Chapter 20 – A Mother Figure

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 564
Editor(s): Robinxen

Balged and Melia were thereafter blessed with two children.

Following the birth of their first boy, they were blessed with a girl the following year. Both children were given the names Yennis and Seletina, respectively. With Yennis taking after his father and Seletina after her mother.

The birth of their children had brought about much delight for the new parents, but Melia had also felt a slight unease.

She had been concerned about her capacity to uphold her duties as a duchess and raise her children to be respectable nobles. She’d been afraid that her children would be scorned for having commoner’s blood.

She’d started to develop an inferiority complex as a result of this.

As such, she’d decided to put an end to her barbaric behavior and strictly disciplined herself in order to conform to the image of a noble woman that she had so thoroughly detested.

Seletina, I’m sorry.

Melia apologized.

It was an expression of her regret for forcing her inferiority complex, for being a terrible mother, and for making a mockery of her daughter’s dreams.

{I want to become a knight.}

Melia knew that Seletina had been serious about it.

She was aware that Seletina’s hands had trembled at the time, perhaps due to her fear of her mother’s wrath.

Nevertheless, Melia had neglected her daughter and ridiculed her dream. She understood what an awful thing she had done. In truth, she’d been happy.

The fact that her daughter aspired to wield a sword was proof that Melia’s blood, the blood of a mercenary, was indeed coursing through her daughter’s veins.

She’ll definitely become strong. I just know it. After all, she’s just like me.

Melia had thought at the time, her cheeks flushed, after observing the yearning in her daughter’s eyes.

But Melia’s noble and maternal impulses had clashed, with the former emerging as the winner. Melia’s inferiority complex had quickly engulfed her.

The family’s honor. A lady’s pride. A failure of a duchess.

{The children that come out of that woman will undoubtedly be savages as well. There’s no hope for the Aldelight house.}

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Those thoughts had flashed in Melia’s mind.

Melia had become fixated on the idea that if her daughter picked up a sword, those claims would come to pass. Due to this, she had hit her daughter.

It had, however, made her feel as though she had been struck as well. It was then that Melia had finally opened her eyes. She had not put Seletina through that demanding education for Seletina’s sake. She’d done it for her own.

In order to spare Seletina from going through what she had, Melia wanted to transform her into the ideal lady. Melia had used that little justification to rationalize herself and feed her inferiority complex1.

Seletina, I’m sorry.

Again, Melia voiced her regret.

It’s fine for you to be selfish. It’s fine for you to speak your mind without being afraid. It’s fine for you to laugh aloud during dinner. It’s all fine. So, if you would, please share your dreams with me once more. Don’t leave me ever again.


Melia roared.

She roared as she kicked the man who was threatening her daughter with everything she had.

The image of the noble lady that Melia so much despised was no longer present.

All that remained was the image of a mother desperately defending her child.


  1. Robinxen: This is pretty decently written.

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