Chapter 28 – Low-quality Weapons (Part 2)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2014 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1076 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“It’s fine, it was my fault anyways… I’m the one who should be apologizing. By the way, dear Mirabelle, what are you buying here?”

“Dear Mirabelle?” Mirabelle was rather confused by Mia’s overly familiar way of addressing her.

“Ehehe, doesn’t it sound really cute?”
“It’s not cute at all. Please don’t address me like that in the future…”

Mirabelle rejected that chilling way of addressing her and then spoke of her objective.

“I came here because I wanted to replenish Kirsten’s arrows and also to get a handy bow for myself.”
“Ohh? Mirabelle, do you also want to try and hunt?”

Mia had a curious expression as she stared at Mirabelle.

“I can’t always let Kirsten do everything by herself. I can also help her…”
“It’s good that you have the intent…”

However, Mia’s words were interrupted as Reyne attacked Mirabelle with a sharp tone.

“Haha, someone like you? I don’t think you look that strong. You think someone as weak as you is capable of helping Kirsten?”
“If you’re saying I’m weak, aren’t you the same?”

Mirabelle had long since used her analysis ability to ascertain Reyne and Mia’s levels.

Name: Reyne Miren.
Level: 113
HP: 11300/11300
MP: 7900/7900

Mirabelle also obtained Mia’s stats.

Name: Mia Tatar.
Level: 116
HP: 11600/11600
MP: 8300/8300

The two of them were obviously partying with each other as they hunted. Reyne’s level was three levels below Mia’s.

“Who are you calling weak? An amateur like you is much weaker than I am, yet you dare to call me weak?”
“You won’t know if I’m an amateur or not without trying first…”
“Wait, dear Reyne, don’t be so emotional… Also, dear Mirabelle, you two shouldn’t have such expressions…”

Mia wanted to mediate between the two of them, since they always had an explosive atmosphere whenever they were together.

“Mia. This has nothing to do with you. And you, do you dare to bet with me? Mirabelle Brillana.”

Reyne was really hostile towards Mirabelle for an unknown reason.

Mirabelle had no reason to fight with her, but she was open to listening about the bet.

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“Bet what?”
“A hunting competition. We’ll compete to see who hunts more magical beasts…”
“Eh~ I see, of course I refuse. I still need to hurry back and take care of Kirsten. Let’s not joke about betting or whatever with you.”

Mirabelle turned around and started to head back.

“Are you running away?”
“How could that be possible, Reyne Miren? Don’t you feel embarrassed about making a bet with an amateur like me?”
“What’s that? Who just said she wasn’t an amateur just now?”

Reyne immediately countered Mirabelle’s words.

However, Mirabelle ignored her and continued to walk off with her back facing Reyne.

“Coward. All you know is how to talk. In the end, you’re still going to be a burden on Kirsten?”

Mirabelle stopped when she heard the word coward. She tightly clenched her fist and glared at Reyne, who was standing next to Mia.

However, Mirabelle then shook her head-

Now wasn’t the time. Her level was still too low. Perhaps she could be Reyne’s equal if she could also reach level 100. She would definitely show Reyne then.

Mirabelle held out one finger.

“One month. Give me one month, and I’ll be prepared to compete with you…
“All I need is one month to become familiar with everything. Are you afraid that I’ll surpass you in just one month?”

Mirabelle’s taunt was evidently effective.

Reyne clenched her fists, but then she unfurrowed her eyebrows.

“Fine, I’ll give you one month. Mia, let’s go…”

Reyne turned around and immediately walked off into the distance. Mia was called, so she glanced at Mirabelle momentarily before running after Reyne.

Mirabelle watched the two of them gradually leave.

She then went to the weapon shop.

“Welcome. You look really cute. Do you need this big sister to introduce any weapons to you?”
“I’d like to buy a bow and arrows. I also want to look at swords.”
“Not a problem. Please come with me.”

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The clerk had a professional smile as Mirabelle followed her to a corner in the store.

“Our district is rather small, so we can’t gather good ores, which is why we only have these few items…”
“Eh? This is all?”

Mirabelle used her analysis ability again to appraise the shabby swords she saw before her.

These five shabby swords were all low-quality equipment made from materials of ordinary or even lower quality.

Although all five swords were made of metal, it seemed they all had extremely low durability.

Haha, this weapon shop’s weapons were only capable of killing flies.

Mirabelle glanced at the clerk who was wearing a gigantic round magic hat.

“Um… Big sister…”
“You can call me Karma…”
“Um, Miss Karma, is this all the equipment that’s left here?”

Karma picked at her lips before she replied.

“Of course. Only this type of equipment is left. Besides, very few elves are willing to use swords, so our metal is typically used for crafting metal bows and arrows. Arrows with paralysis poison are much more effective than swords. That’s the view of the magical beast hunters…”
“Is that so? Then, how did you guys come to the island?”
“About that? I’m actually a local elf, born and raised here. The other elves entered the island and settled here while the S-level magical beasts were still hibernating. This happened approximately 14 years ago. I don’t know when the magical beasts will hibernate again. Why are you asking about these things?”

Karma was an older elf, so she naturally remembered these things. Mirabelle was asking the right person –

“In that case, what can be used as a material to create weapons?”
“A solid metal or the teeth of a certain magical beast…”
“What magical beast would that be?”
“The S level magical beast – Swordtooth Tiger. I’ve heard that its teeth are as hard as metal. If you can obtain its teeth, then you should be able to request from us a pretty good weapon for yourself…”
“N… no need. I’ll just ask for a bow and some arrows…”

Mirabelle then lowered her head after saying this. She recalled hearing this magical beast’s name before. It was the beast that caused the injury on Kirsten’s back. Plus with Kirsten’s description, the S-level magical beast that she defeated before must have been the Swordtooth Tiger?


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