Chapter 37 – Beauty

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 856
Editor(s): Robinxen

“How many?”
“There’s just one left. The last guests are the Aldelights.”
“I see.”

The armored guard twisted his shoulders, his bones rattling, and lightly touched the roster.

Before the guards could take notice, the night had lowered its drapes.

A similar tired expression could be seen on the man next to the guard, whose hand lantern was swinging lazily in his grasp.

“Don’t you think the security for this time’s Spring is a bit over the top? Even the Order of the Phoenix has been called, according to what I’ve heard.”
“That’s right. Rumor has it that the nobles from all throughout the nation were attacked on their way here.”
“You being serious?”
“Some of the guards overheard a Baron raising a fuss in the royal hall over it. Apparently, they were gagged, but judging from this security it must be true.”
“This gathering seems fishy…”
“Sure does. Still, it doesn’t concern people like us.”
“Haha. I guess you’re right. Look. It seems our final guest is here.”

A luxurious black carriage adorned with lights came into view from the distance. The two guards straightened themselves and waited.

“Behind me is the Aldelight Family. This is our invitation. This should be all, no?”

Caper, who was serving as coachman, expertly pulled the reins and brought the carriage to a stop as he spoke. Following this, he handed the invitation.

The man with the hand lantern received it and after looking at it said, “The Aldelight Family it is,” handing the invitation back to Caper.

“Well then, we’ll be on our way.”
“Before that let us examine the inside of the carriage.”
“What?” Caper exclaimed, frowning. “Why do you need to examine the inside? Don’t I have the invitation right here?”
“You do, but these are the rules.”
“I’ve never heard about such a check during previous gatherings. Do you really expect me to let you disturb the Duke?”

Caper questioned. He seemed pretty upset, and his aggressive demeanor added to the impression.

The guard cleared his throat after hearing Caper’s angry remarks and said,

“This time it is different. We are required to do this for everyone’s safety…”
“Who do you think Lady Seletina… I mean Duke Aldelight is? Do you really think I’ll let someone like you disturb Lady Sele1… Duke Aldelight?”

“Caper, stand down.” A clear, delicate voice echoed in Caper’s ears. Before Caper could notice, the carriage’s door had opened.

A golden hair that shone in the moonlight emerged from within.

Alongside that were delicate limbs that fanned out from the red dress that reminded one of white porcelain and deep blue eyes that gave one the impression of a spring sky.

As Seletina came down the carriage’s steps her high heels clacked slowly, and the two guards disregarded all else as they gazed in wonder.

With their eyes glued on Seletina, the guards were frozen thanks to Seletina’s unfathomable beauty.

“Brother, Father, Mother. Please come out. It appears the carriage needs to be checked.”
“Tsk. How bothersome.”
“Don’t say that Yennis. Rules are rules.”

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A short while later, their maid Elita, Yennis, Balged, and Melia emerged.

“Gentlemen, please check inside.” Seletina said with a gentle smile.

The two guards, entranced by her smile, were stuck in place.

“Um, gentlemen?” Seletina asked once again with a troubled smile.
“Oh! Yes! We’ll carry out the check!”

The guards replied in a hurried manner.

It wasn’t necessary to mention how embarrassed they were in front of such beauty.

It became obvious that the two’s check was their most fruitless of the day as they scurried inside the carriage absentmindedly.

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

“Are you finished?”
“Y-Yes! Thank you for your cooperation!”
“In this case, we will be off.”

After saying that the members of the Aldelight Family proceeded inside their jet-black carriage.

Seletina turned around as if she had remembered something as soon as she stepped onto the steps.

“Please excuse our coachman’s rude behavior.” Seletina said, slightly bowing her head.
“D-Do not pay it any heed! Thank you very much for your cooperation with our work!”
“Fufu. You do not need to act so formally.”

Seletina said with a smile and climbed inside the carriage.

“Thank you for your hard work. Have a pleasant evening.”

Seletina said, waving her delicate hand. When they saw this, the guards blushed, as if they’d been shot in the heart.

Caper yanked the reins and the carriage shot forth.

The carriage’s wheels rattled as it was carried into the castle, and the guards looked in awe as it eventually vanished from sight.

“What is it?”
“What’s the name of that young lady?”
“It’s Lady Seletina.”
“She’s the most beautiful noble lady we’ve seen today2…”
“Sure is…”
“Based on the roster, today is her debut… This year’s Spring is not one to be missed…”

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The two guards’ minds were preoccupied with the picture of the smiling Seletina.

They couldn’t begin to fathom just how many powerful nobles and royals would flock to her smile.

With such ideas racing through their heads, the guards stood absentmindedly. In their thoughts, they could still see Seletina’s last smile.


  1. Robinxen: This man, is down bad.
  2. Robinxen: SHE IS A CHILD?!

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