[Vol. 5] Chapter 3 – Lack of Money

Well, this is troubling.
 I don’t have a place to sleep for tonight.
 I gave all the money I had to Elsa and am now penniless.
 Though I could go back to the mansion but I’m too ashamed to face Mirea-san again after I left like this.
 It can’t be helped, I should go and do some quests as an adventurer to earn some money.

“Doji, we’re going to the adventurer’s guild. Come”

 If push comes to shove I make Doji help me out.
 Anyway, I have to get out of this beggar-like state no matter what.

“Heeh, so that’s how the adventurer’s guild looks like from the inside, huh? It’s my first time entering”

 As we entered the guild Doji looked around curiously.
 As it’s the end of the year there aren’t a lot of adventurers here.

“Yo, isn’t that Mister Akatsuki? Long time no see!”

 Crescent Moon who sat at her usual place waved her hand.
 She showed just as much skin as ever, even in winter.
 How can’t she be cold with her valley being exposed like this?
 Well, I don’t particularly dislike this though.

“So, who’s that huge big brother?”

 After having scanned Doji from top to bottom Crescent Moon uttered those words.
 Huge, you say, you’re mountains are huge as well!

“This is Doji. I’m in his care.”

“I’m Doji. I’m Car, I mean Akatsuki-sama’s right-hand man”

 Doji stuck out his chest as he said this.
 When did you become my right-hand man?
 Though I wanted to say something villainy like “I’m here with my right-hand man” but I withstood the temptation.
 It didn’t want to offend Doji who took care of me a lot.

“Hmpf, I’m Crescent Moon. So, what’s the matter? It’s the end of the year, you know?”

 Crescent Moon’s answer was rather curt.
 Please be more aware of what you are saying and have a little more interest in Doji!

“No, I was just wondering if there are any good quests around as my job came to a standstill.”

 Crescent Moon shrugged at my words.

“Well, my condolences. Unfortunately, there are nothing but rookie requests. And there aren’t any adventurer’s stupid enough to do them around here either”

 Then why are you here?
 Well, I wonder if she doesn’t have anywhere else to go or if she just has too much time to spare.
 But that’s troubling, I have to earn money after all.
 Just to be sure I looked over the bulletin board filled with requests.

 Search for a pet dog.
 Help with the year-end cleaning.
 Need someone to watch out for fires during midnight.
 Guard my house while I’m on my trip.
 ……There really isn’t anything else but rookie requests!
 I mean, don’t they treat adventurers like handymen?

“I told you, didn’t I? There’s no one to submit any requests because those idiots are resting around this time. But well, I could search for some work and hand it over to you, how about it?”

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 Crescent Moon grinned as she said that and stretched out her right hand.

“Too bad, Crescent Moon. I’m penniless right now. Therefore I can’t pay the information fee.”

“What did you say?! But mister, you’re this place’s feudal……”

 I quickly interrupted Crescent Moon who was about to shout out in a loud voice.
 Don’t announce someone’s identity in an already quite place.

“There are some circumstances why I can’t go back right now. So I thought about earning some money.”

“Hmpf, so it’s like that, huh? Then…… How about I’ll lend you some?”

 I could see right through that scheme by looking at Crescent Moon’s smile.
 Even if you’re wearing a red mask I can still understand that.
 That’s probably how the devil looks like when he approaches you with a contract to sell your soul.

“Please stop, I bet the interest rate will be terribly high, isn’t that so?”

“Hehe, did I get exposed? Can’t be helped”

She shrugged like a child which caused some mischief and stuck her tongue out.
 Even if you act cute it won’t do you any good.
 One can clearly see your true intentions after all.

“Hmm, well, then how about … we go to that place after such a long time?”

“With that place you mean……”The Stone Labyrinth”?”

“Good answer! I was rather curious about that place. I bet that priestess of darkness is also impatient and burning to go there”

 I see, I won’t die from just going there and I can take my time exploring, just what I like.
 I hope Pick and Knopf are free.
 Also, let’s not take my seniors with us this time.
 I’m sure they will be happy about that as well.

“That certainly sound nice, but as, I thought, I don’t want to go while still being penniless.”

“That’s why I told you I would lend you some!”

 Hey, hey, your drool is dripping out.
 You’re the only one I will never borrow money from.

“Ehm, Akatsuki-sama, you don’t have any money?”

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 Yeah, we were talking about that for some time now.

“Yeah. That’s why I wanted to earn some money quickly.”

“Then, use this”

 As he said that Doji handed me two gold coins.
 This is……?!

“Are you really fine with that? This s your”

“I don’t mind. I can buy my mother something on another day”

 You’re such a good guy for returning the bonus I gave you.
 Doji, you certainly are my right-hand man.
 While my insides grew hot I gratefully received the money.

“I’m sorry, I’ll return it by all means”

“Please don’t worry about it. More importantly, where are you going?”

“Yeah, we’re going to a dungeon we explored a while back.”

“Of course, you’ll take me with you, right?”

 Doji’s eyes were sparkling.
 Mmm, what should I do?
 Doji had a lot of fighting scenes in my novel as well, he would make a great vanguard.
 But the weapons he’s proficient with are huge axes.
 It would be rather obstructive if I swing my great sword and Doji swings his battle axe at the same time inside such a small cave.
 Let’s stop him after all.

“I’m sorry, but could you stay behind this time?”

“Eh, can’t you take me with you? I’m Akatsuki-sama’s right-hand man after all!?”

“Even so, this time it’s a little, you know”

“……Then could you give me back the money I gave you just now?”


“I thought you would take me with you so I gave it to you. If you’re not taking me with you please give it back!”

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 That’s troubling, really troubling.
 If it turns out like this I have to borrow it from Crescent Moon.
 If that happens she’ll surely rob me of anything I own.
 It can’t be helped, haa.

“I got it, I got it, we are taking you with us”

“Really?! I’m happy”

“Is that so? That’s good. Before we go there’s something I want to ask of you first, Doji”

“What is it?”

“Crescent Moon, give me some paper and a pen”

 I wrote a letter.
 I got close to Doji’s face and spoke in a low voice so that no one could hear me.

“Get your weapon, go back to the mansion and give this letter to Mirea.”

“Understood. I’ll give it to Mirea-san”

“Tell Mirea to immediately give this to the Knight Leader if there’s an emergency”

“I’ll tell her to hand it to the leader if something happens”

“Right, I’m counting on you. This is a secret mission for my right-hand man”

 As soon as he heard secret mission Doji became self-confident.
 He likes this kind of stuff, huh?

“Alright, it’s decided. Well then, Crescent Moon, let’s get Knopf and Pick.”

“Yeah, fine. Just for confirmation, but I lend you some paper and a pen just now, so … …”

 Shi, shiiit.
 Crescent Moon’s smirking was just too scary.
 I have to be careful to never borrow anything from Crescent Moon.


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