[Vol. 5] Chapter 1 – Bonus

The end of the year finally approached.
I asked Melissa if there were any special end-of-the-year events but she told me there weren’t any.
I see, in that case, I have a good idea.

“Melissa, could you call Pikaru, Reina and Mirea?”


“You called?”

“Ooh, Pikaru. Reina and Mirea came as well. The end of the year is approaching, isn’t it?”

“That’s right, I feel like this year was rather different in various ways.”

Well, of course, as Carlo’s, the lord’s, insides got replaced.
Though it hard for everyone, but the last months were like a surging wave for me.
For me to become the villain of the fantasy novel I wrote myself.
What kind of career change is that?

“Umu, everyone worked hard this past year. Therefore, I thought about giving you a bonus”

“A Bonus? What’s that?”

“Yeah, a special reward. Additionally, I’ll give you some vacation you can comfortably spend in at home.”

“Thank you for your consideration. However, aside from the bonus, if everyone takes a vacation all at once then there would be no one to take care of Carlo-sama. Because of such reasons we should take turns in taking some days off.”

That’s troublesome.
Then, with my idea ruined, I had to think of another way.

“I’m glad that you say that but then my mind won’t be at ease. I want everyone to spend some time at home. Reina, don’t you want to see your parents after such long time as well?”

“Carlo-sama, thank you very much! I haven’t seen my parents’ face in such a long time, I’m sure they will be pleased and I can even buy a souvenir with the special bonus!”

Reina is such an obedient, good child.
Disregarding the fact that she’s rotten.

“I’m always troubling Melissa. You should just relax at home on these holidays.”

“That’s……Thank you for your kind words. But as my duty is to take care of Carlo-sama, I’m content with just the thought.”

Melissa clearly declined with tears in her eyes.
Looks like she won’t take a day off so easily, what should I do?

“Melissa-sama, please leave Carlo-sama’s care to me. I don’t have a home to return to and I’m grateful to both Melissa-sama and Carlo-sama. So leave this to me by all means.”

Mirea spoke passionately to Melissa.
That’s right, Mirea-san didn’t have a place to return to.
But if it’s just Mirea-san who stays behind it should be fine.
As a mother, she has to take care of her daughter, Lucia, after all.

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“Melissa, this is a precious offer. You should do as Mirea said. I also intend to spend these vacations comfortably without minding government affairs, so Mirea is enough to care for me.”

“Well, Carlo-sama, that’s no good. Are you making such a racket because you want to get rid of me?”

Alright, Melissa laughed.
Looks like I was able to do it somehow.

“That’s why, Pikaru. I don’t intend to do any government related work during these holidays. If something happens I shall immediately contact you so you can spend your time with you family in peace.”

“Understood. If that’s what you say I shall take some days off. I should show my face to my wife and son from time to time as well.”

I did it, everything went well……That’s not it, I mean, eeeh?
Pikaru had a wife and son?!
Even though I’m the author I never knew about that.
I wonder if he still had hair when he married or did she like his baldness?……I’m curious.
However, there are many settings I as the author didn’t know about.
Well, fine, the stage is now set.

“Well then, Carlo-sama, I shall take a few days off if you insist. Please take care of yourself”

“Got it, Melissa. Be at ease, I won’t act recklessly.”

“I hope so. Mirea, please take good care of him”

“Certainly. Leave it to me”

“I told General Marcus and the Imperial Guard Order to take some days off, but is that really fine?”

“It’s alright, Pikaru. F is close by as well. As soon as something comes up I shall contact you so be at ease.”

“Certainly. Then I have nothing to worry about.”

As I said that Pikaru deeply lowered his glittering head.
The biggest cause for his shining head is certainly psychogenic stress.
I didn’t tell him that as to not upset his stomach.

“Well then, Reina, make sure to listen well to your parent”

“Thank you, I will. Please take care of yourself.”

Reina, what’s with that thin book peeking out of your bag?
Could that be your new work?……I don’t want to hear about it as I’m scared of what I might see.

“Then we shall be off”

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Like this, everyone left the mansion.

“Everyone has left”

“That’s right. But are you really fine? Why don’t you take Lucia somewhere?”

“No, that child seems to look forward to playing with her friends she made in school.”

Mirea-san smiled at me who sat on a sofa.
Well then, let’s get to the main subject.

“Mirea, I have a request, is that fine?”

“Yes, what is it?”

“Actually, I intend to leave this place for some time. So, you see, the thing is, somehow……”

“You want me to keep this a secret from Melissa-sama and Pikaru-sama?”

Mirea completed my sentence with a smile.
Di, did I get exposed?

“Ah, no, well, if you want to put it simply.”

“Ufufu, I thought as much. With those two people around it’s hard for Carlo-sama to spread your wings after all.”

“Is that fine with you?”

“Of course. Carlo-sama saved mine and my daughter’s life while also giving me work and her an opportunity to study. This is a debt I can never fully repay. I’ll obey your orders, no matter what”

****, I became slightly tingly.
You’re grateful to such an extent?
Though I’m happy, please think of me as a villain.

“Besides, Carlo-sama is already a splendid adult so Melissa-sama is slightly overprotective, isn’t she? Please take this opportunity to spread your wings to your heart’s content.”

While saying that Mirea teasingly winked at me.
****, is that an adult woman’s composure?
As expected of a widow, she understands.

“I’m sorry and thank you. You shall get a bonus fitting your actions, so look forward to it.”

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“Well, about the bonus, thank you. I’ll buy something nice for Lucia.”

Like this, I gained some freedom.


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