[Vol. 2] Chapter 10 – Ball

“Ma, Margrave Medici, this joke is going too far!”

 Minister Walles panicked.
 No wonder, I suddenly proposed to the princess after all.
 My original self would never have done this in such a forceful way.
 But the story’s setting of “Yuusha Tensei” would collapse if I didn’t do something here.

“No, this isn’t a joke. If Her Imperial Highness Princess Charlotte and I get engaged it would strengthen my position and direct all the feudal lord’s opposition towards me at the same time. If it turns out like this the criticism which was supposed to be directed towards His Majesty will decrease and it would become easier to start the reform, don’t you think?”

“……A vassal asking for Her Imperial Highness’ hand, even if you said you want be His Majesty’s strength this is disrespectful. What on earth are you plotting?”

 General Dolus interrogated me with a rugged face.
 This person is really serious when it comes to the King.
 When he glared at me with that stern face my original character resurfaced again and I nearly became fainthearted.
 That’s no good, I have to hold out.

“Please forgive my repeated disrespectful behaviour. However, the conservative feudal lords including Duke Armandi are powerful. To oppose them considerable preparation and suitable power are necessary. If I would get engaged to Her Imperial Highness then my position would become clearer and I would become the representative for the powers sympathising with the Royal Family. Please, allow it.”

“However, I must ask about Her Imperial Highness’ intentions first……”

 At Walles’ words everybody turned towards Charlotte all at once.
 The Princess didn’t seem like she had recovered from her surprise but as she noticed the eyes focused on her she slowly started to speak, choosing her words carefully.

“If it’s necessary, I shall obey If His Majesty decides it is the best for this country.”

“However, Princess……”

“Walles, it’s fine. I’ve been brought up as this country’s princess. I’m prepared to give my all for this country.”

 Mmm, the princess said it.
 Though I feel sorry to get us engaged so forcefully but you’ll soon be able to meet your wonderful Hero-sama and can have lovey-dovey (peep) with him so be patient, Sharon.
 Ah, Sharon is Princess Charlotte’s nickname.
 But Sharon was a girl who would clearly show her will.
 Though I though her character was more tomboyish and selfish.
 There really is a gap between reality and the author’s expectations.

“Fumu, I don’t really understand Carlo’s words. But if Charlotte says so I shall think about it.”

 The King uttered that in a hoarse voice.
 Alright, I somehow did it!
 Just when I thought that he continued.

“But I’m not giving away my beloved daughter so easily. Carlo, this will depend on your future achievements. Charlotte is a very important tool for negotiations for this country, she’ll only marry the most beneficial partner. Fufufu……”

 Is it normal to call one’s own daughter “Tool for negotiations” right in front of her?
 See, this whole situation turned awkward.⌈1

“Certainly. Then let’s decide it based on my future achievements.”

 I didn’t yield to that atmosphere and carefully consented.
 Well, as long as I haven’t been declined it’s progress.

 I left the King’s living room and reunited with Nals, Lunos and Doji.

“That’s the reason, Nals. I leave those detailed negotiations to you.”

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“Understood, it’s a matter of acknowledging this as an economic stimulus instead of a burden on the governmental funds to realise the pavement of the highway and the military expansion.”

“Please tell me if you need anything. Don’t let your guard down, the other party is Minister Walles after all.”

“I’ll be fine. I’ll do my best as this is also a measurement necessary to oppose the barbarians.”

“And Lunos, this is a list of nobles who are likely to resist Duke Armandi. Investigate them in secret.”

“Certainly. Then I shall look for a talkative lady and have her tell me some things.”

 I’ll let the Rabbit group investigate the information on the list as well.
 Lunos is able to easily gain the favour of women so he’ll be able to investigate through that way.
 He’s a good-looking, popular man after all.
 Bringing Lunos instead of F with me was the right decision after all.
 Even though F is also good-looking, work like this is impossible for him.

 When night fell I was invited to a ball hosted by the King.
 I’ve never danced on a ball before……!
 I’m generally bad with those luxurious kind of things.
 ****, I’m nervous.
 Ah, that woman who’s obviously walking towards me.
 Though she’s a beautiful woman wearing a fancy dress and having her hair put up in a bun she looked kind of old (rude).⌈2
Did she lock on to me……? !

“Margrave Carlo de Medici, you were able to come. Would you like to dance with me?”

 Uuh, it’s absolutely impossible for me to dance after all!
 In the worst case scenario, I might sprain my foot in the middle of it, you know?!

 ……Though I thought like that I was able to dance without a problem thanks to the author’s correction.⌈3
 One-two-three, one-two-three.
 Before I knew what happened my body was dancing on its own.
The author’s correction is amazing.

 It seems like the name Carlo was well known so I received many dance invitations from various ladies.
 Though I took all the invitations, hmm, I had yet to find someone who fits my taste.
 Everyone was kind of, a little, slightly, considerably flashy.
 There’s a large gap in preferences there.
 Rozea of the Moulin Rouge is many times sexier and more beautiful.
 And before Crescent Moon’s large mountains everyone else pales in comparison.⌈4

 When I think about it, it could be said that I got used to women.⌈5
 The former me would have been flying out of bliss.
 Even if I say that I’m still a virgin.
 ……Well, for now at least.
 I also had “another purpose” for coming to the Capital Ruan this time around.⌈6
 I thought about such things while I was dancing and after being exhausted I began to drink some liquor close to a wall.
 Lunos was dancing elegantly on the dancefloor.
 The eyes of the women in the vicinity were pinned on him.
 Yeah yeah, Lunos sure is a handsome and elegant man.
 Bringing that guy was really the right choice.
 He’ll surely be able to bring me some useful information.

 Then suddenly everyone stopped chattering and turned towards the grand staircase.
 A loud voice echoed through the Ball hall.

“Her Imperial Highness Princess Charlotte has arrived!”

 Charlotte, wearing a tiara and a dress, elegantly went down the grand staircase.
 The whole Ball hall was filled with applause.
 But if one listened carefully one could hear some women whisper things like “How haughty” and “Not a big deal”.
 A woman’s jealousy sure is scary.

 Charlotte received greetings from a large group of attendants.
 Then our eyes incidentally met.
 Uuh, she’s coming over here.

“Carlo-sama, would you like to dance?”

 Charlotte invited me.
 Uuh, those stares are painful.

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“With pleasure”

 I put on a cool expression, bowed then took Sharon’s hand and begun to dance with her.
 The Music had a slow, sweet melody.
 I put one hand on Sharon’s waist and slowly danced to the music.
 Sharon put her mouth close to my ear and whispered into it without the people around us noticing.

“You surprised me there a little while ago. Why did you say such a thing so suddenly?”

“On one hand, because I wanted to show my loyalty towards His Majesty and on the other because my heart was taken by Her Imperial Highness’ stunning beauty.”

“It’s useless, even if you tell lies like that. We just met for the first time.”

“Time doesn’t matter when it comes to falling in love with someone. Besides with the Princess’ beauty and straight-forwardness, my heart was easily capture.”

“Let’s take this as a compliment for now then. But do you really intend to support His Majesty the King?”

“Indeed. I plan to serve the King from the bottom of my heart.”

“Those words are enough. I pray for your success.”

 As Sharon said this, we parted and she went somewhere.
 Aah, what a nice smell.
 Though my mouth sprouted those lines as if it had a life of its own, I did well for a virgin.

“Carlo-sama, Duke Armandi has been glaring at you since a little while ago.”

 Lunos casually came over and whispered into my ear.
 When I looked into the direction Lunos pointed in I saw a man wearing a black moustache with an excellent build.⌈7
 That’s Duke Armandi Rejum.
 Is that the point where I declare war?


  1. It’s not like you proposed to her all of a sudden which led to that or something 
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  4. Hurray no Felicia to be seen~ 
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  6. Which would be? Getting rid of your V-card? 
  7. Isn’t that like General Dolus without the military uniform? 

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