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Chapter 14 – Auction

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3060 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1730 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

A luxurious horse-drawn carriage was making clattering sounds. The carriage wheels slowly turned until they finally stopped in front of the auction house.

A young girl sitting in the front jumped off right when the carriage stopped and ran towards the back of the carriage. It was obvious from her attire that she was a maid. As she reached her hand into the carriage, a young girl sitting behind the curtain placed her slender hand on the maid’s hand.

Her black knee-sock clad legs gradually emerged from the carriage. As she walked down the steps in an elegant manner, the other vampire nobles were stunned at the sight. However, this young girl’s face was covered with a black veil, giving her an aura of mysteriousness.

Although it wasn’t possible to see her face clearly, the others were certain that her concealed face would definitely be really cute. Her long blonde hair was tied up in a ponytail that cascaded down her slender shoulders and she was holding onto a bunny-shaped doll.

The guards saw the luxurious one-piece dress that she was wearing and figured that she must be a vampire noble from a really rich family. It was likely that she had come here to purchase the elven princess after hearing the news.

Thus, the guards were really polite and respectful as they bowed towards the blonde-haired girl. The maid handed the girl’s identity card to the front desk receptionist. The maid then urged the receptionist: “Please swiftly prepare a VIP room for us…”

“Alright, please wait a moment…” The receptionist replied calmly. She then started searching in the drawer for which rooms were being used and which rooms were empty.

There were many guests here tonight, so the receptionist took more time than normal.

“Lucy, hurry and deal with these bothersome matters outside for me.”

Meanwhile, the blonde-haired girl impatiently walked down the hallway. Many vampires were here today to see what was going on. Almost all of the vampire nobles in the arena had gathered here at this auction house. All of them wanted to see the elven princess.

The blonde-haired girl directly pushed her way into the crowd and looked up at the stage. Unfortunately for her, she was disappointed to learn that the auction for the elven princess had yet to begin.

Lucy, the maid with an ice-cold aura, hurried over to the blonde-haired girl’s side.

“Milord, please don’t stand at such a place. It’s ill-befitting of your status. Please follow me to the VIP room…”

The blonde-haired girl neither agreed nor disagreed. She silently allowed Lucy to lead the way.

“Milord, why did you come to a location such as this?”
“In this situation, shouldn’t you address me as Milady, rather than Milord? Remember, right now I’m just an ordinary vampire noble, while you’re just an ordinary vampire noble’s maid, isn’t that right?”

The blonde-haired girl corrected her maid’s wording. They had already discussed hiding their identities before coming here. Thus, they would only appear to be ordinary vampire nobles.

“I truly apologize, Milady… Then, Milady, allow me to ask again, just why did you come to a place like this? Don’t you normally have no interest in such things?”

“Lucy, today – I have a wonderful premonition that I can buy what I want here. Thus, I came here as fast as I could when I heard about the elven princess. To be honest, this is the gathering ground for the vampire nobles’ disgusting desires, so I really didn’t want to come. Still, I might regret it for the rest of my life if I miss this treasure, so…“

The blonde-haired girl spoke as if her maid was her best friend. It was impossible to tell that the two were master and servant.

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“But, with Milady’s true power, do you still need to come to an auction house? If you directly ask them for something, they wouldn’t dare to not give it to you…”
“Indeed, this auction house wouldn’t dare to refuse me anything I wanted. However, I don’t want to cause a commotion in such a place, so I’ll purchase it through proper means for this occasion.”

The master and servant reached the VIP room’s door as they spoke. Actually, this auction house only had six VIP rooms. These VIP rooms were individual rooms that had good views. The VIP rooms had windows that showed the products right out on the center of the stage.

“Milady, tell me about any product that you wish to have. I’ll immediately obtain it for you.”
“Okay, okay, I understand. You can go for now. I’ll tell you to purchase it for me if I see something I want…”

The blonde-haired girl sat down on the chair by the window. She held her head on her palms as she watched the auction that was about to begin. No, more accurately speaking, the auction had already begun. The auctioneer was currently introducing some other products.

However, the blonde-haired girl wasn’t interested in any of these products, so she was getting bored.

-The elven princess. Just how precious was this product? How difficult had it been to capture her?

The auctioneer kept introducing their star product. This product indeed attracted the blonde-haired girl’s attention as she narrowed her blood-red eyes. For some reason, when she heard about the elven princes… The blonde-haired girl’s emotions went into turmoil.

-It had been so long already since she sensed such emotions in her heart.

Heather’s face became bright red without her realizing it.

“Then, to get with the main show, the auction will now formally begin!”

The blonde-haired girl felt that the start of the auction was taking far too long after several other products were sold off. Her blood-red eyes constantly focused on the stage. She didn’t have this much time to waste at a place like this. That was because the products being sold here were things she could obtain easily.

The vampire nobles were openly as well as secretly fighting each other for these products. She really didn’t understand them.

“So boring~ I really don’t understand why those nobles go crazy fighting over such boring things.”
“Milady, you might not know, but these things are really rare for the low-level nobles, which is why they fight so much over such things…”
“Really? As expected, an auction really is so boring. Let’s just leave…”

The blonde-haired girl yawned as she stood up from her seat.

“Milady, you’re not going to watch anymore? Didn’t you want to see that elven princess?”
“Well, everything being auctioned here is far too boring. There’s nothing that interests me. That so-called elven princess is probably something common, so I might as well pass.”

The blonde-haired girl turned around and immediately started walking towards the hallway. The hallway leading from the VIP room was connected to the various rows of seats beneath the stage. A large amount of cheering from the front row reached her ears. She immediately stopped in her tracks when she casually glanced at the stage.

A speakerphone helped to transmit the auctioneer’s voice to the entire place.

“Next up, we’re about to auction our star product, the elven royal bloodline, the elven princess that we were unable to locate for so long. Our auction house was truly fortunate to have discovered this princess. As you know, elves are an excellent species for improving our magic power, so the elven royal bloodline will be even better. Thus, I’ll get straight to the point. All of you shall witness her true appearance. Bring the elven princess up on stage!”

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The cage holding Mirabelle was directly pushed up onto the stage. None of the vampires said anything when they first saw Mirabelle. They were all enjoying the sight of this incredibly beautiful girl. It seemed like time had frozen.

Mirabelle was only wearing a light piece of sleepwear that showed a significant amount of white skin. Her skin was perfect everywhere. This was even more so for her whitish-pink neck. It could be said that the neck’s value would determine the entire product’s value.

The vampires could imagine what it must feel like to bite into her soft and tender neck. The neck could provide vampires with fresh blood. There was also the sweet aroma of the blood upon her tender skin. This scent of blood seemed to spread throughout the entire auction house. Many vampires started to secretly swallow their saliva.

Her face was so cute that it could ruin a nation. Her eyes were filled with a pitiful expression. She curled up in a corner of the cage, seeming like she didn’t know what to do. However, she was only pretending to be really afraid. In order to make the enemy relax their guard, she must make them feel like she was really weak.

“This is our star product – the elven princess. Just who will have the opportunity to take her away? Our starting price will be 8 million gold coins.”

This was already an astronomical price. Actually, 10,000 gold coins would be more than enough for an ordinary family’s yearly expenses. Not to mention, 8 million was only the starting price.

“8 million!”
“9 million!”
“10.5 million!”

Despite this, many nobles started bidding. The blonde-haired girl kept observing Mirabelle who was up on stage. At this moment, the two of them exchanged glances. A mysterious feeling kept writhing around in the blonde-haired girl’s heart.

“Hey, Lucy, you must obtain her for me, no matter what…”
“Understood. Since it’s something that Milady desires…”

The maid with the icy expression bowed to the blonde-haired girl. The maid then hurriedly returned to the VIP room from earlier. She raised the bidding all the way to 300 million.

“3… 300 million! Will anyone else raise the price? If nobody else will raise the price, this sale will be final!”

The auctioneer’s voice was shaking. He never expected that a product he randomly captured on the street… Could sell for such an incredibly high price. It was as if he had picked 300 million gold coins up off the ground.

The auction house became incredibly silent. Nobody expected that the price would suddenly increase from 10.5 million all the way to 300 million. It seemed that the person in VIP room #6 was someone incredible.


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