[Vol. 2] Chapter 5 – Rush

I thought I would end this case with finding the wire-puller and putting him away, but the plan changed.
 I decided to just talk with Gerg.

 It resulted in them stopping the kidnappings for a while and falling into a wait-and-see state.
 Carlo, namely me will leak out that he will pack his mansion full with soldiers as a precaution.
 Gyan and also Zackary were made to patrol, Crescent Moon and I were also asked to do it but we said we still had some business and would join them shortly, with that being said we forcibly left.

 It seems like the Princess’s maid, Fraudia, will soon be delivered to Prince Armandi Rejum.
 At the same time, Rejum intends to use her as a means to ensure his personal security.

 I parted with Crescent Moon at the hideout then I returned to the mansion and called for F and Lunos.

“Carlo-sama’s plan worked really well.”

 Lunos reported this but I obviously knew this already.
 Well, I was there after all.

“Looks like it, I got a report from my subordinate a few minutes ago. I know who the mastermind is.”

“Who is it?”

 As F asked Lunos who also was interested leant forward.

“Don’t be surprised when you hear this, it’s old man Gerg.”

“What? That Viscount Gerg is behind the kidnappings? I can’t believe that. Is the information reliable?”

“Yeah, he seemed to have directly met him in the mansion and talked to him. He told me there was a kidnapped girl there.”⌈1

 I was seriously surprised that Lunos knew of Gerg’s good reputation.
 That’s to be expected, I wouldn’t believe it either if I didn’t see it with my own eyes.

“Viscount Gerg was close with Carlo-sama, right? How shall we do this?”

“Obviously attacking him isn’t possible. However, assuming that he was found out, that guy is gathering soldiers. He will soon make his move.”

“A raid?”

“I see, I will punish him with my own hands.”

“However, wouldn’t it be bad if we start a fight with Viscount Gerg who got his peerage from the king?”

 F’s worry was also reasonable.
 That’s why I wanted to cut him down as Akatsuki and not as Carlo at first.
 But I have a plan this time.

“I thought about this point. Gather the Imperial Guard immediately. I don’t care who comes. We’ll depart as soon as you gathered enough.”

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 As one would expect, those two are excellent warriors, as soon as they understood my intentions they immediately left to gather soldiers.

 Ting Ting――⌈2

 I rang the bell and called for Melissa.

“What are your orders, Carlo-sama?”

“I’ll shortly leave this place with some soldiers. I want to ask you to immediately prepare the equipment.”

“Well, this late at night? Understood, I shall immediately prepare it.”

“I’m sorry. Additionally, I may return with some women. They’ll probably be tired. Please make preparations to accommodate them.”

“- – Understood, I shall prepare everything for them.”

 For an instant, Melissa looked like she wanted to know the whole story but lowered her head without saying anything.
 Melissa is a good person after all.

“Are you ready? Our goal is the Viscount’s house. There’s no doubt that the enemy is also armed. Don’t be careless!”

 After F’s commands, a momentary unrest runs through the gathered knights.
 They were told to invade Viscount Gerg who enjoys such a good reputation.
 However, as one would expect they were well trained and the unrest had immediately settled down.

“Mount your horses, advance!”

 At F’s shout approximately 20 knights started to march.
 As they are a cavalry corps only consisting out of mounted knights their marching speed was considerable.
 Their mobility was their biggest weapon after all.

“The Imperial Guard Order is passing through! Make way!”

 People wondered what was going on as a cavalry group was running through Braham at night.
 Oops, “that” which I put near my chest nearly fell because of the vibrations caused by White King.
 Dangerous, dangerous.

 We left Braham and rode our horses for a while before the light of Gerg’s mansion was visible.
 To not be exposed we halted at a slightly remote place and arrange our formation.

“Lunos, you’ll go with the knights to confront the opposing soldiers. F you’ll come with me, please take care of that guy’s guard. I’ll have a man-to-man talk with Gerg. Oh, and Lunos, protect all the women kept inside. Especially the woman with a collar around her neck. She’s the key figure. Don’t let her even get a single scratch.”

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 Everyone ties their horses together and sneaked towards the mansion on foot.
 As expected, there were no guards out. They can’t even imagine someone attacking them now.
 As we approached the mansion several knights went to the door with a wooden hammer in their hands.
 Ah, isn’t that the guy with the good body who lost against me in the second round of the Sword Fighting Competition?
 He’s certainly the third corps’ Captain, give it your all (laughs).


“We’ll attack them, come on!”

 At the same time, the door got wrecked Lunos’ unit pulled their swords and jumped inside.
 I took my Oricalcum Sword in my hand and finally entered together with F.

 When we entered battles started in various places.
 When I looked to Lunos I saw Gyan was his opponent.
 Even though you were able to escape with so much effort, I’m disappointed, Gyan.

 There were a lot of people here, the knights who were free protected the women.
 Yeah, if it’s like this Fraudia will surely be fine.
 Of course, the door got guarded so that no one could escape.

 Seeing that Zackary isn’t here he’s probably on the second floor together with Gerg.
 I went up the grand staircase together with F.

 Different than the noisy first floor the second floor was quiet.
 While watching our surroundings we cautiously went through the corridor and then around the next corner there was a man.
 Zackary was guarding an especially luxurious door.
 Behind it was Gerg’s room.

“F, please distract that guy. Gerg should be on the other side of the door. I’ll try to get in.”


 Zackary shouted at me and F who lowered his head.

“I’m Greg-sama’s right-hand man, the knight, Zackary! No matter who you are I won’t let you through!”

“I’m Carlo-sama’s head of the Imperial Guard Order, Fitzgerald. He said he wishes to go through that door. Let us through.”⌈3

 Zackary reacted to F’s words calmly.

“Hoh, you’re the ******* who defeated that pretty boy, Lunos. Then you shouldn’t be lacking as an opponent!”

 Ehm, he also defeated me.
 It was in the finals, too.
 Are you just going to ignore me, is that so?⌈4

 Oh well, that guy isn’t a match for F but I want to enter that room as soon as possible.
 For that, I can’t just wait until F defeated him.
 I can’t let Gerg escape no matter what.

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“F, Lets both attack him to get through. Is that fine?”

“Certainly. Then let us go.”

 After hearing our conversation Zackary flew into a rage.

“You guys are cowardly for attacking this Zackary with two people. Fight me one on one like a dignified knight!”

 Even if you say that, you won’t let us through so you’re the bad one here.
 Besides, I’m a villain so there’s no need for me to be “dignified”.

 I completely ignored Zackary’s words and was about to hit him together with F.
 You can’t do anything if the Sword Fighting Competition’s champion and runner-up attack you together.

 F and I inexhaustibly attacked Zackary with our swords.
 Zackary tried to desperately block but honestly his short-comings can’t be denied.
 It’s just that he doesn’t receive any severe wound because he’s wearing a heavy armour.

 As one would expect of F, he’s good.
 Zackary gets gradually driven to the wall.
 Thanks to that a gap was created through which I could pass.

“I’m sorry, F. Don’t let anyone enter until I say it’s good.”


 After I just exchanged a few words with him I placed my hand on the doorknob.

“W, wait!”

 Zackary hastily shouted but that’s all he could do because he was busy blocking F’s sword so he couldn’t chase after me.


 As I turned the doorknob the door opened.
 There was no need for a key.


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