[Vol. 5] Chapter 5 – Zombie Drugs

“Hah?! Right hand? Won’t allow it? I have no idea what you are talking about!”

Kitora’s eyes were directed towards Doji who stood in front of me.
That beautiful girl’s look was just as cold as ice.
Her voice even affected the others, freezing.
Go for it, Doji, my right hand!

“Though I don’t know who you are, but I won’t allow any more rudeness towards Akatsuki-sama, that’s what I said”

“Rude, you say? Even though the one being rude is that man over there! He failed to contact me for all this time even though I waited for this long. Do you think such a thing is forgivable?”

Then Doji suddenly turned around.
He looked at my face as if he has a hard time talking to me about something.

“Ehm, Is this girl……the same as……Akatsuki-sama’s, ehm, that kind of … person?”

Did Doji mean Elsa by saying “That kind of person” and “The same”?
For your information, I, like you, am still a virgin!

“Doji, I’m not in … that kind of relationship with this person over there. Rather this girl is a Priestess of Darkness, right? There’s no way she would become that kind of person, I guess”

“Ah, so it was like that? I’m relieved.”

Crescent Moon’s back which was facing us trembled slightly.
That fellow, she’s laughing at mine and Doji’s exchanges.
Shall I make you realise now what happens if you make fun of the villain Carlo de Medici?

“Oh my, don’t say that. Even I am just a common girl”

Kitora pouts and complains.
You see, I don’t think a Priestess of Darkness is something one would call common.

“Kitora, I get that you’re angry. It’s my bad, therefore I came here to invite you. Will you come with us?”

“Of course I will come along. Wasn’t that clear already? And you over there!”

This time she pointed her finger towards Doji with a whack sound.

“Wh-what? What do you want with me?”

Doji’s voice somewhat shook.
I know, the angry voice of a beautiful girl is a scary thing.

“If you talk in the same manner as you did just now in the future I won’t overlook that!”

“I, I only follow Akatsuki-sama’s orders. I won’t allow this either.”

Eeeehm, Doji, I’m happy that you feel this way but I think it would be better not to defy her on this point.
It’s fine to be scared so you don’t have to act tough.

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“If you speak to me in such a manner again I will turn you into my eternal slave!”

Aah, I knew it would turn out like this.
Doji, if you’re not careful you’ll be turned into an Undead.

“Akatsuki-sama, what does this girl mean by slave?”

Doji seemed concerned. He felt threatened even though he didn’t understand what she meant.

“Be careful, that girl is serious. Kitora, you as well. Don’t do anything weird. If you turn Doji into a zombie I’ll be troubled.”

“Zo, zombie?! I absolutely don’t want that!”

“Hmpf, then be careful with your manner of speaking. Let’s depart at once.”

Disregarding Doji who become teary eyed and fell back, Kitora immediately left the church.
Those heartless guys who turned to look towards the day after tomorrow to make sure they won’t get rolled up in this affair soon followed her in a hurry.

“Ehm, Kitora-san”

“Oh my, you are that magician. What was your name?”

“My name is Knopf. I wanted to ask you some things if that’s fine.”

As we were having a meal after we found a place to build a camp Knopf started to talk to Kitora.
For some reason, the strong-minded Kitora also had a soft spot for the cat girl, Knopf.

“That’s fine, what is it?”

“Is it possible to turn a living human being into a zombie?”

Hey, hey, what’s the cat-eared mad scientist interested in now?

“I can do it, of course. Though to make a Skeleton you have to kill them first and wait until they are reduced to bones or you have to shave off the meat.”

Kitora casually answered Knopf’s question.
Excuse me, could you please stop otherwise we’ll lose our appetite?

“What would you have to do specifically?”

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“I use this”

As she said that Kitora took out a potion from one of the bags.
Just taking a glimpse at that muddy, dark, green medicine would make one understand that this stuff was of suspicious nature.

“That is?”

“Nekrokinine, or otherwise known as the “Zombie drug”. I’ll let the other party drink this.”

“Ah, I kind of heard about this. Will one become a zombie just by drinking this?”

“How’s that possible. This medicine will bring one into a state between life and death. Black magic is necessary to ultimately make one into a zombie.”

“I see, so black magic is necessary after all”

Why do you sound slightly disappointed, Knopf?
I mean why are you carrying around such a medicine as if it’s normal, Kitora?!
What kind of state is a state between life and death anyway?
This stuff is a tremendously powerful drug, be careful with that!

“Isn’t that enough already?! I, if you don’t stop talking I won’t be able to sleep!”

Doji couldn’t take it anymore and raised his voice.
No wonder, if one thinks of themselves as the experiment material.
His dialect got worse out of fear, poor guy.
Crescent Moon and Pick were eating indifferently at a remote place.
I should have eaten with them there as well.
Even though the meat is cooked deliciously I don’t seem to have any appetite.
Like this night fell.


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