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Chapter 46 – Explosion of Evil

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 712
Editor(s): Robinxen

“Eli, that’s enough.”
“Ah! Give it back, Brother Elias! I can’t go on without drinking that!”

Elias snatched the overflowing wine glass from Eleanor’s hand, unsure of how many cups his sister had already downed. Eleanor was already wasted. Her face’s red, resembling a ripe tomato.

The faint aroma of alcohol coming from Eleanor made Elias frown.

“What’s wrong Eli? This is not like you.”
“My dreams of being held by a gentleman today were crushed to pieces! Just leave me alone, please.”
“…Good grief. Fine. But no more drinking.” Elias said before turning to leave.

Eleanor seized Elias’ arm firmly and wouldn’t let go.

Elias turned to face Eleanor and saw that she was glaring at him angrily, her cheeks all swollen up.

“Huh? What’s wrong?”
“Who in the world would leave a lady after she’s told him to do so1?”
“God, so annoying.”
“Huh?! So mean!”

Elias turned to Dios for aid, but Dios simply shook his head and appeared to be telling Elias to give up.

“What’s the matter with you today, Eli?”
“Don’t know. Maybe I’m annoyed that Lady Seletina stole the spotlight from me.”
“So that’s what this is about…”

Elias felt somewhat sorry for his sister. Eleanor was certainly attractive, but Seletina was far more so.

“Look there.”
“Don’t you find that somewhat strange?” Dios asked.

Following Dios’ gaze, Elias noticed a man stumbling around with frantic, clumsy steps.

“Isn’t that Baron Devia? You’re right, he does seem a bit off.”

Although he appeared drunk, that did not seem to be the case. His whole body shuddered slightly, and drool was dripping from the corner of his mouth.

And then, one after another, heart-shaped spots began appearing on his face. In the next instant, the spots quickly covered his entire body.

“Isn’t that?”
“No good! Everyone! Get away from him!”

Upon realizing what was happening, Balged yelled.

“That’s a Demon Seed! It’s sprouting!”

Just as Balged said that, a flower formed of flames blossomed inside the dance hall as Baron Devia’s body burst.

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◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

“Hey, pipsqueak! Did you hear that just now?” Caper jumped out of his chair and asked frantically.
“I’m not a pipsqueak! And yes, I did!”

Judging from the direction that noise just now must have come from the dance hall.

Suddenly, Caper’s heart tightened.

“Hey! Hold up!”

His body acted before his mind. Caper bolted out of the room, totally indifferent to Elita’s cries. Seletina’s well-being was the only thing on his mind.

Elita was no different. With both hands firmly grasping Seletina’s treasured sword, Elyutinias, she too ran out.

Caper was already nowhere to be seen.

The only things I can do right now I pray for Lady Seletina’s safety, and make sure I bring this sword to her. Nothing else.

Elita bit her bottom lip while cursing her own helplessness.

Lady Seletina, please be well.

Elita ran.

Her inexperience with running, along with her long skirt, made this a dreadful experience for her.

Faster. Faster. I must get to Lady Seletina…


Suddenly Elita heard a sweet voice resound behind her.

When Elita turned back, she saw Seletina running towards her in her crimson dress and without shoes.

“Lady Seletina! Thank god!”

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Elita exclaimed as she embraced Seletina.

Seletina moaned softly as her face became buried in Elita’s chest.

“Elita, my sword!”
“I apologize! Here!”

Elita handed Elyutinias with care, and Seletina immediately snatched it up.

“Elita, you must evacuate immediately.”
“You should evacuate as well, Lady Seletina! It’s dangerous!”
“There is something I must do. When I’m finished I’ll come.”

There had been deafening screaming coming from downstairs for some time now. The dance hall was unquestionably housing something terribly dangerous. Even Elita knew that.

Elita gulped.

“You can’t, Lady Seletina! You almost died when you fought that Demon the other day. This time you might not be so…”

Elita became lost for words. She had never before seen Seletina with such a sad look.

“I’ll definitely come back.”

Seletina said and ran off. Elita could only watch her go.

“The Witch of Black and White. I won’t allow you to take the king or the kingdom’s future from me once more!”

Seletina ran to protect the king and her family.


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