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[Vol. 1] Chapter 19 – Diva

I who returned to Braham gave back the horse I borrowed and reported to the adventurer’s guild.

Of course, I reported with “There wasn’t anything particular going on” though it’s a lie.

Even with that, the reward doesn’t change.

Yeah, I’m a bad guy if I do say so myself.

Then after we parted with Crescent Moon I took Pick to the hideout.

“Is this the head’s house? It doesn’t really feel lived in.”

I don’t live here.

“I hardly sleep here. Pick, as I said before you’ll be responsible for the communication between me you’ll go back and forth between this place and the other guys, so you go back and forth between this place and the Rabbit group’s hideout.”

“Understood. What should I answer when someone asks me about my relationship with you?”

“If someone asks tell them you’re Akatsuki’s little sister.”

“I’m the Head’s younger sister? Hehe”

Why’s she so pleased with that?

Even though she tried to stab me to death a while ago.

What a fast change.

“So, what should I normally do? Stealing is no good, right?”

“Stop committing crimes. You might get caught if you do that. Register at the Adventurer’s Guild, collect rumours about the adventurers and demon beasts while you do quests.”

“Ehehe, are you worried about me?”

“If you’re not here I’d have trouble with the communication. There, it’s the key to this place. However, you can’t stay here you’ll have to look for another place to stay on your own.”

“Head, I wouldn’t mind sleeping in the same bed though”

……That’s why I said, I don’t have that kind of hobby!

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I don’t know your actual age but I can get myself over the fact that you look like an elementary school student.

And I don’t really want to be in a relationship with someone who tried to kill me a while ago.

I roughly explained this place’s traffic system to Pick and told her to tell Bass and Drum to give her two gold coins from the money I gave them as living expenses.

I almost spend the 20 gold coins I received from Pikaru, about 20 million yen, in one day.

Yeah, as expected of the villain Carlo, indulging in extravagant luxury. (TN: ………………………. I’m crying)

After Pick left I took off my mask, then with different clothes I left the house.

I didn’t forget to lock the door.

I made sure nobody saw me on my way back.

I intended to immediately return to the mansion but then there was a nice fragrance drifting out of a shop I happened to pass.

It seemed to be a restaurant/bar called “Fawn pavilion”.

It’s already dusk and I’m hungry, should I go home and eat?

“Are there any free seats?”

“Yes, there are some vacant seats at the counter. As long as you don’t want a table I can guide you.”

“I don’t mind. Guide me.”

I was guided to the counter in the back of the shop.

The shop is packed with customers. Seems like this place is pretty popular.

At the centre of the shop was a small, stage-like platform where a girl was singing songs.

“Felicia-chan, you’re the best!”

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“You’re the cutest, Feliciaaaa~!!”

Those young men shouting like jaaa~jaaa~ in a loud voice, those are that girl’s fans, right?

They seem to have fun, but honestly, they are more of a nuisance to me.

Generally speaking, I’m a figurine and 2-dimension-type otaku not an idol otaku type.

When I got the menu and was thinking about what I should order a fat man who wore pretty good clothes came over and started to whisper in my ear.

“I’m the owner of this Fawn pavilion, Fats. I saw you, Margrave Carlo-sama, from over there.”

“Aah, is that so? Don’t disturb me.”

“So it was like I thought. You’re not accompanied by attendants either, are you here incognito?”

“Something like that.”

“I feel honoured that you have come to our store. I’m embarrassed to have Carlo-sama eat at the counter. Please follow me to our private room. This way, please.”

“I am thankful, but I’m fine. Special consideration is unnecessary.”

“That’s not the case. Please, this way.”

I was overwhelmed by the owner called Fats and was guided to the private room in the back.

Although it’s small the furniture is excellent and isn’t this the so-called VIP room?

“Thank you again for visiting our shop today. I’m the owner Fats.”

“I’m Carlo de Medici. I’m sorry for troubling you. I just had an empty stomach.”

I’m honoured. We are proud of our calf stew, it’s our shop’s specialty.”

Beef stew is one of my favourites.

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My mother’s stew with herbs was delicious.

“Then I shall try it.”

“Certainly, just a moment please.”

Fats left and as soon as I started to wait for my dish the door knocked.

I think it’s still too early for it to be done, but what could it be?

“You may enter”

“Excuse me”

It was the owner Fats and the girl who was singing on the stage just a while ago.

Behind them was a man holding a guitar-like string instrument.

“This girl Is Felicia, this store’s diva, and our pride. If you like she could sing one piece for you while you wait.”

As Fats said this, the girl called Felicia-chan lowered her head to me.

“It might soil your ears, but I would be honoured if you could listen to my songs like Carlo-sama”

I didn’t get a good look on her a while ago, but she’s a pretty girl with white skin chestnut coloured hair and lovely eyes.

To be frank, it’s rather embarrassing to let her sing for only me, but declining is too rude, so I gave my OK.

“Thank you. I shall sing”

After Felicia-chan bowed to me elegantly she started to sing to the string instrument’s sound.

A transparent and carefree singing voice, wearing an adorable and discreet smile, her eyes sometimes tinged with sorrow to suit the lyrics.

I was overwhelmed.

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It’s a pity that it will end soon.

If that girl would be an idol of my original world I would have turned into an idol otaku, bought all her CDs and would have attended to every handshake event.

She’s too angelic, it’s dangerous.

“Thank you”

After Felicia-chan finished singing she again bowed deeply to me.

“How was it?”

To Fats’ question, I answered it was the best.

Because I couldn’t answer in any other way.

“Thank you. Then how about another piece?”

I couldn’t say no to Fats’ offer.

Felicia-chan sang another song only for me.

Besides, this time it included dancing, too.

Unlike the slow song of a little while ago, the next song was rhythmical and had a higher tempo. A good song.

I can see now why the older brothers from a while would raise their voices.

Felicia’s song and dance captured my heart and wouldn’t let it go.

Aah, I want a figurine of this child, too.

“Hah, hah, thank you”

After she finished her second piece my dish was carried in.

Felicia-chan again bowed deeply and left.

It was justified that he said they were proud of their calf stew, it surely was delicious.

But my head was filled with Felicia-chan.

I didn’t listen to Fats talking about the dish.

“How was it?”

After I finished eating Fats asked me that.

“Yeah, it was as delicious as you told me. I’ll stop by often from now on”

To meet Felicia-chan.

(TN: siiiiigh)

“Thank you”

I paid up and caught a glimpse of Felicia-chan singing on the stage across the hall when I left the small room.

Though Felicia-chan was in the middle of a song she greeted me with her eyes for an instant.

So that’s what it feels like to “get a reply”, huh? (TN: from a girl one likes, I guess)

It’s strange because this was enough to make me happy.

I was seen off by owner Fats and left the Fawn pavilion to return to the mansion.

I got scolded by Melissa for returning so late and not informing them I would eat outside, but I’m fine.

I fell asleep while feeling happy.

(TN: sigh pls don’t get hopelessly addicted to that girl)


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