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Chapter 61 – Parting Once Again

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2571 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1220 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Even if you’re not my birth mother, I really care about you…”

Joanna had a serious expression as she glanced at Mirabelle after hearing this.

“Mira, you know about this already? I thought that I hid this really well.”
“Hid what?”
“The fact that I’m not your actual mother…”
“As for that, I’ve known that since long ago? You always had such a careful attitude around me, and there’s also the matter of your status. You’re the head royal guard, and not of the royal bloodline yourself. I was more than capable of guessing things just from this alone.”

Mirabelle was happily talking about this while Joanna’s face was filled with a helpless expression.

“I’m so sorry, Princess. It was a difficult childbirth for your mother…”
“Ah… no need to step around the subject with me. You can keep calling me Mira… as for the fact that my mother died in childbirth, I’ve known that since long ago. I also know that my father died on the battlefield while fighting the vampires. One day, I’ll take revenge for my mother and father…”

However, Joanna’s face still had an uneasy expression. She reached out with her hand and gently patted Mirabelle on the head.

“Mira, you’re still young. You don’t need to be filled with hatred against those vampires…”

However, Mirabelle’s expression immediately became anxious.

‘-Just what does mother mean? She actually doesn’t want me to hate the vampires? How… how could I possibly do that?!’

“I just don’t want to see you in any more pain. Look at how the vampires are treating you now. It’s fine even if I can’t see you. I just hope that you can survive safely. That’s all.”

Joanna’s hand passed over the collar around Mirabelle’s neck. Rather than anger, Joanna felt more pain in her heart. On one hand, she felt like the vampires were really terrible in how they treated her adoptive daughter, but on the other hand, she didn’t want to see Mirabelle in any pain.

At the very least, being by Heather’s side as an obedient pet would still be much better than getting killed by the vampires.


Mirabelle silently lowered her head, not knowing what to say.

“Um, Mira, you won’t blame me for this, will you? I hid so much from you…”
“I won’t blame you. You hid these things from me for my own sake. Besides, after so many years of being together, I already view you as my own birth mother…”
“Really? Mira, you’ve grown…”

Joanna’s vision gradually became clouded as her eyes were instantly filled with tears. She looked at Mirabelle through her crystal-clear tears.

Joanna felt as if she could still see that tiny infant baby that she had held so long ago. However, that infant had already grown. Mirabelle was already 15 years old. Princess Mirabelle was now a grown girl. This wasn’t only her outer appearance, as she was maturing inside as well.

‘-Maybe she doesn’t need her mother by her side anymore.’

“Mother, what are you saying?! I still need you to teach me so many things! So, please don’t leave my side!!”
“…That… that’s only natural, even if you try and chase me away, I won’t leave you. I’ve already promised Her Majesty that I will always stay by your side and protect you…”
“Just because of that?”

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Mirabelle angrily puffed out her cheeks and folded her arms.

After being with Mirabelle for so long, Joanna also knew what the young princess was thinking.

“Naturally, it’s not only because of that, um… it’s also because of Mira. You’re so cute, so how could I possibly leave you?”

Mirabelle was rather moved in her heart when she heard this.

“Thank you, Mother. However, it’s now time for me to protect you. Remember what I told you, eat well, and make sure your body recovers. I’ll be able to be with you again soon…”
“Hey hey, it’s time now, Her Majesty is getting impatient!”

Outside the cage, the guard named Jess was urging Mirabelle to hurry up and finish the conversation.

“Okay! I’ll be right there!” Mirabelle responded to the guard.

Mirabelle embraced Joanna with all her strength. She rubbed against her mother’s body. This was a sensation that really reassured her – the feeling of her mother that she hadn’t felt for so long already. Mirabelle felt really reassured by the scent coming from Joanna’s body as well.

“Thank you, my daughter who’s most important to me. You… you must also stay safe and well…”
“Goodbye, Mother…”

Mirabelle exited the cage. The guard immediately locked the cage door.

“Come with me-”

After locking the cage, the guard led Mirabelle back down the hallway that they came from. This place was guarded, but it didn’t seem to be heavily guarded. Maybe Heather had the mistaken impression that other elves wouldn’t be able to find this place. To be honest, Mirabelle wouldn’t be able to find this place herself if she hadn’t come here personally. Most importantly, nobody in this city dared to go against Heather, so perhaps Heather had let down her guard.

Mirabelle followed the vampire guard to the surface. Right when she exited, she saw that Heather was impatiently waiting by the horse-drawn carriage. Mirabelle looked downwards at the maid shoes on her feet as she apologized to Heather.

“I’m sorry, M… Master… I made you wait for too long…”
“Indeed, I was getting rather impatient with waiting. How was it? Mira… have you finished with seeing your mother?”

Mirabelle silently nodded. She then immediately revealed a sad expression on her face. Maybe she was feeling sad about having to part with her mother again. However, Heather wouldn’t allow her to stay here – she was Heather’s blood slave who needed to give her blood every day.

“That’s fine, then. Let’s go. We’re returning to the castle…”

However, Mirabelle kept looking behind her, not wanting to leave.

A small house behind Mirabelle acted to conceal Heather’s dungeon. Nobody would imagine that the basement of this house was being used to imprison Mirabelle’s mother. Once they left the house, the front door was closed with a heavy thud behind them.

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More accurately speaking, Mirabelle was worried – she was worried whether her mother would follow their promise to eat properly so that her body could recover.

There was also another matter-

Could her mother really be rescued safely?

“No need to worry. I’ll bring you here again if there’s another opportunity. Also, your mother has likely recovered already. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have the energy to talk with you like that…”
“Master… please take good care of my mother, okay?”
“Of course, that’s no problem. As long as you’re an obedient girl, I’ll naturally treat your family well. Hurry and get on the carriage, Mira…”

Mirabelle glanced at Heather’s hand which the latter offered to her from the horse-drawn carriage. Mirabelle then glanced back one more time at the tightly shut front door of the house which imprisoned her mother.

Mirabelle then placed her hand atop Heather’s hand. Heather then immediately pulled her up onto the horse-drawn carriage with great strength. Mirabelle felt the tremors from her seat as the two slowly left this place in the horse-drawn carriage and headed back towards the gigantic castle.


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