melgash discovered something, as it began to walk towards Reyne’s direction.

“N… no…”

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Reyne constantly backed up, but unfortunately, she reached the dead end. If she left the cover of the trees, she would become food for the demonic beast. However, if she didn’t leave the trees, the S rank magical beast would discover her hiding amongst the trees sooner or later.

In that case, rather than becoming food for the magical beast – she might as well instead try to fight.

Reyne wanted to become Kirsten. It was because she idolized Kirsten that she wanted to become the latter’s lover.

Reyne swallowed some saliva and took a deep breath as she mentally resolved herself. When the magical beast was at its closest to her, Reyne shot her arrow. No matter if the paralysis effect on the arrow was effective or not, her only objective was to hit her target – after she hit the magical beast, she would simply do her best to run away.

At this moment, something suddenly popped into Reyne’s mind. Reyne had previously asked Kirsten a certain question.

“How is it that you can face magical beasts that are several times stronger than you without any fear? Aren’t you afraid of becoming food for them?”
“Of course I’m afraid. I’m not some superelf.”
“Even so!”
“However, whenever I’m facing a vicious enemy, the result isn’t what I think about first. What you should think about first is how to defeat your enemy, rather than being a coward and thinking about the consequences of failure. Thinking about such things will only make you more afraid. That’s why my path of victory is being the first to think about how to win.”

That was the answer which Kirsten told her before. Reyne had learned much from this conversation.

At this instant, Reyne finally understood why it was that Kirsten could use such a weak body to defeat magical beasts which were ten times stronger than her.

It wasn’t because she was some type of superelf. Rather, what she thought about was – she couldn’t be afraid.

The first thing to consider should be how to defeat this magical beast.

In terms of speed, it would definitely be impossible for her to outrun the four-legged magical beast. In that case, the only way to win would be to lure it over towards the water. If water managed to douse and put out the magma on its body, then it wouldn’t be different from an ordinary magical beast.

‘That’s right, that’s how I’ll do it. There’s a lake nearby, so I’ll lure it there just like this.’

As the Hell Melgash constantly sniffed the nearby trees, Reyne suddenly popped out from some trees not far away and shot an arrow towards its eyes.

Reyne was highly accurate. After she hit the Hell Melgash’s eyes – she immediately ran towards the lake.

Many Melgashes got in her way as she ran.

‘Damn it, why are there so many Melgashes? Could it be that the Hell Melgash called them over as reinforcements?’

Reyne ran to the side and went around the group of Melgashes blocking her way forward. With the number of arrows that she had, it was impossible for her to deal with this many Melgashes.

That was why she decided to only kill the Melgashes which directly got in her way.

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Finally, Reyne panted heavily as she arrived by the lakeside.

“This will be where the final battle is decided…”

Reyne’s path back home was already blocked by the gigantic Hell Melgash. That was why Reyne had to destroy it right here.

‘Don’t feel fear; don’t be afraid.’

Reyne took a deep breath as she inhaled deeply. Since the Hell Melgash was of the fire attribute, water could weaken it. Reyne would then be able to destroy the S rank magical beast.

Reyne stood by the lakeside and closed her eyes. She only used her ears to listen to the Hell Melgash’s position.

Soon, it started rushing towards Reyne’s direction. The Hell Melgash and numerous ordinary Melgashes surrounded Reyne by the lakeside. The Hell Melgash stood right in front of her-

Without the Hell Melgash’s command, the other Melgashes simply surrounded Reyne without doing anything else. As she expected, they only listened to the Hell Melgash’s commands.

Reyne watched the Hell Melgash slowly approach her. The ravenous wolf opened its greedy mouth as it roared towards Reyne.

At this moment, Reyne prepped her bow and directly jumped backwards. She shot another arrow while she was still in midair. Once again, her arrow hit the Hell Melgash right in its eye. This caused the tremendous ravenous wolf to go crazy. It commanded all of the Melgashes to jump into the water. The ice-cold lake water immediately doused the flames on the Hell Melgash’s body.

It really was as she had expected.

However, Reyne still didn’t let down her guard. She only had three arrows left.

After she counted the arrows remaining in her quiver, she pulled out her hunting knife from her waist.

She intended to save all these arrows for the Hell Melgash.

At this time, the Melgashes all pounced and tried to bite Reyne.

Since they were really quick, Reyne didn’t react in time as a Melgash sunk its sharp teeth into her left arm. A Melgash sunk into the lake together with Reyne.

Reyne tightly gripped her dagger with her right hand as she stabbed at the Melgash biting her left arm. The sharp dagger sunk deeply into the ravenous wolf’s head as Reyne killed it with a single blow.

The dead Melgash released Reyne’s arm but now her arm was injured. The cold lake water soaked into her injury and brought a lot of blood.

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‘Now, go!’

Reyne directly swam towards the magical beasts and fought with the remaining smaller Melgashes in the water. More than a dozen Melgash corpses began to float on the water as she killed all of the Melgashes.

Only the big Hell Melgash remained. As long as she could kill it, then she would be able to escape.

Reyne absolutely wanted to survive and become a victor!


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