Chapter 31 – Kirsten’s Age

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3552 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1918 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

After a few days of recovery, Kirsten’s injuries were finally mostly healed. She could run, and even get out of bed and go hunt, thus she excitedly moved her body around.

“Hey hey, don’t be too excited. There are still a few injuries that haven’t healed. If you move too much, your injuries will worsen…”

Mirabelle looked at Kirsten with a helpless expression as she stood next to her. Mirabelle understood quite clearly that Kirsten was a girl who really loved to be active.

“Alright, I got it. My body is almost about to grow mushrooms after being in bed for so many days…”
“If mushrooms grew so easily, then we wouldn’t lack for food…”
“You dare to make fun of me!? I better teach you a lesson!”

Kirsten waved her fist at Mirabelle.

Mirabelle sensed danger. With Kirsten’s attack power, one punch was likely to take out half of Mirabelle’s HP. That was why Mirabelle directly ran away before Kirsten could attack her.

They were currently in the safe district outside the city walls, they wouldn’t be able to play around like this anymore outside the safe area. The outer districts were different from the inner districts. Mirabelle could sense the worry coming from Kirsten’s body.

“Mirabelle, put this perfume on yourself first before leaving the safe district.”

Mirabelle tried smelling the bottle that Kirsten handed her, but couldn’t detect any scent at all.

This was supposed to be perfume!? It didn’t smell of anything at all.

Kirsten probably noticed that Mirabelle had an expression of disbelief.

“Don’t underestimate this. It’s capable of concealing your scent, the elven scent, so that magical beasts won’t easily discover you. That’s the miraculous use for this thing. Anyways, if you don’t want to get captured, then spread this perfume on your body, including your arms and legs…”
“I… I finished putting it on…”

Mirabelle followed Kirsten’s movements and applied the perfume to the relevant body parts.

“You also need to apply it on your stomach. Let me help you…”
“N… no need…”
“You don’t need to be reserved…”

Kirsten immediately unbuttoned Mirabelle’s shirt.

‘-Wait a moment, this isn’t about being reserved or not.’

Mirabelle’s face immediately became bright red as she worriedly looked all around her.

“Kirsten, I thought that we couldn’t let others discover that we’ve already seen each other naked before? Why are you…”
“Nobody will notice if it’s for such a short time. Besides, this is only the stomach…”

Right after Kirsten said this while inside Mirabelle’s clothes, they heard something unexpected.

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“Hey, what are you two doing?”

Mirabelle turned around as she sensed something really bad.

Kirsten still had her head buried under Mirabelle’s shirt.

Mirabelle gently knocked on the bulging head inside her shirt.

“This is bad, it’s bad, someone’s coming, hurry and get out…”
“Who is it? They actually came at this time? How annoying…”

Kirsten had a really dissatisfied expression as she poked her head out from under Mirabelle’s clothes. Mirabelle hurriedly buttoned her shirt. The two elves who arrived were Mia and Reyne.

Kirsten hadn’t expected that the two of them would come here so early. When Reyne saw Mirabelle, she looked over with a vicious expression, but a friendly smile bloomed on her face when she turned to Kirsten.

“Miss Kirsten, how come you’re here? Have your injuries healed?”
“Of course they’ve healed. It’s all thanks to this child. I was able to recover so quickly because she took such good care of me…”

Kirsten smiled brightly, while Reyne glared at Mirabelle with a hostile expression.

“Is that so?”
“I keep feeling like you’ve changed, Miss Kirsten. You always seemed so icy before. Your personality changed ever since you started living with this elf…”
“No, I haven’t changed at all. I’m still me…”

Mia’s face seemed to be rather dark as she listened to Reyne and Kirsten’s conversation. Mia then actually held onto Reyne’s shoulder while jumping between them from behind, she inserted herself into their conversation as if it was natural.

“By the way, what were you two doing just now?”

Mia glanced at both Mirabelle, whose face was red and lowered, as well as Kirsten, who had a calm expression.


Reyne angrily broke free from Mia’s hand on her shoulder when she heard this.

“What are you saying? Mia…”

She didn’t expect that Mia would actually jump up and stand on the ground.

“You two seem to have a really intimate relationship. Isn’t it obvious to imagine what happened with two unmarried girls living together?”
“You shut up, Mia! Miss Kirsten, I’m so sorry, she really loves to talk about such rubbish. Please don’t pay it any mind…”
“I’m not speaking rubbish at all. Look at Mirabelle’s button. It’s obviously buttoned wrong. The two of you must have secretly been doing something just now?”
“Mia, don’t say anymore, and shut up! We’re going to hunt now! Goodbye, Kirsten…”

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Reyne directly dragged Mia over to the fork in the road to the left and covered the latter’s mouth. Mirabelle glanced at Kirsten with a rather sad expression.

“I’m sorry, it’s all my fault that they misunderstood our relationship…”
“It’s fine. We’re… companions? Since we’re companions, we should gain a better understanding of each other. I won’t mind what they say, rest assured.”
“Yes, I know…”

Mirabelle also showed a smile. Kirsten then pointed at the fork on the right.

“Since they took the left path, let’s go to this side…”
“By the way, Kirsten, you don’t need to put on perfume?”
“I’ll do it myself in a bit. I should have done this at home before coming out. It’s my fault for taking it here and letting others see us. I’m the one who should be apologizing…”
“No, I’m the one who should apologize…”

Mirabelle and Kirsten walked adjacent to each other on the right fork. The two of them had an ambiguous and awkward atmosphere around them.

After they walked for a while, Kirsten hid in the nearby bushes and applied perfume to the body parts she mentioned previously. They were now ready to hunt magical beasts-

“By the way, are those two always like that?”
“Yes, Mia and Reyne live right across from each other. Apparently, they’re childhood friends…”
“Childhood friends? Then when they were born…”
“Yes, they were both born after their parents came here. They’re both only about 14 years old…”
“I see…”

Mirabelle couldn’t help but secretly exclaim over the childhood friends.

“Rather than talking about them, we’re almost at the district where B rank magical beasts commonly appear…”
“Is… is that so!?”

To be honest, Mirabelle was rather nervous. This was the first time that she had ever personally hunted magical beasts. Still, she had Kirsten, someone over level 100, taking her along who was less than level 10.

Mirabelle felt really assured, since no matter how weak she was, Kirsten would help her. Besides, Mirabelle could also identify the monsters’ attack methods as well as identify the monsters’ levels with her analysis ability.


A wolf’s howl came from the nearby forest.

“It’s here…”
“What’s this sound? The B rank monster Melgash?”

More than ten, no, almost twenty magical beasts slowly emerged from the green forest. They instantly surrounded Mirabelle and Kirsten.

“Mirabelle, do your best to kill one or two. Leave the rest to me…”

Mirabelle hurriedly placed an arrow on her bow and shot it out. However, the arrow was brushed aside by the wolf’s body. Iron arrows were unable to pierce through the ravenous wolves’ solid muscles. Mirabelle used her [Analysis] ability to scan the magical beasts.

-Magical beast name: Melgash
-Level: 20
-HP and MP: 2000/2000

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Magical beasts used the same stat for both HP and MP. This meant that when magical beasts used magic, it would simultaneously cost them HP to use. That was why magic was basically unheard of in ordinary magical beasts.

“I understand…”

Right after saying that, the magical beasts revealed their fangs and pounced in Mirabelle’s direction. They followed their instincts to hunt and eat the weak. In other words, all of the Melgashes focused only on Mirabelle.

“They’re viewing me as the weakest one? How humiliating…”

Kirsten directly pushed Mirabelle down onto the ground before shooting arrows that pierced through the beasts’ bodies. One attack from Kirsten was capable of taking off more than 1000 HP from the monsters. She could kill every single monster in just two or three hits. Mirabelle had a sad expression as she realized she was a burden.

After Kirsten killed off every single Melgash, Mirabelle had an astonished expression as she looked at the bloody Kirsten.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t of any use at all, and I was even a burden on you…”
“There’s no helping it. You’re still a newbie. I was just like you at first, not understanding anything at all, so I often failed. Someone nice taught me all these skills about hunting as well, which was how I managed to gradually become stronger. Now, I’m basically able to sense magical beasts’ auras, how strong or weak they are, their weak spots, and so on. Anyways, just do as I say, Mirabelle, and you’ll definitely become strong really fast…”
“Is that so? Thank you… Kirsten…”
“No need to be so polite. Cough cough… then as your teacher, let me especially give you an explanation. The magical beast just now was known as a Melgash. Their weak spot is the place between the tailbone and the ribs. You can kill them in one hit if you aim for that spot…”

Mirabelle listened to her quite seriously. Right after Kirsten said that, a lone Melgash appeared in front of Mirabelle and blocked her way. Mirabelle speedily prepared her bow.

“Okay, I’ll leave this magical beast for you to deal with.”

Kirsten put away her bow and backed away a few steps. Mirabelle immediately notched an arrow and aimed at the hungry wolf which was flashing its sharp fangs. Naturally, the wolf didn’t wait around for its death and speedily pounced at Mirabelle.

Finding a good timing to shoot the arrow, the paralysis-coated arrow sunk into the Melgash’s weakest spot. The paralysis drug on the arrow caused it to fall into a deep sleep.

“I succeeded…”
“Wonderful! Mirabelle, you’re really accurate with shooting arrows. Did you learn archery before somewhere?”
“Um… I learned archery from my mother. Archery is actually quite easy. However, I had to practice something so easy for about one or two years…”
“Amazing, you have such skill after just one or two years. How nice. I practiced for three or four years before achieving your level. Now that I think back on it, I probably started too late…”
“Eh? Three or four years? When did you start learning archery?”
“Around when I was ten…”
“How old are you now? Ouch…”

Right when Mirabelle asked that, she suffered a heavy blow to her head.

“It’s a serious crime to ask a girl’s age just like that. Don’t you know about such a thing, Mirabelle?”
“Does it matter if you tell me? I’m a girl as well.”
“I can’t!”

Kirsten was all serious as she folded her arms.

“Then what do you think if I’ll trade you my age for yours?”
“Yeah, that works, but you absolutely can’t tell anyone else. It’s a secret between us…”

Kirsten looked around first to see that there was nobody around before she lowered herself and whispered her age into Mirabelle’s ears.


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