[Vol. 5] Chapter 7 – Underground Labyrinth

“Ah, it’s probably here. Please be careful”

 As Pick warned everyone she leant down and knocked on the stone pavement.
 As she jumped backwards the floor collapsed with a rattling sound.

“That surprised me. Is that a trap?”

“Yeah, I discovered it when we came here a while back.”

“Hooh~, that’s incredible. If it was just me I would have fallen for this probably.”

 After seeing Doji’s surprised, round eyes Pick looked proud.
 Not probably, you would have most certainly fallen for this.
 Me as well but I can’t tell the others.

“Then, let’s get down quickly.”

“Right. Then, Pick, if you would”

 Pick nods to my words.

“Then I’ll go down”

 I have Knopf send down a light ball along with Pick who climbs down a rope.
 Crescent Moon went down next this time as well.

“Heeeey, Mister, all clear”

 After hearing Crescent Moon’s voice from the bottom the remaining members go down, too.
 First, it’s Knopf’s turn then Doji’s.

“Could you go next?”

 Kitora told me.
 But, you see, something like last time might happen.
 Though I’d be happy getting such a lucky pervert moment ⌈1⌋ I’d like to be excused from her anger.

“If I fall who will catch me beside you? Go down quickly!”

 Kitora thrust her finger towards me who was hesitant and said that.
 I didn’t have a choice … I went down.
 When I climbed down and arrived, sure enough, I saw a butt falling from the top.
 As I anticipated it I had some margin this time around.

“Come on, let me down quickly! For how long do you want to keep touching me?!”

 I’d like it if you wouldn’t get so angry every time.
 This is my dignity as a villain.
 Also, Crescent Moon, stop looking at me with those eyes.
 But I’m satisfied as I got to enjoy this soft feeling.

 We went on the same route as we did last time.
 And just like last time Vampire bats and Goblins come out one after another.

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“There are a lot this time. I bet the nest was restored.”

Just as Crescent Moon said, the Goblin’s nest was restored as well.
 There was no fence like last time, though.
 It feels like they didn’t have enough time.

“It feels the same as last time so we don’t have to worry too much, right?”

“That’s right, they are easily dealt with if we blow them away with that magic.”

 Crescent Moon winks at Knopf.
 It seemed like her inhibitions towards Knopf were completely wiped away.

“Time is of the essence, let’s force our way through here. First, Knopf and I will shoot some fireballs inside.”

 Knopf nodded.

“Then Crescent Moon and Doji will form the vanguard and head inside there. Pick and Kitora will attack from behind them. Although this is pretty aggressive we can go with this.”

“So it’s my turn. My arms are tingling with excitement”

 Don’t get too fired up either, Doji.

“Then, let’s go!”

 I call the spirit salamander, Reus, and shoot a fireball together with Knopf while letting out a shout.
 The Goblins who saw us headed our way while screaming Giiii Giiii.
 The two fireballs drew a great parabola and landed inside the nest behind the Goblins before exploding.
 A powerful explosion, like the ones one could see in war movies, occurred and blew the Goblins away.
 At that moment Crescent Moon and Doji headed inside.

“I show you my axe skills!”

 Whenever Doji swung his huge axe the Goblins in the circumference got blown away and beaten down.
 Crescent Moon who was swinging her swords as well took some distance from him as to not get rolled up in his attacks.
 There didn’t seem to be any upper-class monsters around either so it was an easy victory.
 Pick attacks with her sling and I also got to practice my fireball throwing.
 My accuracy was fairly good as well, better than before.

“Injured people are unlikely to appear so it seems like I’m pretty much free.”

“Right, it doesn’t seem to matter if magic is used or not.”

 Knopf and Kitora were comfortable chatting in the rear.
 Meanwhile, the Goblins seemed to have been exterminated.
 How disappointing.

“So, from this point on it’ll be the real deal.”

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“Cause we’ve no idea what’ll appear”

 Crescent Moon advanced deeper into the destroyed nest while being fired up.
 Pick also moved while carefully checking the area.

“Ah, watch out. Poisoned arrows”
 While saying that, Pick tries to deactivate the trap.
 Her profile looked unusually serious.
 It seems to be a device which would shoot arrows from one’s blind spot if one stepped on the stone floor.

“Hey, be careful”

“I’m fine, big bro.……Okay, that should do it.”

 Pick stood up while wiping off the sweat flowing from her forehead.
 Anyway, this hobbit’s age is still unknown.

“Though there are traps here don’t you think it kind of doesn’t feel like “I won’t let you advance no matter what”?”

“Right, if anything, their purpose seems to be to sort out the intruders”

 Kitora answered Knopf.
 For what reason would one choose to test the intruders’ ability?

“It’s enemies!”

 We entered a place which seemed like a large, open hall when Crescent Moon briefly raised her voice.
 I and Doji grabbed our weapons and replaced Pick and Crescent Moon as the vanguard.

“Where’s the enemy?”

 Doji looked around with his axe in hand.
 Certainly, an enemyish figure is……hm?

“It’s that, take a closer look”

 There were three pillars which seem to support the high ceiling of this hall.
 Eerie stone statues with the appearance of birds were embedded in the upper parts of the pillars.
 Don’t they seem to move slowly?

“A Gargoyle”

“Mister, good answer — look”

 Crescent Moon took the bow she had hung over her shoulder and took out an arrow.
 As we are in a labyrinth she gave priority to manoeuvrability rather than range.
 As one would expect she’s really skilled.
 The shot arrow flew towards the closest stone statue and struck wonderfully.
 It’s not a stone statue after all as the arrow got stuck in it.
 As I was thinking that, the stone statues took off all at once.

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“What’s this?”

 Doji who looked up towards the demonic beasts, which he saw for the first time today, raised a loud voice.
 When they opened their wings they revealed an even more abominable figure which literally screamed demonic beast.
 Of course, this is my first time seeing the real thing as well.
 I have often seen them in games.

“Be careful, they will attack from above and their claws are drenched in petrifaction poison.”

“Uhya, I don’t want to turn into stone.”

 I agree as well.
 I don’t want to be turned into a stone statue and end up as decoration for this place.

“Don’t they have a weak point?”

“They were stone statues originally so their skin is hard and blades can’t really cut through it. But they are surprisingly fragile when physically hit.”

“Hitting stuff is my forte!”

 Doji got fired up.
 My Great Sword seems to be better in smashing than cutting as well.
 The only annoying thing is that they fly around somewhere above.

“First, we’ll restrain them with my arrows and the cat-eared magician’s magic. As it’s difficult to hit any vitals when they are flying around, shoot over its eyes and drag it down to a level where we can hit.”

“If that’s the case I’ll lend a hand as well. Miss Thief, I will bestow on your sling an explosion buff so shoot steadily.”

 As she said this Kitora started to chant.
 Then Pick’s sling starts to shine in a suspicious, black light.

“Uwa, amazing. I’ll go, too!”


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