[Vol. 2] Chapter 11 – Secret Meeting

“Then shall we greet him?”

“Is that alright? The other party is a big shot.”

“We’re going to fight anyway so there’s no need to be reserved.”

 I grinned at Lunos and went towards Rejum.
 Normally I wouldn’t act that boldly, seems like I got a little influenced by Carlo this time.
 Rejum’s followers seemed surprised as they saw me come over.
 But as one would expect of Rejum, his expression didn’t change.

“If it isn’t Carlo-dono, it has been a long time, hasn’t it?”

“Duke Armandi, you haven’t changed at all.”

“I heard about the thing with Viscount Gerg. Carlo-dono seemed to have wonderfully uncovered this crime.”

 To talk about this matter right away on his own accord, what an impudent guy.
 He plans to put all the blame on Gerg and make himself appear completely unconcerned.

“Thanks to that the ringleader committed suicide. From this point on I intend to search for the person who controlled them from the shadows.”

 Did I sound like Pick just now?

“The person who controlled them from the shadows, is it? You have to track that person down by all means.”

“For the Duke to say this, it boosts my motivation. His Majesty also told me that.”

 Rejum should have heard about my report to the King from Earl McBell from a little while ago.
 But he shouldn’t know about the exchange in the King’s living room.

“Hoh, his Majesty, is it?”

“Yeah. He told me something like I should find that person no matter what to ensure Franz Kingdom’s stability and order.”

“Carlo-dono, you were that close to His Majesty?”

“That’s strange. Isn’t it natural to devote all your loyalty to His Majesty the King as we received our peerage in this Franz Kingdom?”

 On the surface, this sounded rather innocent but if I had to summarise its meaning it would be “Could it be you aren’t on the king’s side?” and “Shut up, I don’t feel like becoming your follower, Idiot”.⌈1
 Seeing the bitter faces of his followers in the vicinity made me smile.

“I see. I shall keep that in mind.”

“Is that so? I shall take my leave now.” 

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 After I said just that I lowered my head and left.
 This much should be enough to provoke them.

 I was just going to leave the Ball hall when I passed Fraudia.
 She passed me a small, folded piece of paper while we were walking past each other.

“Tonight, 11:00”

 Fraudia left after she whispered only that.
 What is this? An invitation to a date?!⌈2

 As I left the Ball hall I opened the small piece of paper Fraudia gave me and read the following: “At the bridge leading into the royal palace.”
 It’s that drawbridge I crossed to enter the palace.
 What on earth does she want from me?
 I’m really excited!

“Carlo-sama, did something happen?”

“N, no, nothing at all.”

 I hastily hid the paper as I heard Lunos who followed me.
 Only that guy can’t find out about this.
 I see that good-looking guy as my rival after all for now.

“Is that so? I shall take Carlo-sama to the residence now.”

“Please do”

 I left the castle, crossed the drawbridge and went to my residence.
 Later at that bridge……I’m nervous!
 The bells indicating it’s half past 9 just sounded which means it’s another one and a half hour until that time.

“Welcome back, Carlo-sama. I waited for you.”

 Even if you call it a residence it wasn’t really big.
 Well, about as big as my mansion in Braham.
 It’s no surprise that it is like that, I’m an emerging, inexperienced noble after all.
 But it was warm thanks to Doji who lit a fire earlier.
 Nals was also waiting there.
“Lunos, how did the intelligence gathering at the ball go?”

“Everything went smoothly as I found a woman with a loose mouth. I shall make her talk tonight as well … slowly.”

 As I expected, Lunos’ lady-killer skills could be useful as well.
 In that point, I’m no match for that fellow.⌈3
 But even I have a date today!⌈4

“I see, then please do that. Nals, how was the meeting with the Minister?”

“As I expected, Minister Walles is a capable person. He’s a formidable opponent but I’ll be able to do something.”

“If this negotiation goes well we will gain more flexibility in our military reform and economic policies.”

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“Understood. It should be fine as increasing our power to benefit the other side isn’t a bad excuse.”

 As I was talking with Nals like that Lunos left.
 He put on a stylish scarf and wore his military uniform.
 I’ll also use that as reference.
 Meanwhile, I heard the bell indicating it is half past 10.
 ****, only 30 minutes left.

“Let’s leave it at that for today. Please give it your all tomorrow as well.”

“Certainly, good night”

 After I confirmed that Nals left and entered his room I hastily got ready to go out once again.
 I did my hair and brushed my teeth.
 Of course, I changed my underwear as well. ⌈5
 I don’t know how the situation might develop after all.
 Should I take my Oricalcum sword with me, just in case?

 I quietly left my room and sneaked down the stairs.
 This reminded me of my student days when I tried to sneak out of the house without my mother noticing.
 In those days I still had friends…….⌈6
 I tried to open the entrance door with the key as quietly as possible.


“Carlo-sama, are you going out this late at night?”

 I nearly got a heart attack.
 Please stop that~ I’m weak to those kinds of things.
 It was Doji who called out to me from the darkness.
 When I looked closer he had his huge axe in his hand.

“Do, Doji, huh? What are you doing here?”

“Lunos-sama told me to stand guard because we don’t know if a noble might decide to attack us.”

 I see, the possibility for that to happen surely exists as I declared war just a while ago.
 Though I’m grateful that you are concerned about me but I’m running out of time here.

“Where’s Carlo-sama going?”

“No, it’s just some boorish business I have to take care of.”

“Hehe, it’s that kind of thing, huh? As I thought. Then let me accompany you.”

“Eh? N, no, but, that’s……”

“Isn’t it fine? I won’t tell anyone what I heard or saw, not even Lunos-sama or Pikaru-sama.”

 ……Well, is it alright because Doji is a character who admires Carlo a whole lot?
 It can’t be helped, I don’t have time to persuade him so let’s take him with me.

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“I got it, then come. Please keep this a secret.”

“I shall keep it a secret.”

 I hurried to the bridge as promised together with Doji.
 Just when I arrived the bell sounded indicating it is 11:00.
 Uwa, I’m late.
 Coming too late to one’s first date is the worst in my opinion (cries).

“I’m sorry, I kept you waiting.”

 When I reached the promised place I saw a woman standing in the dark.
 I couldn’t see her face as she covered it with a shawl.
 I let Doji stand close to me and called out to the woman.

“No, I’m sorry for calling you out at such an hour.”

“What business would you have with me this late at night?”

“Yes, there’s something I want to ask Carlo-sama by all means.”⌈7
I noticed that Fraudia was tense from the sound of her voice.
 ****, what does she want to ask me?
 Something like: “do you have a girlfriend at the moment?” or “What do you think of me?”
 If she asks me that what should I answer? How did I answer in those games……?

“Why did you propose to Princess Charlotte?”⌈8

 Ah, it’s about that, huh?
 That’s bad, that’s bad.
 Well, of course, she’d be bothered about it as that happened right in front of her.
 I’m too careless to forget about that.
  I want to get engaged to Sharon because it’s necessary for the story.
 But it’s not like I can tell Fraudia that. What should I do?

“I didn’t propose to her I asked His Majesty to get engaged to her, you should have heard that as well, Fraudia.”

“But isn’t that the same as proposing? Why? This should have been the first time you met the Princess.”

 I can’t make a wrong choice here.
 This might end in the engagement with Sharon getting cancelled not to mention my relationship with Fraudia will suffer if I fail here.⌈9
 Think carefully, don’t make any mistakes, me.

“Fraudia, can you promise me that you are absolutely loyal to Her Imperial Highness the Princess?”

“Of course. I value the Princess more than anything else.”

“Can you also promise me that you’ll never leak a secret if it’s asked of you?”

“If it’s for the princess’ good.”

 This girl is a smart child.
 Rather than deceiving her, I should…… tell her the truth to some extent.
 Of course, I can’t tell her about the final part.

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“Got it. Then listen well to what I have to say now.”


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