Chapter 36 – Meaning of Friendship

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3488 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1908 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Mirabelle gradually distanced herself from Kirsten as she said this. Kirsten was the real girl here, after all. She needed to take care of Kirsten’s feelings-


Kirsten suddenly pulled on Mirabelle who had turned away, as she tightly grabbed onto Mirabelle’s wrist.

Mirabelle’s skin was as smooth as a baby’s, which made Kirsten really not want to let go.

Mirabelle turned to look at Kirsten since she was being pulled on. “W… what is it?”

“Can you teach me how to use the explosive arrows? It’s fine even if you stick close to my body…”

Mirabelle almost wondered if her ears weren’t working right when Kirsten said those words with embarrassment.

“C… close to your body, there’s no need to be that close, is there?”

Kirsten would need the knowledge sooner or later, so Mirabelle figured it was fine to teach her now.

“Explosive arrows are just like blinding arrows. You can only use them while maintaining a certain distance. Otherwise, you’ll be blown away by the wind pressure from the explosion…”

“I see… the wind pressure from the explosion? Just how large is the explosion area then?”

Kirsten seemed like a good student who wanted to learn as she asked Mirabelle.

Mirabelle slowly left the rock and went forward several steps. Finally, she stopped after taking about 30 steps.

“Since this explosion magic spell formation isn’t very strong due to my magic being too weak, I wasn’t able to design a strong explosive arrow…”
“Isn’t this distance already quite good?”

Kirsten chased after Mirabelle’s back and dashed over.

“Is that so? I feel like the power is the weakest type. Well, forget it, we won’t know until we try, right? Let’s try it out now.”
“Okay, let’s try it out now.”

Kirsten came to Mirabelle’s side and took an arrow out from her quiver.

This arrow had the white mark of an explosive arrow.

“Inject your mana into it, and then release it and destroy that large rock over there…”

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Mirabelle pointed at the large rock which the two of them had been previously hiding behind.

Kirsten didn’t doubt Mirabelle at all as she injected her mana into the arrow and shot it out.

Right when the arrow hit the rock – a huge explosion was produced as red flames erupted furiously from the explosion’s epicenter. The flames devoured everything in the area while spreading out at a rapid pace.

Finally, when the flames subsided – the scene was quite pitiful to behold. Not only was the large rock destroyed, but several dozen nearby trees had also been destroyed as well.

“This is only the weakest power level for the explosion?”

Kirsten looked at the gigantic crater before her which still had black smoke rising from it.

She had never expected that such tremendous power would be produced from lightly shooting out an arrow.

“Ah, of course it’s the weakest power level. The blue maple paper here is of only normal quality, so it takes almost 25% of my mana to create each of these explosive arrows, which means I can’t mass produce them. I have to wait for my mana to recover every day before I can produce more arrows…”
“Is… is that so? It’s not easy creating them. I originally thought that the person who invented these would be able to make them easily, but I didn’t think that it would be so hard…”
“Making a piece of furniture, such as a hearth which can transform mana into heat will take the inventor at least ten to twenty years to create…”

Even when creating the video game, thinking about the programming code and doing the programming would take several dozen hours.

“So creating such a thing is so difficult. I really must thank the people who created such convenient inventions for our daily lives if I get to meet them in the future…”

‘Well, you don’t really need to thank me for that,’ Mirabelle thought as she changed the topic.

“By the way, since you guys can’t leave the island, where did such things come from?”
“We purchased those convenient daily life items in cities along the way of our escape path. Since they’re really convenient and useful, we purchased many of them along the way. Of course, we hid our elven identities…”

Mirabelle and Kirsten went towards the river as they made conversation about this topic.

“I see, so that’s how it was…”

Mirabelle was thinking about something as she placed her finger on her chin.

“It’s a river, clear river water…”

Kirsten immediately rushed forward. As if she was a young child, she jumped directly into the narrow river.

“Honestly, you’re just like a child. Stop messing around. You’ll bother those downstream if you mess around like this…”

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They were currently upstream, which meant that Kirsten’s sweat would mix into the water and go downstream.

Kirsten scratched her head in embarrassment after Mirabelle scolded her. She then said “Sorry, sorry” as she crawled out of the water.

Kirsten’s clothes were wet and stick on her body. Her clear black hair became even softer after being wetted by the river water.

Mirabelle stood to the side and looked at Kirsten’s now form-fitting clothes due to the water. Although Mirabelle was embarrassed, she felt more concern-

“By the way, will you be alright wearing such wet clothes? Won’t you catch a cold?”

“It’s fine, since nobody comes here anyway. I can just take them all off and leave them on a tree branch while waiting for the sun to dry the clothes.”
“Wait wait wait wait…”

Mirabelle’s voice changed tone as she watched Kirsten take off her clothes. Mirabelle then turned her face away while turning bright red-

“D… don’t take them off in front of me, I’m begging you…”

Mirabelle’s expression was one of not knowing how to react. Her face was red, and her eyes were filled with misty water.

“Does it matter? We’re both girls…”
“Didn’t you say it yourself? That we would have to get married if others saw us!?”
“Relax, wife Mirabelle. Nobody would ever come here at this time… I’m taking them off…”
“I’m not your wife. Besides, you’re really taking them off!?”

Kirsten easily took her clothes off until only her panties remained.

Kirsten put her clothes on a short tree to dry. She even bound them tightly in order to prevent the wind from blowing them away. She then sat down under the tree to feel the hot breeze blowing across her face.

This was the highest place here, so the wind would blow across her face without any obstacles.

“I say, you, even if it’s the scorching hot summer, you don’t need to do this intentionally?”
“Intentionally? I suppose that’s how it is if you interpret it that way.”

Mirabelle couldn’t do anything about Kirsten apart from lean against the tree behind Kirsten’s back. She did her best to not look at Kirsten’s smooth and tender skin.

“I say, why does a gentle and cute girl like Kirsten not have any friends?”
“What did you say? Say what you just did again…”

Kirsten’s face was bright red as she looked at Mirabelle while blinking her starry eyes.

Mirabelle instantly understood Kirsten’s intentions and turned her head away upon seeing this.

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“Eh? Why do you want me to repeat myself? Did you not hear me?”
“Sorry, sorry, my ears aren’t very good. Could you please repeat it?”

Mirabelle did as Kirsten wanted and repeated herself.

“What I said was, why would someone as kind and good as Kirsten not have any friends?”
“Eh, you said something different from earlier?”

Kirsten immediately glared angrily at Mirabelle.

“You really did hear me after all? Otherwise, you wouldn’t have known that I said something different…”
“Eh? Did I say that I heard anything? I don’t think I did?”
“You’re actually acting so shamefully? So sly!”

Kirsten said something rather shameless to Mirabelle as she then chuckled out loud. She laughed like a pure and innocent child-

Mirabelle’s mouth also arched upwards in a smile as she looked at Kirsten’s face. When Kirsten finished laughing, Mirabelle asked, “Are you finished laughing?”

“Of course…”
“Is it so fun to tease me?”
“It’s not only about teasing you. I haven’t had so much fun like today in so long. Ever since my parents died, I’ve always been suppressing any happy feelings. Let me answer your question from earlier. Why do I have no friends? That’s wrong. It’s not that I have no friends, it’s that I don’t interact with others very much. They don’t have any connection to me, no… more accurately speaking – I’m the one who doesn’t want to interact or be together with them. This is also my first time opening up my heart to someone. I’ve always been quite icy to the people around me. I’m afraid, after all-”

Kirsten suddenly stood up and walked to Mirabelle’s side. Mirabelle heard her footsteps coming over as Kirsten walked over and looked at Mirabelle.

“If I’m with someone, what if that person suddenly dies someday? Like my parents, and how they treated their friends so intimately. What if a friend of mine gives me their resources for surviving when there’s danger, and then my friend dies? What should I do? As for Mirabelle, I’m not too worried, because I’m confident that I can protect you, my most important companion – Mirabelle Brillana.”

Kirsten’s long hair was blown by the wind as a smile appeared on her beautiful face. The two of them were really similar, which was why they attracted each other.

Kirsten actually didn’t have many expectations back when she picked Mirabelle up. She simply healed Mirabelle and then coldly had her leave – yet, that hadn’t happened in the end.

Perhaps the current Kirsten had a naive way of thinking. To be honest, Kirsten had always wanted a [best friend] who she could truly share her heart with. -After having this best friend, it was as if Kirsten was also back in the world of light again. She was really happy to become best friends with Mirabelle.

As they descended the mountain, Kirsten held Mirabelle’s hand and slowly walked down the mountain.

“It feels pretty nice to occasionally come out and have fun like this…”
“Yeah, since work efficiency will become really low if you’re always busy working.”

However, Mirabelle never had the time to rest from work in her past life. She couldn’t help but think that to herself. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to rest, but rather that she had too much work. She was fully responsible for finishing the entire game’s programming all by herself, after all.

“Work efficiency? By the way, what was your status in the previous elven territory, Mirabelle?”
“I’m somewhat embarrassed. I didn’t have any job, and I was the type who was served by others.”
“No way, could you be…? I see.”

Kirsten noticed that Mirabelle was the elven princess and patted her own head.

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“After so long, I’ve even forgotten the traits of the princess…”

Mirabelle sighed deeply before replying to Kirsten.

“That’s in the past. I no longer have that status. My own country, my own territory, and a citizen like you, I couldn’t protect anything. I don’t deserve that status at all.”
“Is… is that so? I feel that if the elven territory hadn’t been destroyed, Mirabelle would have achieved something grand after becoming queen…”


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